Lamb roasted to perfection at Rossoblu.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cassia’s Grilled Lamb Tail: Flavorful wood-fired barbecue with butter lettuce and fish sauce dip.
  • Hatchet Hall’s Pork Chops: Mushroom-dusted, juicy pork chop ideal for sharing with friends.
  • Chi Spacca’s Roasted Rack of Lamb: Black garlic-rubbed rack with gamey flavor and delicate texture.
  • Sun Nong Dan’s Spicy Braised Galbi: Aromatic, chewy rice cakes, and veggies in spicy braised galbi Jjim.
  • Moos Craft BBQ: Succulent brisket and pull-apart ribs served with East L.A. sides.

The city of Los Angeles has long been known for its diverse selection of meat-centric eateries. An omnivore’s itch can be scratched at many restaurants, from landmarks from the city’s culinary past to the newest tiny plates and mom-and-pop operations. Here are 19 of the city’s best beef dishes for you to sample. Smoke under a pane of glass is what gives this plate of lamb chops its razzle-dazzle. Following are lamb chops near me

Cassia’s Grilled lamb Tail:

Bryant Ng’s Santa Monica restaurant is known for its wood-fired barbecue. The grilled pigtail, served with butter lettuce, fresh herbs, and a fish sauce dip, may not appear appetizing, but it’s one of the most flavorful dishes on the menu.

Hatchet Hall’s Pork Chops:

This Culver City restaurant’s mushroom-dusted pork chop is a delectable treat for meat lovers, with a generous coating of taste and juicy fat on the side. Share this with your dining buddies because it’s a lot of food to devour alone by yourself.

Dan Tana’s veal parmesan:

It’s impossible to believe how good Dan Tana’s chicken and veal parmesan are. One can speculate that it’s due to the old school interior, which is always crowded with celebs. Also, the meat is fried in breadcrumbs before being slathered in excessive amounts of cheese. Whatever the case may be, Dan Tana’s is famous for a reason of lamb chops near me.

Chi Spacca’s Roasted Rack of Lamb:

Chi Spacca has some of the best pork chops in the country, including an epic dry-aged Bistecca Alla Fiorentina. Nonetheless, the black garlic-rubbed rack of lamb, with its mildly gamey flavor and wonderfully delicate texture, maybe the surprise hit. At $80 for a large serving, this is an excellent deal for a group to enjoy.

Wagyu Beef from Australia at Gwen’s:

Gwen’s Blackmore Australian wagyu beef is one of the most costly steaks in Los Angeles, but it’s also one of the best. It can order a la carte at the bar or supplement the tasting menu because of its super-rich, almost buttery texture and mild stink.

Gish Bac’s Goat Barbacoa Enchilada:

At her Midtown restaurant Gish Bac, third-generation master chef Maria Ramos serves up enchilada (barbacoa) de cabra (goat barbacoa) (barbacoa enchilada). An aromatic paste of chills, herbs, and spices is prepared in advance and then roasted in the oven before being served in a bowl with the bone broth.

Sun Nong Dan’s Spicy Braised Galbi:

It’s easy to feed many people from the enormous pots of spicy braised galbi Jjim. Another popular dish in Koreatown, this one’s loaded with aromatics and chewy rice cakes as well as vegetables. Just be aware that peak times will result in long lines.

Broken Spanish’s Chicharron:

Under vacuum for twenty-four hours, Ray Garcia’s succulent pork belly is fried incomplete before being drizzled with a lime-garlic sauce. It’s one of the city’s best pork belly meals when served with some of the restaurant’s salsa and blue corn tortillas lamb chops near me.

Lamb roasted to perfection at Rossoblu:

The roasted suckling pig at Steve Samson’s renowned Northern Italian restaurant, which sells out nearly every evening, is one of the restaurant’s many excellent meat dishes. Choose from the shoulder, half saddle, or the braised tongue of the suckling pig for your meal. It’s a must-have for every carnivore because of its flaky skin and strongly roasted flavor.

Shawarma made with Bavel Lamb Neck:

Everything about Ori and Genevieve Gergis’ Arts District restaurant is fantastic, but the slow-roasted lamb neck shawarma is what everyone raves about. It’s served with tahini-slathered house-made Laffa bread and pickled veggies on top of thoroughly caramelized meat that slips off the bone.

Majordomos Smoked Short Ribs:

This version of Korean barbecue takes it to a new level with smoked galbi-seasoned short ribs. Although it costs $190, the meat is carved at the table and is served with all the fixings for a complete dinner that may share.

Moos Craft BBQ:

Family-run if you like ridiculously succulent brisket and pull-apart ribs cooked to Texas tenderness and served with East L.A. sides with a smile, and then you’ll love Moo’s Craft Barbecue.

Where to look


Santa Monica’s whole-animal butchery buys its meat from local farmers, such as Snake River Farms in Idaho for its American wagyu, March Farms in Pennsylvania for its veal, and Novy Ranches in Simi Valley for its beef. To get a delicious and tender cut, they also dry-age it in-house. If you would like to place an order, please contact the restaurant at (310) 998-8500.

Ranch Market at B&N

Carne asada is what draws people to this Pico Rivera market from all over Los Angeles County. It’s perfect for making tacos, burritos, or eating on its own with a side of the slaw at home. Along with the fresh salsas and guacamole, they provide a variety of marinated and regularly slaughtered meats. Online and in-store ordering options are both available for local deliveries.

Chops Fish and Meat:

There are 18 different types of beef cuts available at Chops in Eagle Rock, six different types of pig cuts, and rarer game, including wild boar, bison, ostrich, and elk. You may get recipes and culinary advice on their website as well, such as how to roast a whole duck or how to grill a porterhouse correctly.

Gwen’s Meats & Provisions:

Gwen has the best range of charcuterie and fine cuts in the city. The dry-aged ribeyes and Jidori chicken you’ll need may find at this butcher shop and restaurant in Hollywood. One of the best house-made charcuterie options in the city can be found here, too. It has ‘nduja, duck rillettes, porcini salami, duck speck, and a slew of other meats and cheeses lamb chops near me.

McCall’s Meat and Fish Co:

McCall’s in Los Feliz has so many different kinds of meat, seafood, and cheese that you’ll forget you ever went out to eat before you got there. A rotating menu includes ribs, premium sirloin cuts, salmon, and much more, all sourced from local, sustainable farms. Don’t forget to pick up some of their burger blend ground beef before you leave. For Thanksgiving, they’ve stopped taking pre-orders, but they’re still keeping a few turkeys on hand for walk-ins. Lamb chops near me, Lamb chops near me, Lamb chops near me.

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