Kimmi love and marriage Huntsville age, Childhood, and Relationship Status

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Kimmi love and marriage Huntsville age 33 years is an American actress, chef, and real estate agent and a well-known television personality. She established her popularity on Oprah Winfrey’s “Love & Marriage Huntsville.” Kimmi’s rise to fame may be directly attributed to the introduction of the Kingdom Reign Entertainment show on ITV America in 2019. The program attracts a sizable audience and focuses on three married couples who are all working hard to achieve their goals in life while also balancing the demands of their relationships. Let’s talk about Kimmi love and marriage Huntsville age, her background, and other related topics.

Kimmi Grant’s Childhood and Adolescence:

Kimmi Grant is an American TV host, actress, and agent who have achieved widespread fame. She entered this world in Baltimore, Maryland on the 5th of February 1989. She was raised in Maryland with her younger sister, who is also a Holmes, but goes by the name Nicole Grant. Kimmi graduated from Pine Forge Academy in 1987 and then attended Oakland University to pursue her academic pursuits. Also, in 1994, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama.

Kimmi tried to lead a low-key existence and simultaneously signed up for nursing school. In addition to that, she serves in the role of executive Director for a charitable organization known as Home Health Agency. She has pursued a career in real estate and is now working in this sector.

Kimmi Grant Love and Wedlock:

The City of Huntsville Love & Marriage Huntsville is a reality program that chronicles the lives of three African-American couples who join together to aid the developing city of Huntsville, Alabama. Grant is one of the show’s cast members, and the show follows their journey. The spouses have known one another for a long time and are longstanding friends. Through their respective real estate endeavors, they are contributing to the area’s revitalization.

Kimmi Grant Husband:

The happy couple’s names are Grant and Maurice Scott. Kimmi Grant’s Facebook page indicates that the pair tied the knot on August 25, 2018. However, the two managed to keep their marriage a secret for a considerable time, and even throughout their time on the reality program, they gave the impression that they were a single couple.

Kimmi Grant Children:

Grant is a parent to a total of four children. Jaylin was Grant’s only child from a prior relationship, which ended before he became involved with Maurice Scott. She is now a stepmother to three children: Maurice Jr., Tatyana, and D’Shalya, all of whom are the product of a prior relationship held by Maurice. In addition to that, he is now studying for the bar exam. She calls Huntsville, Alabama home with her husband, Maurice, and their four children.

Kimmi love and marriage Huntsville age:

Kimmi is five feet and six inches tall, and she weighs 141 pounds. Her height in inches is five feet and six inches. In addition to that, her hair is dark, and her eyes are brown. Kimmi love and marriage Huntsville age is 33 years. Kimmi Grant is a lady of many talents who has worked in many industries, including as a registered nurse, a real estate agent, and later in television programs. She is raking in a substantial sum of cash these days. Kimmi is said to have a net worth of around $8 million.

Relationship Status:

Kimmi became engaged to Maurice Scott; she is now referred to as Kimmi Scott. After finishing his undergraduate degree, her spouse went on to get a Juris Doctor degree and a law degree. The pair married on August 25, 2018. Kimmi also has a son from a prior relationship; however, there needs to be more information available to understand this connection entirely.

The mother of Jaylin, Kimmi, attended Troy University to further her education, and he is their son. Maurice Scott has three children from prior partnerships named Tatyana, D’Shalya, and Maurice.

Public Appearance on Social Media:

Kimmi Grant is engaged on several social media platforms and has many devoted fans following her. She has 134 thousand followers on Instagram under the handle Kimmi, her username there. Kimmilks is the nickname she uses for her Twitter account, which she also possesses. Cast Members of Love and Marriage in Huntsville Age Entrepreneur, TV personality, chef, real estate agent, and nurse are just a few of the many hats that Kimmi Grant wears.

How much money does Kimmi Grant have?

It is estimated that Grant has a net worth of ten million dollars in the currency corresponding to the United States. The key factor that contributed to her financial success was her accomplishments as an entrepreneur in the real estate field and as a reality television personality. In the United States, reality television star Marceau Scott is also a general commercial contractor and a celebrity associated with the genre.

Who is Martell Holt?

Martell Holt is an American real estate developer and a reality television celebrity. In addition, as the program’s popularity increased over time, Kimmi’s role became more prominent. Since 2019, she has been a perennial favorite with the audience. Jaylin was born to Kimmi as a result of a prior relationship. Kimmi is Jaylin’s mother.

In addition, she is the stepmother to Maurice’s three children from a previous relationship. The names of Maurice Jr., Tatyana, and D’Shalya are the children.  In addition to being a traveller, she is an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, CEO, and co-founder of a company worth millions of dollars.


Kimmi Grant is an African-American television personality, real estate agent, and businesswoman. She and her husband, Maurice Scott, are most known for their roles as cast members in the reality show Kimmi love and marriage Huntsville.


How much money does Kimmi Grant have?

Her career as a celebrity on reality television, it is believed that Grant has a net worth between ten and one hundred million dollars. In addition, she and her husband are the proud owners of various opulent residences.

What is the matter with Kimmi Scott?

It was revealed on the episode of Kimmi love and marriage Huntsville that aired on November 12; Kimmi was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, stage two. Kimmi shaved her head after her diagnosis to avoid chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

Is Kimmi Scott still married?

She is married to Maurice Scott, the proprietor of Financial 1 USA, a firm that provides credit counseling services in Huntsville, Alabama.

Key Takeaways

  • Kimmi Grant, 33, a versatile American personality, thrives in acting, real estate, and TV hosting.
  • Childhood in Maryland, Kimmi pursued nursing, later delving into real estate.
  • “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” catapulted Kimmi Grant to fame in 2019.
  • Married to Maurice Scott since 2018, Kimmi is a mother of four.
  • Kimmi’s net worth is estimated around $10 million from diverse ventures


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