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  • “Beijing, the second-largest city in Lonely Planet China after Shanghai.”
  • “Rich culture, political significance, meadows, mountains—prime tourism places in Beijing.”
  • “Famous Great Wall, beautiful parks, historic temples—a tourist’s delight.”
  • “Eye-catching scenery, rich antiquity, delicious cuisine, and cultural diversity.”
  • “Must-see attractions: Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Lama Temple, Gubei, Panjiayuan Antique Market.”

Lonely planet beijing is the second-largest city on lonely planet China after Shanghai. The lonely planet Shanghai is the largest city by area. Beijing has a rich culture with a dynamic political background in China. It has beautiful meadows and mountains on the western side, one of the best tourism places in Beijing. Moreover, along with nature reserves, you will see infrastructural developments and cultural heritage in this city.

Lonely Planet Beijing is also known as one of the best tourist sites due to its famous Great Wall of China. Furthermore, its beautiful parks and historic temples, and palace have amazingly attracted tourists from all over the world. The artificial developments include new constructions of temples, plazas, shopping malls, and tempting restaurants. Here you can enjoy nature and city life altogether.

Appealing Scenery of lovely Beijing:

It has beautiful eye-catching scenery with a rich culture and tempting cuisine. Here are the following best features of this lonely planet china book;

Eye-catching scenery:

The landscape of China is well known for its beautiful and eye-catching scenery. Beijing’s lonely planet japan has amazing deserts, lakes, mountains, forests, beaches, and meadows. These spectacular sights attract tourists from all around the world.

Beautiful Antiquity:

Beijing has one of the most historic civilizations in the world. It has a rich culture with rich antiquity. The Great wall, temples on mountain peaks, historic villages, ancient Buddhist temples, extensive deserts, and natural lakes all add beauty to this lonely planet china’s latest edition.

Delicious Cuisine:

Beijing has the best restaurants in the world. It is also famous for having the best food in the world. Food lovers come to this place worldwide to have a steaming bowl of famous noodles and seafood. You will find roasted ducks, seasoned chicken, spicy noodles, and delicious seafood in the market of Beijing, the lonely planet of Asia.


Beijing is best known for its different dialects, cultures, religions, and food. You will enjoy the urban and village life, the hiking and swimming experience, the historical sites, and the modern infrastructure in one city altogether. So, Beijing’s lonely planet Tokyo is one of the best tourist places with all-in-one features for visitors or tourists. You will never repent of your Beijing tour decision. So, spending your holidays exploring the lonely planet Beijing is fun. Since ancient times, Beijing has been the cultural and economic centre of China. Shanghai and Hangzhou are two of the world’s largest and most fascinating cities.

What makes Beijing so interesting?

There is a good chance you’ll find your type of travel here. Beijing is the place to go, no matter if you prefer a relaxing spa break or a mountain-climbing adventure. Precisely for this reason, I wanted to share some places you shouldn’t miss in the city.

Beijing’s highlights:

Look no further than Beijing’s highlights! If you are planning a quick trip to Beijing, Pocket Beijing is an excellent guide to must-see attractions.  In the process of updating our guidebooks, we check every listing.

Information from authors about lonely planet Beijing:

The authors could have provided more details on speaking, the logistics of visiting major cultural sites. It’s a game of chance I particularly enjoy playing; Maybe the authors don’t pee while on the road at all.

1. The Forbidden City:

Forbidden City and Imperial Palace lie at the heart of the lonely planet Beijing. This palace, which dates back to the 13th century, is a sight to behold.

2. Tiananmen Square:

When you step inside Tiananmen Square, you can feel the size of this great public space. If you’re already in the Forbidden City, this is one of the best things to do in Beijing.

3. The Lama Temple (Temple du lama):

It is also known as the Yonghe Temple. The iconic temple was built in 1694 during Qing Dynasty. There are Chinese designs and inscriptions on every inch of the building.

4. Beijing Capital Museum:

One of the best things to do in Beijing, especially when the weather turns bad and you’re looking for indoor activities, is visiting the National Museum of China. Since there are so many different exhibits and rooms to explore, you could easily spend hours there.

5. Gubei:

A day trip from Beijing, the water town of Gubei is a stunning place to visit. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to spend a day in Gubei (2 hours from Beijing) or stay overnight.

6. Chinese Antique Market in Panjiayuan:

Panjiayuan Antique Market is the place to go if you’re looking for antiques. Under the sun, you’ll find everything. Almost anything can see here, and it’s a great place to buy a little souvenir of your trip. A must-do in Beijing, for sure.

Reviews about lonely planet beijin:

It’s not true that “cash is king.” My bank would not allow me to set up an app on my phone until I was already abroad. Only my hotel took a credit card, so that was the first phrase my Chinese friends copied out of the phrasebook for me. As always, the lonely planet Beijing guidebook is a great resource. Beijing is a must-see on any trip to China, and especially if you’re interested in learning more about China’s rich history, fascinating culture, and exciting modern life. If you’re looking to see the sights of Beijing and the surrounding area, you’ll find that the city offers a wealth of incredible and top-notch activities.

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