Justin Burke Leah Messer Teen Mom 2: who is Justin Burke Leah Messer?

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Justin Burke Leah Messer, who stars in Teen Mom 2, will talk about her love life in an upcoming episode of the show. As soon as her new TikTok videos were made available to the public, fans immediately started asking many questions regarding the couple’s love connection. Justin Burke appeared in each of the videos. She ended the dating rumors by stating that the two were not dating when he starred in her TikTok videos. They were acquainted via their shared place of employment since he was Leah’s field content developer.

Dating Justin shared a video on TikTok in which the two dance to the song “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd. She demonstrates her motions, and Justin immediately follows suit. He raises her over his shoulders and clutches her legs. Leah shared the video on her platform of choice, TikTok, along with the caption, “I don’t have any type, but my TikTok game is decisive. Here is all about Justin Burke Leah Messer.

How did Justin burke leah messer first get acquainted?

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have been holding out hope that Justin Burke would make an appearance in season 11 of the show, but Leah Messer has denied that Justin Burke Leah Messer is dating the claims that they are. She commented on TikTok, “I wish, but no, I do not have a boyfriend,” but when another fan replied that Justin was gorgeous, Leah agreed with it and added, “He’s nice.”

She does not currently have a partner. The teenage mother has three daughters: twins Ali and Aleeah, who are 11 years old, who she has with her former husband, Corey Simms, and Addie, who is eight years old, whom she has with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Ideal companion:

The woman born and raised in West Virginia also took the time to explain what she looked for in an ideal companion: caring, caring, enjoys going on exciting adventures and having a sense of humor. As Leah attempted to dispel suspicions that she was dating Justin, she also clarified that she had no interest in reconciling with any of her previous romantic partners.

Leah Messer said, “I’m just entirely focused on them and rising in my job,” but she added that she also wants to discover a special someone along the road. “I’m totally focused on them and leveling up in my career,” she said.

Is There A Record Of Justin On Teen Mom 2?

Justin dropped hints that he would appear in a forthcoming season of Teen Mom 2, which is now in production. The tweet that Justin Burke sent out added even more fuel to the fire on the possibility that the two were dating.  Fans responded to the news in various ways, saying, “I hope she finds a decent gut; it would be fantastic for her and her girls.” Another person said, “I should have known it was her newest guy toy.”

Who is this Justin Burke?

Hugheston, West Virginia, is where Justin Burke was born in 1995. In addition, he is the developer of material, producer, and cameraman at Burke Media LLC, which he also founded. In November 2020, this media was a domestic corporation that made a profit. After graduating from Riverside High School, Justin went on to get his degree from the University of Charleston. He majored in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Marshall University, where he received his schooling.

Family of Justin Burke:

Justin expressed gratitude to his parents for providing him with a bed, food, and clothing.  He also has a sister by the name of Sarah Burke Olish, who has been at his side through every single one of life’s decisions. He is forthright about the fact that he was adopted as a youngster. Additionally, Justin is very thankful for his sister Sarah Burke Olish. He spoke about how she was there for him through every choice he made and how she had become his inspiration.

The younger sibling, described as “pretty, intellectual, and goal-oriented,” attended Riverside High School and the University of Charleston for her education. And she remained a resident in Charleston, West Virginia, with Justin and the other family members, just as she had done before.

How much money does Justin Burke have?

Between January 2018 and April 2020, Justin was employed with Total Quality Logistics as a logistics account.

Presence on social media:

On social media platforms such as Instagram (where he has 7k followers), Twitter (where he has 36k followers), and Facebook (where he has 1k followers), Justin is quite active. In addition, he is the proprietor of a Venmo account and a YouTube channel with the handle thejburkeproject8217 and the moniker ‘The JBurke Project.’ When Justin Burke was just two years old, his parents decided to adopt him.

On his various social media platforms, Justin had discussed how his “so courageous with a heart of gold” mother was able to fulfill her lifelong desire of having a son of her own when she chose to adopt him. On his Instagram account, which was active until August 17, 2021, Justin Burke has 6,986 followers. During this time, Justin had close to 36 people following him on his Twitter account. On his Facebook page titled “Justin Burke,” Justin engaged in conversation with 1,644 pals. You can also find Justin on Pinterest at thejburkeproject8217, Venmo, and on his YouTube channel, “The JBurke Project.”

The appearance of Justin Burke:

Justin Burke is a member of more than one ethnic group. Justin Burke has a height of 5 feet 10 inches, equivalent to 1.78 meters. In September 2020, he asked his Facebook followers, “What change will you make today individually to become a healthy you?” by posting a photo of himself comparing his weight when he was 155 pounds and 180 pounds. He shared the image on his Facebook account. The content he shares on social media gives the impression that he worries about his physical health and about adopting a healthier way of life.

Justin Burke as an entrepreneur:

By August 2021, Justin Burke, a company entrepreneur and photographer, had accumulated a net worth of more than $200,000. He is known as “JBurke” in the industry and is the founder of JBurke Media LLC, in addition to being a full-time producer, content developer, and filmmaker. In November 2020, JBurke Media, a domestic for-profit corporation, was formed in West Virginia.

Then, LinkedIn also said that he was working as a logistics account executive at Total Quality Logistics on a full-time basis from January 2018 till April 2020. In terms of his education, he earned his degree in Molecular Biology and Chemistry from Marshall University. To let you know, an individual such as Justin, who worked as a photographer in the Charleston-Huntington Area, earned, on average, $15.84 per hour.

Key Takeaways

  • Leah Messer of Teen Mom 2 addresses love life rumors.
  • TikTok videos with Justin Burke sparked dating speculation among fans.
  • Leah clarified they are not dating, share workplace connection.
  • Leah reveals ideal companion qualities and focus on personal growth.
  • Justin Burke, entrepreneur, filmmaker, with a net worth over $200,000.


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