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Key Takeaways

  • Jared Fogle, born August 23, 1977, Indianapolis; net worth $15M.
  • Former Subway spokesman; implicated in child pornography charges in 2015.
  • Married Elizabeth Christie in 2001; later divorced with $7M settlement.
  • FBI raided Fogle’s house in 2015; Subway severed ties.
  • In 2016, net worth estimated at $4M; currently around $15M

Jared Fogle net worth is $15 million. Jared Fogle was born to parents Norman and Adrienne Fogle in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jared Fogle is an American motivational speaker and publicist. Motivational speaking and spokesman work for Subway has gained Jared the most attention. Unfortunately, he may also be famous for his arrest in 2015 on child pornography charges. His divorce from his ex-wife may have been negotiated after his incarceration for as much as $7 million. In addition, he may have lost much more money fighting his legal battles and paying out civil settlements. Here we will give you all information about Jared Fogle net worth.

Biography of Jared Fogle:

The world was introduced to Jared Fogle in Indiana on August 23, 1977. Fogle was raised by his parents, Norman and Adrienne Fogle. That’s because Fogle is their son. Along with his younger brother, he also has an elder sister. When he was young, the Fogle family observed Jewish customs and values. Even though he was on vacation in Israel, he used the opportunity to have his Bar Mitzvah there. From Indianapolis’s North Central High School in 1995, Fogle graduated with his high school diploma.

Personal Life of Jared Fogle:

Elizabeth Christie, a pediatric nurse, was Jared Fogle’s wife from 2001 to 2007. It was in November 2009 that he popped the question to Kathleen McLaughlin, a teacher he had been dating. They had their wedding in 2010, and since then, they’ve had two wonderful children. On August 19, 2015, after Fogle was accused of having sexual encounters with minors and shooting child pornography, McLaughlin decided to file for divorce. Sources state that Fogle paid his ex-wife $7 million to end their divorce.

Marriage of Jared Fogle:

Jared Fogle married Elizabeth Christie, a pediatric nurse, after he became well-known as a Subway ambassador. On October 14, 2001, they tied the knot, and six years later, in October 2007, they filed for divorce. They don’t appear to be parents themselves. A couple of years after getting divorced, he was engaged to schoolteacher Kathleen McLaughlin. They tied the knot in August 2010 and now have two young children. After having a son named Brady in 2011, the couple expanded their family with the addition.

Jared Fogle house:

The FBI served a search warrant at Jared Fogle’s house in July 2015 as part of a probe into alleged child pornography. One of Jared’s former employees’ arrests led to the search and seizure operation. Later, Jared was apprehended on charges of having child pornography, distributing child pornography, and violating state borders to have sexual relations with minors. Subway severed ties with Jared after the FBI raid and Jared’s imprisonment, and the company and Jared officially confirmed that they had mutually decided to stop their business partnership.

Significant attention to Jared Fogle’s career:

In 1999, the media began paying significant attention to Jared Fogle’s career. After switching to Subway for his sandwich fix, he started watching his calorie intake and eating smaller meals. Subway developed a campaign in 2008 called “Tour de Pants” to celebrate Fogle’s weight loss and continued success ten years later. In 2004, he established the Jared Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to raising awareness about childhood obesity by distributing free educational resources to households, institutions of higher learning, and civic groups.

Salary Career:

Once upon a time, he was the face of Subway. After admitting to child pornography and having sex with minors, Jared Fogle’s reputation has taken a major hit. His wife’s name is Elizabeth Fogle, and she goes by the name Kathleen Marie McLaughlin. Subway’s Jared, who famously dropped 200 pounds by ordering from the restaurant chain’s healthy menu, is a household name. Elizabeth Fogle is the wife of Jared Fogle from Subway. They were happy together until he was arrested and started his trial for the child.

How Much Money Does Jared Fogle Still Have?

Jared Fogle left a mark on history by building an impeccable reputation that many young people looked up to. Furthermore, urging folks across the country to start engaging in healthier behaviors and making more healthful choices. First, he followed the “Subway diet” that he popularized in 1998, which entailed eating two Subway sandwiches daily. Once Fogle pleads guilty to the charges and Jared goes to jail, Subway severed ties completely. At that time, Jared subway’s net worth is about $15 million. He was seizing Fogle’s property and Jared’s.

Favorite Quotes from Jared Fogle:

Do you need to learn about Jared Fogle and their financial situation? How much money did Jared Fogle have altogether? In 2016, Jared Fogle had a net worth of $4 million. By 2020, Jared Fogle’s net worth is projected to be $4 million. However, current estimates put Jared Fogle’s wealth in 2021 at roughly $4 million. For 2022, experts predict that Kathleen Marie McLaughlin will have amassed a net worth of $4 million. Jared from Subway is estimated to have a net worth of $15 million.

A Few of Our Favorite Jared Fogle Quotes:

I’ve done commercials for Subway, so they know who I am and can relate to what I have to say. I understand how difficult it may be to maintain an active lifestyle while also losing weight. But I didn’t accomplish this feat single-handedly, and neither should anyone else if they don’t want to. The everyday effort I put in, along with my encouragement of mine.

Fun facts about Jared Fogle:

Here are a few of the highlights from Jared Fogle’s working life:

  • In-house media spokesperson for Subway
  • Jared Fogle net worth is $15 million.
  • Fogle has been used as the face of the company in several promotional initiatives
  • Creating the Jared Foundation
  • The Proverbial “Jack and Jill”


Jared Fogle net worth is $15 million. American-born Jared Fogle is well-known for his prior role as a spokesman for Subway restaurants. Fogle appeared in multiple Subway commercials beginning in 2000 and ending in 2015. However, in 2015, it was widely reported that he was the subject of an FBI investigation. The FBI probe revealed that he had participated in child sex tourism and had child pornography. Fogle lost 245 pounds while attending Indiana University in 1998 and 1999.


What is Jared Fogle net worth?

Jared Fogle net worth is $15 million. He is well-known for his role as Subway’s leading spokesman.

How much did Jared Fogle have on his computer?

More than 5,700 gigabytes’ worth of data, including over 235,000 pieces of text, email, photo, and video, had to be combed through to create.

Why did subway stop using Jared?

After the investigation, Jared Fogle pleaded guilty to two charges: travelling to engage in criminal sexual behavior with a minor.


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