What is Los Primos Marisco?

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Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Seafood Options: Los Primos Mariscos offers ceviche tostadas and seafood boats.
  • Fresh Seafood Buffet: All-you-can-eat buffet with freshly caught, daily prepared seafood.
  • Live Performances: Check Los Primos Del Este’s live performance schedule for 2021-2022.
  • Authentic Mexican Menu: From burritos and sopes to enchiladas and fajita hot dogs.
  • Positive Reviews: Rated 4.5 stars on Google for excellent service and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Ceviche on tostadas or a full boat loaded with your favourite seafood is also an option at Los Primos Mariscos if you like to fish. If you have a lot of choices, Los Primos Mariscos is available to help you choose among them. Santa Ana’s beaches are teeming with them, so take advantage of the opportunity to transfer your tastes to a world of Mexican seafood while remaining on dry ground.

What is Los Primos Marisco?

This taco Lonchera stands out from the others with an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet that is freshly caught each day and prepared in such a way that it will knock you flat with a wave of taste. Since we’re talking about Marcos, you can expect plenty of ceviches and delicious seafood on top of that. Tender octopus tentacles are paired with shrimp, either cooked or raw, and the dish is spiced up with lime juice and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Do you want to attend a live performance by Los Primos?

Los Primos Del Este tour dates and tickets for 2021-2022 can find by visiting this page. The Los Primos Del Este performance schedule for the years 2021-2022 can find. Five thousand six hundred twenty-six other Los Primos Del Este fans are using Songkick right now. Sadly, Los Primos Del Este will not be performing live in 2021. If Los Primos Del Este isn’t presently on tour, sign up for Songkick to keep track of their tour dates and receive concert notifications.

Menu of Los primos:

Chipotle Chicken Burrito:

Each one of our burritos is prepared from scratch using handmade flour tortillas. They’re stuffed with your choice of meat and vegetables and served with salsa and refried beans.


Thin tortilla made of cornmeal that’s loaded with cheese and your choice of carnitas or grilled steak, pastor or Michoacan as.


Carnitas, grilled steak, pastor, Michoacan’s, chicken, and Cabeza are just a few of the meats available on our authentic Mexican sandwiches.


Thick tortilla topped with shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa, and your choice of carnitas, grilled steak, pastor, Michoacan’s, chicken, or Cabeza is known as Picadita in Southern Mexico.

Mexican street food staple, the Burrito Mojada:

One of our best-selling items! Rice beans, your choice of meat, and covered in salsa and melted cheese make up our classic packed burrito. Depending on your tastes, you may go for carnitas, sirloin, pastor, Michoacan’s, chicken, or Cabeza (stuffed cabbage).

Real Taco from the Streets of Mexico City:

Carnitas, grilled beef, pastor, Michoacan’s, chicken, and Cabeza are also good choices.

Salsa Roja-Slathered Enchiladas:

They are served with your choice of meat (chicken or shrimp), our homemade red sauce, cheese, and sour cream on a handmade tortilla roll. Rice and beans are included in the meal price. The locals well regard this restaurant’s Caribbean specialties. There will be lobsters, fried fish, and a casserole on the menu. The beer on tap here is world-renowned.

The location has a lovely atmosphere:

Known for excellent service and helpful staff, Pescadores Los Primos is a wonderful place to dine. You won’t be overcharged here. This location has a lovely atmosphere. The customers of this restaurant have given it a rating of 4.5 stars on Google.

Mexican Street Food is a Delicacies of Delight:

Yummy Mexican Food on the Streets. The proprietors, who are natives of Mexico City, were very kind and accommodating. The cuisine was delicious and true to its origins. Good Mexican cuisine is the one thing I miss about living in Europe. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this.


In this restaurant, we had a fantastic dining experience! The food was prepared using just-picked ingredients. The cook and the owner were both kinds. They were thorough in their explanations. And we’ve lived in France for years, and the frozen margarita was the finest.

Tacos on the street as they’re supposed to be:

I prefer these over anything I’ve had since moving back to Arizona. Having spoken to the proprietor, I discovered that his mother is Mexican and well-versed in the business.

In Annecy, you can get authentic Mexican tacos.

Los Primos is a go-to since we’re American taco fans from Southern California and Utah who now reside in France. In winter, you may dine outdoors beneath the heat lights while being protected from the rain and snow. We like the variety of salsas and Mexican sodas, and the meal is usually excellent. There are no words to describe Ivette and Julian. They have built a wonderful restaurant and a wonderful neighbourhood around it.


Los Primos Fajita Hot Dogs meal:

There’s nothing else like a Los Primos Fajita Hot Dogs meal. You won’t know true satisfaction until you’ve tried one of our delectable masterpieces. We thoroughly assaulted your taste senses. We’ll be in our usual location throughout the week, or you may follow us on social media to find out where we’ll be this weekend!

Having a High Standard Is Important:

We use only the finest ingredients and treat each hotdog as if it were a piece of art in and of itself. Our buns are stuffed with only the finest cuts of meat, cheese, and seasonings. Get a Hot Cheetos Cheesy Fajita Hotdog next time if you want your meal spicy.

We use fresh ingredients and never freeze any of our meals so that you can tell the difference. We’ve been handed down our family recipes for centuries, and we want to share their wonderfully genuine taste with you.


Many generations of her family have handed down their recipes to her, giving Los Primos its unique taste. As she puts it, “When anything is created with love, it always turns out wonderful”. Los Primos’ mission statement is to provide you with the most flavorful Latin cuisine you’ve ever tasted. If you ask us, it’s a faiHas been cooking since she was ten years old and is from La Huacana, Michoacan, Mexico.

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