Kopp’s Homemade Custard on Bluemound Road.

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Key Takeaways

  • Frozen Custard’s Origin: Frozen custard’s beginnings in Coney Island, New York, in 1919.
  • Elsa Kopps and Kopp’s Legacy: Elsa Kopps’ contribution to the iconic custard chain in Milwaukee.
  • Milwaukee’s Frozen Custard Culture: Milwaukee’s deep-rooted love for frozen custard and experimentation with flavors.
  • Kopp’s Unique Daily Offerings: Kopp’s flavor of the day tradition and diverse custard flavors.
  • Social Experience and Custard Stand Culture: The joy of enjoying custard at the stand and its unique appeal.

Kopps flavor of the day: In 1919, the first frozen custard was developed in Coney Island, New York. Archie and Elton Kohr, sellers of Kopps flavor of the day ice cream, Egg yolks gave ice cream with smoother texture and helped it stay cooler longer, making it ideal for long hot evenings on the boardwalk. The Midwest’s love affair with frozen custard began with the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, but Wisconsin had been manufacturing frozen custard and ice cream since the early 1930s.

History of Kopp

Elsa Kopps founded Kopps in 1950, and while the original location no longer exists, the restaurant has continued to serve gigantic burgers and frozen custards ever since. Only a few aspects about the restaurant have changed now that it has three locations in the Milwaukee area, most notably its famous ” kopps flavor of the day ” custard offerings. In the late 1930s and 1940s, Milwaukee had seen the creation of most of the other now-iconic frozen custard stands.

Elsa Moll:

Elsa Moll, born in Germany, relocated to the Milwaukee region as a youngster and eventually married Karl Kopp. Elsa discovered Leon while working at a neighborhood bakery, where he assisted in maintaining the shop’s frozen custard of Kopp’s flavor of the day machines. Leon helped Elsa and then Art Richter, the owner of another custard stand, The Milky Way. She went to work at The Milky Way because her spouse had Parkinson’s disease.

Frozen custard and custard equipment:

During Prohibition, several Milwaukee breweries tried to stay afloat by producing things other than beer, such as soda, cheese, and ice cream. Frozen custard was the ideal product because there was plenty of milk and snow could obtain. Frozen custard was the perfect product because there was plenty of milk, and ice was easily obtainable.  Leon also taught a woman named Elsa Kopp while growing his frozen custard and custard equipment company.

The Country’s Official Fried Ice cream Capital:

It is why the city is known as the “Unofficial Frozen Custard Capital of the World,” as it has the most frozen custard stores per population of any city on the planet, including those three. For the first several decades of its existence in Wisconsin, the frozen custard was only available in two tastes: vanilla or chocolate. Elsa, the shop’s operator, felt free to experiment by merging the two flavors in the 1960s because the Kopp’s custard stand was popular enough.

Kopp’s custard:

Frozen custard is Wisconsin cuisine’s peak, and Kopp’s flavor of the day delivers the best. I adore making ice cream at myself, but none of it compares to this. Frozen custard is a Wi specialty, though it can find all over the country, and it’s a suitable product for a state. Its license plates read “Dairy Land.” I’ll love the custard more than any other Wisconsin specialty if we ever leave.

Burgers and fries from Kopp’s:

The entire parking lot smelled like onion rings as we approached the Greenfield shop Kopps flavor of the day. Like soft-serve custard, real custard tastes like dairy rather than artificial chemicals or shortening, and it’s thick rather than light. It may appear to be a bother, but it is a benefit. It necessitates people going out for custard and eating it at a custard stand rather than at home.

Kopp’s Homemade Custard on Bluemound Road:

McGuire, owner of Brookfield’s Kopp’s Homemade Custard on Bluemound Road. McGuire has dressed in the same attire that employees at all three Kopp’s locations were.

Ron Schneider’s replacement parts:

The gleaming stainless steel machinery in Kopp’s Brookfield store is over 70 years old. Thanks to Ron Schneider’s replacement parts, they’re still in good operating order. Schneider is the owner of Leon’s Frozen Custard, which his father, Leon Schneider, founded in 1942 on South 27th Street. Leon began his career as a night manager of Gilles Frozen Crème, founded by Paul Gilles and opened at 75th and Bluemound in 1938.

Frozen Custard by Kopp:

Kopp’s, MKE’s other custard staple, has changed with the times a little more and now offers a vast array of daily rotating varieties. From rum and Coca-Cola to blue moon and red velvet cake, there’s something for everyone. The simple vanilla, on either hand, is a true highlight. It still impresses when paired with the bolder tastes, which is excellent with Kopp’s salty dark hot chocolate fudge.

Kopp’s Frozen Custard:

On either hand, the vanilla is a great standout. It still wows if mixed with heavier tastes, and it’s especially good with Kopp’s salty dark hot chocolate fudge.

Kopp’s offers unique daily tastes:

In addition to vanilla and chocolate, Kopp’s offers unique daily tastes. They have a taste hotline you can contact if you miss your calendar, and they print monthly schedules that you can keep on your fridge. We shared this because it was coming near to dinnertime. The small child was overjoyed as purple custard splattered all over his face and clothing.

Review about:

The social component of eating custard is one of my favorite things about it. You can take a pint or quart of custard home with you or purchase it online and have it delivered on dry ice, but it won’t taste the same once it’s been frozen solid. If you eat it right away at the custard stand, it’ll be the best.


Although the idea of a Kopp’s flavor of the day was initially regarded with skepticism among the custard community, the public embraced the new flavor, and Kopp’s became known for their “flavoring of the day” in addition to chocolate and vanilla. Kopps flavor of the day, Kopps flavor of the day.

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