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Key Takeaways

  • Black Clover Creator: Yuki Tabata crafts and illustrates the popular manga series.
  • Protagonist Asta: Asta, a magic-less boy, aspires to be the Wizard King.
  • Patolli’s Background: Patolli, an elf, plays a significant role in the series.
  • Asta’s Mysterious Origin: Asta’s origin revealed, connecting him to Wichita and Licht.
  • Asta and Yuno’s Bond: Asta and Yuno’s unique relationship unfolds in the story.

Yuki Tabata is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Black Clover. Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has been serializing it since February 16, 2015. “Asta” is a little kid who appears to have been born without magic power, something that is unknown in his world. Asta aims to become the next Wizard King with the help of his fellow wizards from the Black Bulls.


Patolli appears like a white-haired, gold-eyed elf because of Licht’s appearance. Three bud-shaped Red Crescent tattoos frame each of his eyes, and two red dots instead of eyebrows are above his eyes. A Kippah covers the top of his head and crosses over his forehead with an eye engraved in the center. His long hair is braided back into numerous lengthy extensions. He also wears a variety of jewelry, such as looped earrings.


Wearing dark and light-colored clothing over white trousers and dark-colored boots and a high-collared light-colored shirt that is cushioned. Many belts are tied around the waist, one of which has a long chain attached to it. There is a similar pattern on the undershirt as on the kippah. They wear a long, hooded white robe with sleeves that reach past hands, as well as a black shawl draped over shoulders and upper chest and held in place by a long adornment.


In the Elf Tribe, Patolli grew up. His mother tells him the four-leaf clover story when Patolli is five years old. The next time Patolli and Rhya are together, he questions Licht about the notion that humans will attack. Patolli watches as Licht rescues a woman trapped in a magic tornado. ‘Patolli’ is surprised to learn that her brother, too, has a four-leaf clover-like Licht.  However, Licht’s belief in humans convinces Patolli to be in Licht clover.

Rhein teases Patolli:

Asta is on his way to becoming the most potent magic knight in the Clover Kingdom despite his humble upbringing as a mana-less peasant. Yuno’s parentage was revealed in recent chapters, but he wasn’t the only one. Finally, the reason behind Asta’s Manalessness was revealed. These questions are among those that Black Clover leaves open. Despite rumors about his parentage and relationship to Licht, Dante, and even more ridiculous hypotheses, chapter 268 puts them all to rest and puts an end to all of them.

Where did Asta come from?

Asta’s origin story was pretty easy. He was an orphan raised in the village of Hage. However, as Asta’s powers expanded, it became easy to suspect that his origins may not be as straightforward as they appeared. Many believe that Asta is a demon-mage hybrid, the upshot being that Asta has no mana. It’s been suggested that Asta could be reincarnated as the offspring of Tetia and Licht’s union. They’re not the only ones, either from Licht clover.

Asta’s mother, Wichita:

He has no mana because of Asta’s mother, Wichita. For her son to survive, Wichita had to forsake him. Despite his survival, Asta’s body was deprived of its mana, resulting in his current state. Even though this episode shed some light on Asta’s past, we still don’t know anything about his father. Though no definitive solution has been found yet, let’s look at some old speculations about Asta’s origins and who his father is.

The Clash of Dante and Asta:

Dante, a member of the Dark Triad, invaded the Black Bulls’ base to kidnap Captain Yami but was unsuccessful. It is the first time I’ve heard of this, and I’m excited about it! A flashback of Asta’s mother’s stabbing came to him as they fought. Dante could be Asta’s father, based on this brief scene. Wichita’s mother, Asta’s mother, was killed by Lucifero, the Anti-Magic devil Dante hosts in his body.

What is the relationship between Asta Licht and her son?

Numerous theories about Asta’s relationship to Licht circulated in the fandom; one of them claimed that Licht was Asta’s father. It was discovered that he is not an elf but rather a human who is connected to Licht through his Grimoire when the Witch Queen healed Asta’s arm. According to the Queen, Asta possesses a mutation that reduces his mana and allows him to employ Anti-Magic in licht clover.

Cold-blooded killer:

As the cold-blooded killer, some felt Dante killed his wife because she bore a child devoid of mana. At the same time, others believed that he stole Asta’s mana but could not kill him due to his mother’s sacrifice to save him. Dante’s link to Asta was made evident by the mang, dispelling these notions.  The four-leaf clover grimoire, wielded by Licht, grew a new leaf when he fell for Zagred’s trick.” In the elf’s intense sadness after his tribe’s massacre

Grimoire became the Grimore of Despair, which eventually made it to Asta. Because of this, this notion has been discredited. In addition, Asta has no elf blood in him and is not Licht’s descendant due to licht clover.

What is the last name of Asta?

When Asta was born, Wichita abandoned him at the Hage Village orphanage. In his early years, he was raised by other youngsters who served as his extended family. We don’t know Asta’s last name because of this, and we don’t know Lichita’s either. Asta and Yuno, on the other hand, have last names in the one-shot pilot series, which is a departure from the current manga. We find out that Asta’s last name is Staria, while Yuno’s is Crossley.

Are Asta and Yuno related in any way?

Aside from his given name, Yuno’s official last name comes from his family’s lineage as a Grinberryal in the manga, whereas Asta still uses his given name. In Hage village, Asta and Yuno were left together at the orphanage. As a result, we were led to conclude that the two men were either brothers or had a relationship. Their personalities began to diverge as they grew older; one had a lot of mana.

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