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Key Takeaways

  • Joker is the enigmatic guardian of the Fourth Pillar.
  • He grew up as an orphan and was trained in combat.
  • Joker is a scheming villain, driven by his quest for truth.
  • He possesses pyrokinetic abilities and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Joker uses playing cards as his signature weapon and fights for justice against the Holy Sol Temple.

Joker fire force of the Third Generation serves as the guardian of the Fourth Pillar and a self-proclaimed anti-hero. While growing up, Five-Two had to deal with being abandoned as a child. Because of the loss of his left eye due to an Adolla Link, he has become obsessed with finding out the truth about everything. Joker was always curious about the reality behind what was going on instead of the false solutions.


Joker grew up as an orphan in Tokyo after his parents abandoned him. He was absorbed into the Holy Sol’s Shadow in his youth, with only a worn-out watch as a reminder of his former life. As Five-Two, he trained in combat alongside other soldiers there. Five-Two stood out amongst his colleagues, attracting the attention of his captain, who verbally scolded him for his apparent pride in his abilities and sarcasm. Five-Two was beaten in public and in private.

The appearance of joker fire force:

Joker, while being a drifter, is surprisingly well-dressed for his profession. An ascot or red scarf around his neck, black bowler hat, white button-up dress shirt, and black Oxford shoes are typical of his attire. He is often pictured with a cigarette in his mouth and a sinister smirk. Afterward, the Joker is wearing a dark jumper with two hearts on the left side of his chest on the right. An overcoat and scarf complete his look.


Joker is a scheming villain who works behind the scenes. Above all else, he prioritizes his quest for the truth, believing that the truth is the only type of justice worth having and should pursue with no limitations. In his youth, Joker displayed a great curiosity about the unfairness of the world and a desire to be powerful enough to find and grasp the answers to his problems.

Holy Sol’s Shadow:

In times of difficulty, he thought that the Sun God would guide him to the right path. His will was so powerful that he rejected every attempt to turn him into a mindless automaton with no self-awareness.

Sein sadistic tendencies:

As a result, Joker can be careless and prone to getting caught up in the moment. Even in the thick of a quarrel, Joker will sing or whistle to himself. Sein’s sadistic tendencies are evident, and he enjoys inflicting pain on others and playing with their emotions.


In hand-to-hand fighting, Joker is a master, able to deftly sidestep Shinra’s flaming kicking as well as engage Leonard Burns in a scuffle. At 15, the Holy Sol’s Shadow warrior exhibited impressive skills with a knife, easily defeating larger opponents. Using his tongue to propel himself up from the ground, he knocks a professional assassin to the ground with a single punch, proving his physical strength. When it comes to his speed, he is unbeatable.


Joker is a Third Generation Pyrokinetic, which means he can create and manipulate his flames. By igniting a cigarette with his finger, he can generate numerous shapes in the form of cards or letters that can cut through an inflammable coat or burst with incredible force.  To deflect sword swings and block attacks with the cards Joker utilizes is no mean feat. Despite his misleading claim, Joker can produce more than fifty-two cards before his computer overheats.


Aside from providing information, he will amuse his opponents in exchange for information. No matter how he appears to be acting, he will take personal battles very seriously. When he tried to convince Viktor Licht to join forces with him, Joker was personable and could persuade people to his side. Joker observed movement, such as a shift in trajectory, thanks to his keen observation skills.

Introductory segment

However, the 8th Special Fire Force brigade escapes unhurt after Joker uses the powder-like substance he got from Victor earlier in the episode to bring down the ceiling of their building. Two unidentified brigade members are assaulted by the Joker later at the Joker fire force Games in the building. Shinra notices him and taunts him about his background and the reality of his family’s demise, which leads to the boy’s death. To stop him from killing innocent bystanders, Shinra hits him with a flurry of kicks, but Joker can avoid them all.

Arc Vulcan’s Workshop:

To save Hibana, Vulcan, Y, and his fellow officers, Viktor escapes Vulcan’s Workshop to run the White Clad while driving away from Vulcan. As Sh attacks them, Joker uses his card to deflect the attack and tells them that the hero has appeared to save the day. Joker discovers Victor’s squad has escaped as he dodges Sh’s katana at blinding speeds and holds him at bay. No longer having any reason to stay, he leaves.

Fifth-Pillar Arc:

To convey his disappointment at being unable to accompany Victor as he departs for China to investigate the dollar explosion on behalf of the Joker fire force, Joker jokes about joining the Fire Force instead.

Arc vs. Holy Sol Temple:

To warn Benimaru Shinmon about The Holy Sol Temple, Joker visits Victor once he returns to Tokyo. “I’m the anti-hero,” declares Joker when asked about his real identity as the Joker. Benimaru is intrigued by Joker, despite his suspicions. He tells Benimaru that he wants to find the truth that the empire is hiding as they examine the Holy Sol Temple – Holy See from a rooftop. Joker follows Benimaru as he enters the compound through the front entrance.


There are 52 cards in a regular deck of playing cards, and Five-Two was Joker’s initial secret name. It relates to his capacity to ignite flames depending on playing cards, which he possesses. There’s a secret weapon in the Joker’s 53rd card. Joker’s watch was stopped at 3:32 p.m. PST. That’s when his little mind told him that’s when he’d been abandoned. Whether the Joker fire force had a birth name before the Holy Sol adopted him is unknown.

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