Las vegas to disneyland a road trip

Las Vegas to Disneyland: It’s easy to travel from Las Vegas to Disneyland. As a travel information and booking engine, Rome2rio makes it simple to reach any destination in the world. From Las Vegas to Disneyland, we’ve got you covered. In addition, Rome2rio makes it easy to book selected operators online.

Las Vegas to Disneyland by bus and on foot:

Between Las Vegas and Disneyland, the trip takes approximately 15 hours and covers approximately 446 kilometres. A 15-hour trip is considered to be the fastest. Greyhound USA and Anaheim Resort Transportation operate these services. Weekend and holiday schedules can vary, so be sure to call in advance. Using these popular points as a starting point, you can drive to Disneyland with ease.

From las vegas to Disneyland, a road trip:

A theme park vacation at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, is a popular choice for many people. It means that a week-long stay at Disneyland would be overkill. Think about combining Disneyland with another popular destination for a more extended vacation. Both Las Vegas and San Diego are within easy driving distance of Disneyland and offer various attractions of their own.

The city of LAS VEGAS, Nevada:

It takes about four hours to drive 266 miles from Las Vegas to Disneyland on the I-15 South. Families travelling with children should plan to stop frequently along the way so that the children can stretch their legs. You can also tour two cabooses at the site.

Mojave National Preserve:

The Mojave National Preserve is located about an hour’s drive away. There are dunes and wildflowers along the stretch of I-15 that borders the preserve. There are Joshua trees and cinder cones as well. While traveling through this vast wilderness, you’ll pass through small towns like Mountain Pass, Halloran Springs, and Baker. The Mad Greek, which serves Mediterranean dishes, is a good choice for avoiding the usual fast-food fare.


It takes another hour and a half (64 miles) to drive from Baker to Barstow, California, via the I-15 South. Small and friendly, Barstow is a great place to go for a stroll and stretch your legs. This railroad museum is a hidden gem for train enthusiasts in the heart of Denver. This railroad museum is housed in the historic Harvey House and features a wide variety of railroad memorabilia.

Rancho cucamonga, Calif:

Rancho Cucamonga, located about 75 miles and an hour and 15 minutes away, is a thriving city. An excellent final pit stop before reaching Disneyland, this attraction is known as “The Gateway To Southern California Adventure.” Victoria Gardens Regional Town Center has everything you could want in terms of shopping and dining. While driving, you’ll find more than 150 restaurants and shops to browse through. Get in your last bathroom breaks now because you’re not far from your destination.

Disney World:

In about 50 minutes, you’ll reach Disneyland Park by taking I-10 West and CA-57 South for 37 miles. This world-famous theme park destination will make all your dreams come true. When returning your rental car, drive 12 miles on I-5 and CA-55 after your Disneyland excursion. There are various places to grab a bite, from Ben & Jerry’s to Wetzel’s to Johnny Rockets and Blaze Pizza.

Is it possible to visit Disneyland in a single day?

In a single day, you can see a lot of the main attractions at Disneyland, even if you could spend several days there and still not see everything. Arrive before the park gates open to avoid waiting in a long line at the entrance. Additionally, Fast Passes for rides and other attractions allow you to bypass the line and go directly to the front of the line if you eat a substantial breakfast.

Mojave National:

Canyons, mountains, and volcanic formations can find in the Mojave National Preserve. According to the National Park Service, about 700,000 acres of this area have been designated as wilderness areas. Due to their natural state, these areas are highly protected by the U.S. government.

Looking for more information on United States travel?

For the global traveler, Rome2rio’s Travel Guide series is a must-read resource. As well as answering questions like “How do I buy tickets?” and “Should I book online before my trip?” they also provide answers to questions such as “How much should I expect to pay for my trip?”

Transportation between Las Vegas and Disneyland:

The flights from Las Vegas to Disneyland are operated by Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and two other airlines every 3 hours. Once a day, Greyhound USA runs a bus between Las Vegas and Anaheim. Tickets range from $30 to $50, and the trip takes 5 hours and 30 minutes. With the aid of a GPS and a car, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Restrictions between Las Vegas and Disneyland:

Is it true that the driving distance from Las Vegas to Disneyland is 427 km? Driving from Las Vegas to Disneyland takes approximately four h 20m. Lucky for us, there are numerous rest and recreation stop along this route. The city has several small museums that are perfect for a quick stroll.

About four hours are needed to make the trip down I-15 S from Sin City to the Happiest Place on Earth. It’s important for families taking a trip with kids to schedule plenty of breaks so everyone can get some fresh air and exercise. Fortunately, there are many places to stop and play along this route.

Las Vegas airport to the Santa Ana airport:

Santa Ana Airport is served by Allegiant Air, Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. You can survive the rest of the day on snacks or quick-service meals.

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A place to stay in the vicinity of Disneyland:

Disneyland has more than 641 hotels. Prices for a single room start at USD 100 per night and go up from there. In Baker, you’ll find an abundance of quick and casual dining options. Las Vegas to Disneyland plane, or las vegas to Disneyland train, las vegas to Disneyland day trip, las vegas to Disneyland bus, las vegas to Disney World, Disneyland California tickets, how many hours drive from las vegas to Disneyland.

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