All about Lonely Ghost

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Key Takeaways

  • Ghost-Themed Grocery Pop-up: Innovative concept combining ghost theme, retail, and Instagram appeal.
  • Influencer-Driven Brand: Founded by influencers Indy Blue and Bronson Christensen in 2019.
  • Pandemic Challenges: Overcame obstacles to open a physical store during the pandemic.
  • Interactive Store Design: Unique features for social media pictures, enhancing customer experience.
  • Community Engagement: Focus on creating a post-able brand, relying on customer influence.

In the face of a global pandemic, a lonesome ghost-themed grocery pop-up revives Instagram-able retail. As well as dietary supplements, GHOST also sells clothes and sporting goods. Ghost is one of today’s trendiest new streetwear labels, and for a good reason. After being launched by Indy Blue (Severe) and Bronson Christensen in 2019, it soon gained popularity on social media, gaining followers such as Addison Rae, Hannah Meloche, and Pyper America.

Ghost’s sales speed:

There is a possibility that your order will be shipped out in a few more days. Having no desire is the same as being dead. Nothing to eat, no urge to meet new people, and no desire to lick ice cream! As a result of this, there is no good or bad anymore. Would you please allow 48 hours for tracking information to refresh once you’ve been notified of your package’s departure?

Monotonous and dreary:

Suddenly, everything becomes monotonous and dreary! I’m a ghost, observing the world around me. Observer of a world in which everyone goes with the flow and carefully plans their lives to be materially comfortable and maintain extensive social networks, I’m still alive in a way, but it’s not everyday life. As soon as the first rays of light peek through the window, I’m awake. Wake up is simply the act of opening your eyes. No more sleep for me because I died.

Ghost in Dream:

Whatever the case may be, I suddenly wake my eyes after sleeping with my eyes closed all night. I then stand up and go around the home. As though I were in a hurry, I walk quickly. While eating my breakfast, I eat it without thinking. With my eyes closed, I take a hot shower. The fake rain makes me feel as if I could go asleep. Because it’s fast and carries a significant number of passengers, it’s known as MRT, or Mass Rapid Transit.


If I’m in a crowd, I’m invisible and anonymous. Because I’m a ghost, but also because everyone in a crowd is invisible. Individuals are just data points in a chaotic linear model. They’re all fascinating, but none of them stick out. Attention-getting, but unimportant. It was not uncommon for me to spend hours at a metro station watching people as if I were a spectator at the circus. There were also times when I needed to attend lectures or read a few pages in the library.

Retail site for Ghost:

My energy was boosted when I was surrounded by university students who still had their ambitions and dreams intact. By 2020, Blue and Christensen planned to open a retail site for  Ghost. That proposal was put on hold for the majority of the year due to a pandemic. But the influencers-turned-entrepreneurs weren’t going to let anything stop them from achieving their goals. The Shops at Riverwoods in Provo, Utah, unveiled its Ghost pop-up store on December 1st.

Influencers of Ghost:

The influencers of Ghost, on the other hand, didn’t do anything customary for them. “It’s a grocery-themed clothes boutique,” says Christensen, who with the rest of the crew designed and built the business themselves. “It’s a grocery-themed clothing boutique,” says Christensen. An installation that features “I love you” is also on display. Then repeat it. “

With individuals traveling:

A crowd of between 100 and 150 persons was expected. In light of COVID-19, this is a significant amount. With individuals traveling in from hours or days away, the reception was well beyond Blue and Christensen’s expectations. When I met with the owners of Ghost recently, we talked about the obstacles of launching a retail location during a pandemic and how having an in-person experience can enhance an Internet business. Read on to learn more about their unique concept.

Goods in a retail setting:

One that sells goods in a retail setting In addition to the “secret ingredient” of our magic recipe, we wanted to build a tangible expression of what we’ve established over the last several years, which is our online presence and our community. But the epidemic changed all of that. We experienced the same level of anxiety and tension that all small business owners have experienced. So, we decided to keep the store as a “quarantine” project that could open after “this was all done.”

Your grocery theme came from what?

We realized our store had to stand out from the rest. Our staff takes great satisfaction because we don’t feel the need to make any sense at all. If it doesn’t make sense to most people, our first store was modeled after a traditional supermarket. As a tiny crew, we knew it would be a significant step, but we were prepared. Since then, we’ve dealt with setbacks and changes, and we’re now open for business.

Is it true that “The Room That Lasts Forever” exists?

It’s called “The Room That Lasts Forever” because mirrors on all four sides surround it. While looking straight ahead, you may see your own body repeating itself indefinitely behind you. As the name suggests, this is a room that lasts forever. It’s exciting when a bunch of people comes in looking for a way into the hidden room. On the whole, we love it.

Certain features of the Ghost design:

Why did you create certain features of the Ghost design just for social media pictures? There’s a lot of visual interest on the wall that’s supposed to resemble a grocery store aisle. Many people like to take pictures of the rows of bespoke cereal boxes, as well as the “always fresh” neon sign above our fake fruit stand. A T-shirt isn’t enough for people. They want an experience. So, it is something that we take very seriously in our community.

Post-able brand:

A “post-able” brand would eliminate the necessity for [influencer marketing], which is what we’ve done. Ultimately, it’s our customers who have the power to shape our business decisions. Influencers with a simple, natural style. As a result, we wanted our store to be similar. As a result, our consumers inform their friends about us. It has always been our goal that our garments and products and our entire brand be stylish enough for you to share on Instagram.

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