Keyboard keycaps include geeky Matt30 DSA graphics.

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Key Takeaways

  • Jelly keycaps enhance mechanical keyboards; diverse options in color and material.
  • Affordable HK Gaming Dye Sublimation set offers vibrant Cherry profile.
  • XDA Lotus keycaps provide unique typing experience with minimalist design.
  • YMDK offers white, gray, and black keycaps with front legends.
  • HyperX Pudding PBT keycaps showcase RGB lighting, durable PBT material.

Jelly keycaps: One of the best methods to improve your mechanical Jelly Keycaps is to replace them with keycaps. As a result, you’ll be able to find the ideal ensemble. Prices are listed in ascending order; therefore, the lower you go on this page, the more expensive the keycap sets become. To provide you with as many options as possible, we selected keycaps in a wide range of colors, shapes, and materials.

Gamer Keycaps: HK Gaming Dye Sublimation:

It’s incredible how much you can get for the money when you buy a set like this. This Cherry profile keycap set is one of the more affordable options if you’re on a tight budget. Other Cherry profile sets are more expensive, ranging from $100 to $200. The bright, primary colors on the HK gaming keycaps go well with the complimentary cream color on the keyboard. The PBT plastic keycaps provide a pleasant sound when typing.

XDA Lotus keycaps:

While the XDA profile takes some getting used to, it’s a blast to type on once you do. The arrow keys, with their clean, minimalist look, tie the whole keyboard together. Depending on the keyboard layout, keycaps are only available in tenkeyless and 65 percent sizes. There’s an Amazon listing for the New Arrival XDA Lotus if you’re interested.

YMDK Keycaps in White, Gray, and Black:

While it’s a simple design, the keycap set can significantly elevate a budget keyboard. Instead of being on the back of the keycap, the legends are now on the front of the keycap. This design may be a challenge for those who have difficulties finding the right Jelly Keycaps when typing, but it’s still an excellent option for someone wishing to replace their old, flimsy ABS keycaps.

Keycaps by YMDK in the Doubleshot Rainbow design:

Another attractive design is the YMDK Doubleshot Rainbow, which lets you taste the colors of the rainbow. As you stare at the keycaps, you’ll be calmed and comfortable, as you’ve just seen a rainbow after it’s rained. If you’re feeling extra colorful, the doubles hot design enables your RGB lighting to pop through truly. The set of keycaps is very affordable. Keycaps from YMDK are well-known for being affordable and of high quality.

The YMD96 keycaps:

The prominent, easy-to-read legends and good contrast on these keycaps make them a pleasure to use. The Jelly Keycaps have a beige background with a subtle grey tint to them. It’s a safe pick if you’re working in an office or with other individuals because these aren’t overly flashy.

Carbide 108 Cherry Keycaps from YMDK:

For the past two weeks, my only keyboard accessory has been the YMDK Carbon Cherries keycaps, and I’m completely in love with them. In terms of value and design, Cherry keycaps are outstanding. The keycaps’ hues, black, orange, and white, evoke a Halloween motif. You may have trouble texting if you’re not using it to touch typing because of the legend areas on the front of the keycaps.

A set of YMDK’s DSA Retro Keycaps:

The YMDK DSA Retro keycaps give classic keyboards a new look while incorporating cutting-edge design features. The keycaps are made to look like they originated from an HP design M keyboard, which is unusual. Escape keys are also included in this list. The YMDK keycaps are an excellent option for anyone looking for a retro-style keycap set at a reasonable price.

One set of standard-sized PBT keycaps:

Designing these blank keycaps is limited only by your creativity. Creating your keycaps is a cinch with blank ones. Color them, make them unique, or even mix and match other keycap sets. They will feel just like other keycaps you buy, but they have a better OEM profile than other keycaps on the market. Keep in mind that these keycaps lack legends, making them difficult to type on.

HyperX Pudding PBT and look great:

Anyone wishing to improve their keyboard’s RGB lighting and upgrade their keycaps should choose the Hyperx pudding. With the pudding keycaps, you can show your lighting effects by letting light shine through the sides. PBT material means these keycaps will last longer than the ABS ones that came with your keyboard as usual. There are two colors available for the HyperX pudding keycaps: black and white.

Keyboard keycaps include geeky Matt30 DSA graphics:

This set of handcrafted Matt30 DSA keycaps features an elvish or Russian-inspired design. You can see what you’re typing in Elvish because the keycaps are purple with white legends and Italian background.

MT3 Keycaps for Matt30/DEV/TTY:

These grey, white, and red keycaps look and feel much like the ones that came on IBM beam spring keyboards, so they’ll give your keyboard a retro feel. In addition to tenkeyless, this set of keycaps supports 65 percent of the original keyboard layout, 1800 slimline, and Ortholinear keyboards.

Keycaps from Hammerworks’ CRP Round 3:

HammerWorks has created a simple beige keycap set with a subtle tinge of red. There is no need to concern about the keycaps wearing out or shattering because they are pretty thick (1.4mm). Your choices of Russian or Japanese legends are depicted against an English backdrop on vintage-styled keycaps. The quality of these durable and comfortable keycaps cannot match.

Finding the Right Jelly Keycaps Can Be Difficult.

The best place to get Jelly Keycaps, as previously said, is on Amazon. However, getting the precise Jelly Keycaps you like can be difficult, especially if you are a first-time site user.


When purchasing Jelly Keycaps, keep in mind that cost is a significant consideration. No one is opposed to receiving high-quality goods at a fair cost. You may compare laptop prices from various retailers on Amazon and choose the most advantageous one.


When purchasing Jelly Keycaps, you should also think about the brand. The types of brands sold by different sellers must understand to make an informed choice. The prices of high-quality and well-known brands, such as Apple, tend to be more than those of lesser-known companies.

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