When did Lamson Knives start making knives?

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Since the mid-19th century, Lamson, a Massachusetts-based company, has been manufacturing knives and other equipment. Kitchen cutlery is a better place because they’ve narrowed their attention from frontier tools all these years. Lamson, like many western kitchen knife manufacturers, prioritizes long-term value over immediate utility. Not that the Premiere chef knife fails to provide. It competes admirably against knives from well-known brands in the same price bracket as this one.

When did Lamson Knives start making knives?

Established in Massachusetts in 1837, Lamson is an American cutlery company. Lamson has been making professional cutlery since it was founded approximately two centuries ago. They manufacture in Westfield, Massachusetts, and a retail store in Lamson’s birthplace of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, about an hour away. All Lamson knives and items can purchase from the retail store.

Lamson Fire Knife:

There may be more of what you want in a three-piece set if a 16-piece set feels like too many blades. With the three-piece set, you get all the knives you’ll ever need for any cooking. Durable hard acrylic is used for the handles, which resemble flames and smoke merged into a single piece. The only real drawback is that, unlike the 16-piece set, which comes with a steel rod for sharpening, you’ll have to shell out extra cash.

Lamson 8-inch in total:

If you’re looking for a new chef’s knife that’s both beautiful and functional, go no further than this model. The blade on this chef’s knife is extra-long and thick, making it ideal for chopping and dicing. The weight is also a non-issue, which is good news for someone like me who has small hands.

Knife Set by Lamson for Steak:

Even though Meatless Mondays are considered heresy, these steak knives are welcome to any kitchenware collection. The serrated blades easily cut through any meat and are designed to stay sharp for an extended period. In addition to being functional, these kitchen knives also look great and are a lot of fun to use.

Ergonomics and the handle:

This knife’s grip is the right size and shapes for me. There are no sharp edges, so I can squeeze and push the handle without fear of damaging my hands. While the acrylic is quite smooth, there is plenty of surface area to adhere to my hand and provide room for my fingers in a pinch grip. Even though it’s heavy, it’s not uncomfortable because the weight is well distributed around the bolster.

Light and easy to use:

Because it’s so light and easy to use, I didn’t feel any strain in my hands even after a few hours of moderate use. When it comes to high-end knife brands, this one is a standout among those available in the United States, and it’s also the most economical.

The blade’s tensile strength:

There is no risk of Lamson knives breaking or dulling if used roughly, whether cutting, slicing or everything in between. The blade is made of German steel, which is on par with Wusthof and Henckels steel (other giants in the cutlery industry). However, if you prefer razor-sharp blades with a firm bite, this isn’t the knife for you.


Because of their sturdiness, Lamson chef knife blades are unbreakable. Cakes and frozen cheese are no match for these knives, which slice through them without chipping or cracking. This Lamson knives review is based on my own experience with the blades, which has lasted for several years without chipping or breaking.

The handle is beautiful, and it has many uses.

Forged chef knife handles are available from Lamson, as are handles fashioned from G-10 and POM. They’re created in a stylish, modern style and have a gorgeous handle. It is a high-strength, self-restraint, and exceptional wear resistance material utilized to produce several items. Polyoxy methylene is a good example of this.

Thinner and have a different balance:

Cutlery handles that are made from this material preserve their shape effectively and don’t retain moisture like those made from other materials. Because Lamson’s Vintage knives are thinner and have a different balance than Premiere Forged knives, their ergonomics skew toward the latter. The slimmed-down feel is fine for certain people, but in an ideal world, Lamson would produce the Premiere Forged knives with full and half bolsters, akin to Zwilling’s Pro and Pro S models.

Contrast and options analysis:

At roughly $120, the Lamson Premiere chef’s knife is a good deal cheaper than the Zwilling Professional chef’s knife. Both of these knives cut as well. However, the Zwilling Pro is a little more portable if that’s a priority for you. If anything, the Lamson has a better feel in hand and may even cut slightly better.

Messermeister Meridian Elite chef knife:

The Messermeister Meridian Elite chef knife is another alternative in the same price range. Even though it’ll weigh more, the grind is finer and heavier toward the blade, giving it a more incisive bite than a coarser grind. It can be a better choice if you require a lot of clean-cutting action. However, the price difference between this knife and the Lamson from most suppliers is at least $30. Finicky people like me would obtain a knife with a robust handle that is nonetheless easy to hold in a pinch.

Earth Forged Knife by Lamson:

4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″ Lamson Earth Forged knives are available. Stainless steel is used to make their blades. Lamson Earth Forged knives have several unique characteristics, as detailed below:

The Stainless Steel Blades:

These knives have razor-sharp blades constructed of high carbon German stainless steel.


This knife is versatile enough to be used in almost any kitchen. This Earth forged knife can slice, dice, and chop all meats and veggies with ease in any kitchen, whether home or commercial

The shape of the Blades:

Forged earth knives have properly tanged edges that can handle a wide range of components. Convex-ground blades distinguish these chef knives.


It aggravates the problem because Lamson doesn’t make a Premier Chef knife with a half-or integrated bolster. However, once you get past that, this knife is excellent. Even if it doesn’t exactly exceed the more costly ones, the fact that all of the knives I want to compare it to be more expensive is a good indicator. Lamson knives, Lamson knives, Lamson knives.

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