What is Jaron Adkison Age, and Education, and Net worth of 2023 

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Key Takeaways

  • Jaron Adkison, an American artist and songwriter, is 27 years old.
  • Erykah Badu, his partner, shared photos on Instagram, fueling engagement rumors, despite criticism due to their 23-year age gap.
  • Jaron Adkison’s net worth is less than $500,000; he works as a producer, musician, composer, and audio engineer.
  • He started his creative journey at an early age, learning music and design, and has been actively involved in various roles within the music industry.
  • Jaron Adkison is active on social media, with Instagram (@jaronthesecret) and Facebook (@jaronkadkison) accounts, and stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Jaron Adkison age is 27 years. An American artist and songwriter posted a photo of herself with a male companion on Instagram on December 4; she quickly became the talk of the town. She uploaded a picture of her boyfriend, who seemed to be over heels in love with Jaron Adkison, also known as Jaron the Secret. She published several images on her Instagram, and one showed the two wearing rings that matched, giving the impression that they were engaged. Is she going to pop the question to her new beau? In this section, we discuss Jaron Adkison age, height, occupation, and net worth.

Boyfriend of Erykah Badu:

In a Chinese restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard, Erykah Badu and Jaron Adkison were spotted by a fan. The two were said to be engaged. They were seen together only one day after a brief encounter at the birthday party for President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday in Hawaii.  Despite this, the birds were having a good time and enjoying one another’s company. On his Instagram account, Jaron has been featured in several postings. She sent her partner a birthday message on her Instagram account at the beginning of November 2021, wishing him a good birthday.

Erykah’s Instagram account:

On September 9, 2021, Jaron made his debut on Erykah’s Instagram account for the first time. Despite this, rumours have been circulating about the two of them since at least November 2018. An adoring post on the Soulquarians’s Instagram account earlier this week confirmed that she is engaged to the artist Jaron Adkison, 27 years old. The message served as an introduction to the followers of the Soulquarian. Erykah Badu shared a few candid photos of the pair on her Instagram account, referring to him as “My guy.”

One of the photos showed the two wearing matching green rings on the finger traditionally reserved for engagements, which sparked rumours that the two are planning to walk down the aisle together. Although most people were happy for the pair, Badu’s announcement was criticized by some of her followers, who pointed out the 23-year age gap between her and her fiancé, Jaron Adkison. Badu fired back against critics and newspapers through social media, accusing them of engaging in ageist reportage.

What is Jaron Adkison age:

Jaron Adkison age is 27 years. Concerned admirers wanted to know how the two of them could have formed such a strong friendship despite their significant age gap. When people started making a big deal about the age difference, Erykah went on her Twitter and asked why people always feel entitled to mention her age when stories are being written about them. She also asked why people always feel entitled to say the ages of other women over thirty.

How much money does Jaron Adkison have?

Jaron Adkison’s net worth is less than 500,000. He has generated a large body of work and is actively attempting to expand his career as a producer, musician, composer, and audio engineer. He has also written several songs. Jaron first began working for True Gospel Ministries in November 2005 as an Audio Visual Technician. Until June 2012, he was employed by the Christian group in Dallas, Texas. The subsequent five years of Jaron’s career needed to be updated with information.

In June 2017, he began working for Lancaster ISD as a Computer Technician for the district. The following month, in August 2017, he began working as a Pro Audio Sales Associate at Guitar Center. He was only employed by the corporation situated in Arlington for a total of seven months. After quitting his job at Guitar Center in January 2018, he resigned from his position at Lancaster ISD in July of the same year. He has been working as a creator for Melodizm Productions since 2012.

Educational background:

Regarding his educational background, Jaron received his high school diploma from Lancaster High School in 2012. A cipher was why he was featured in the news at NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth in 2012. Kimberly Simpson, his instructor in high school, discussed the factors that led to the creation of the famous cipher and the idea of creating another one for NBC.

Fun facts about Jaron Adkison:

Jaron the Secret, an established musician and author, is Erykah Badu’s significant other. His stage name better knows as Jaron.

  • Jaron Adkison age is 27 years.
  • Some accounts indicate he started working as a designer when he was just 11 years old.
  • In addition to that, he has finished his high school education and served as the FOH at the church.
  • Adkison learnt compositions, structures, sound projects, and instruments with his father’s and other mentors’ assistance.
  • He built a personal computer to create music.
  • It was also because of his father and brother’s assistance that he could complete the acquisition of the remaining pieces of equipment necessary for him to start creating, recording, and designing.

Is Jaron Adkison a member of Instagram?

There is no doubt that Jaron Adkison has an Instagram account. He is known by the username (@jaronthesecret) on Twitter. You can also find him on Facebook under the handle (@jaronkadkison). The height of 5 feet 8 inches is where Jaron Adkison, of average size, reaches his full height.


What sign of the Zodiac does Jaron Adkison have?

According to his zodiac sign, Jaron Adkison is a Scorpio.

What is Jaron Adkison age?

Jaron Adkison age is 27 years.

Where exactly does Jaron Adkison call home?

The city of Dallas, Texas, was Jaron Adkison’s birthplace and permanent residence.

Who exactly are Jaron Adkison’s mom and dad?

There is currently no information available on Jaron Adkison’s parents. On the other hand, James Adkison, Johnny Adkison, Levi Adkison, Jarian J-Rock Adkison, Ronald Adkison, and Dennis Dabney are some of his family members and relations.

Is Jaron Adkison a Father?

He does not have any children or baby mamas. On the other hand, he made a status update on Facebook describing what he thought his future role as a parent would be like.


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