Kill option for underboss in Mafia 3 achievements.

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Key Takeaways

  • Mafia 3 Overview: Released in 2016, Mafia 3 follows the story of Lincoln Clay seeking revenge.
  • Gameplay Format: Points are earned in story and gameplay modes; 55 achievements total.
  • “We’re In This Together” Trophy: Distribute districts to underbosses for benefits.
  • Kill Option for Underboss: Collect five vehicles and maintain loyalty.
  • Financial Strategies: Accumulate $150k, recruit Vito for automatic funds, and plan two playthroughs.

Mafia 3 achievements is a sequel to the famous video game Mafia series. It was launched in 2016 for Xbox, PlayStations, Windows, and all mobile devices. The game’s theme is the incident of a criminal, Lincoln Clay, who crimes for his family’s safety from local Mafias. Unfortunately, he soon lost his family to the Mafia family.

Thus, he bent upon revenge by forming a criminal unit in the city. So, Mafia III is a crime drama about revenge and illegal activities. The format of Mafia III consists of the story mode and gameplay. The player earns points on each stage. The first story mode yields 100 points to the players. Till the last chapters, the players have an extra level of excitement and moments consequently.

Achievement wise you will confront a total of 55 achievements to earn in this gameplay. These achievements are creative and fun to play, but two playthroughs add boredom and excessive length. The real action games fan will have an overall fun experience despite this drawback. The Achievement list is composed of 22 episodes in story mode, while 29 for the gameplay. Moreover, the Mafia 3 achievements fan will love the other four secret achievements, giving extra points to the players.

We’re in This Together Mafia 3 achievements:

The “We’re In This Together” trophy will help you achieve this. Give each of your underbosses three districts. There are many benefits to giving rackets to a subordinate. New associates are among the perks offered by these companies. Whenever you give your first district to an underboss, you’ll see a speech bubble icon on the map of the area.

kill option for underboss in Mafia 3 achievements:

Bring him five vehicles; he asks you to. To complete the questline, you’ll need to collect all five cars. The trophy “Family” requires that you have the most loyalty to him. If you decide to kill Burke at the end of the game, you will miss this trophy. When attempting to obtain the “Just You and Me” award, do not undertake any side quests during your kill-playthrough.

Complete the questline:

One of your underbosses, Vito, reports to you. Early on in the game, his side quests are automatically unlocked for you. Would you please kill five enemies for him? Complete the questline by killing all five. If you’ve completed all of his side missions, the kill option for this underboss may not be available. Burke is a subordinate of yours. Early on in the game, his side quests are automatically unlocked for you.

Cassandra is a formidable foe:

If you decide to kill Vito at the end of the game, you’ll miss this trophy. It’s possible that you won’t be able to kill this underboss if you’ve completed his side. As one of your subordinates, Cassandra is a formidable foe. Initial access to her side quests is granted automatically. She has asked you to bring her five trucks. You must collect all five lorries to complete the questline. The trophy “Family” requires that you have the highest level of loyalty to her.

Vito as your underboss:

If you decide to kill Cassandra at the end of the game, you will miss this trophy. To do this, you must have a total of $150,000. The money in your wallet is halved when you pass away. All money should be kept in a bank or safe. To unlock the Consigliere, you must recruit Vito as your underboss. Anytime you need cash, you can call her. She will deposit it in your bank account for you if you so desire.

How to get $150k in one playthrough:

Getting $150k in one playthrough isn’t tricky. Most of your money comes from missions and kickbacks. As part of the upgrade, the Consigliere can also automatically take care of the kickback for you. Overall, you don’t have to worry too much about it. Don’t forget to keep your money in the bank, so it doesn’t get lost.

Two playthroughs:

Throughout your two playthroughs, this will become available to you. A minimum of two playthroughs is required to earn all of the trophies. All your statistics are kept when you start a new playthrough. Not all of your financial needs can be met at the same time, however. Doing missions and getting a kickback from rackets are your primary sources of income even though your spendable money resets to zero in a new playthrough. The video game was a financial success, with seven million copies sold around the world.


A Metacritic review aggregator found that critics had “mixed or average” opinions of Mafia 3 achievements. Despite the game’s positive reviews from critics and its positive reviews from players, its repetitive gameplay and numerous technical issues were criticized. Alex Donaldson of VG247 wrote, “There’s an incredible story in mafia three achievements, as well as a beautiful presentation, an amazing soundtrack, and an interesting world. Unfortunately, it has a formulaic mission design, as well as questionable results.”


To date, the game has been downloaded more than 7 million times. Your “flip everyone” run is the best choice for completing it in one go. Over time, flipping all informants and racketeers will increase your earnings. Mafia definitive not unlocking, mafia definitive edition achievement, mafia 2 definitive edition achievements, mafia 3 achievement guide, mafia 3 collectables achievements, mafia 3 family trophy, how to reach a loyal state in mafia 3, mafia 3 trophy guide.

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