Magenta Resort Dandeli: Reviews and Facts

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Key Takeaways

  • “Magenta Resort Dandeli offers a tranquil escape surrounded by nature.”
  • “Conveniently located 4.1 km from Dandeli bus station, Karnataka.”
  • “Three lodging options with picturesque views: garden, lake, and mountains.”
  • “Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, laundry service, and heightened security measures.”
  • “Engage in various activities, from swimming to bonfires, near Dandeli’s attractions.”

Magenta Resort Dandeli Who doesn’t enjoy travelling? For many people, travelling is a form of meditation. Travel is extremely vital in today’s hurried society. Traveling to an unfamiliar location every now and again brings you inner tranquilly. Nature offers certain healing properties. As a result, the magenta resort Dandeli, which is surrounded by nature, will be an ideal location for your vacation. The resort is located in Karnataka and is nestled among the woods.

Another advantage is the magenta resort’s proximity to the Kali River. The resort’s amenities are just superb. It is one of Dandeli Karnataka’s most opulent resorts. The resort is about 4.1 kilometres away from the Dandeli bus station. The resort is conveniently accessible by public or private transportation. The magenta resort Dandeli guarantees the collaboration of the employees, the quality of the food, and the comfort of the accommodations. Book a room in this Dandeli resort to surprise your family and friends.

There are facilities available.

Choosing to stay

The pink resort Dandeli offers incredible amenities. They make certain that their customers are satisfied. There are three types of lodging facilities available:

  • One huge double bed in each room. The finest thing is that the balcony has a view of the garden.
  • The second room has a double bed with a view of the lake.
  • Finally, stay in a camp with a view of the mountains.
  • A minimum of two individuals are required to reserve a stay.
  • All of the rooms have air conditioning, and a room heater is also available.
  • In addition, all of the rooms are spacious and equipped with a television.
  • Each room is designed in a unique style to provide comfort to the consumers.
  • Guests at the resort have access to complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • The resort also offers a laundry and ironing service.
  • The resort places a high value on the safety and security of its visitors.
  • Customers’ safety will be ensured through CCTV, bodyguards, and security.
  • In the magenta century resort, all of these rooms are shared in double or triple occupancy.
  • Near the lake, there are ten cottages.
  • There are nearly seven cottages among the gardens.
  • There are ten tent rooms. The most opulent accommodations of the Magenta Resort Dandeli.
  • All of the cottages include clean and well-kept bathrooms.
  • Each cottage comes with a front terrace and a balcony.
  • There is also a parking facility on site.


  • The resort serves both vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals to its guests.
  • Another benefit of the magenta resort Dandeli is the complimentary breakfast.
  • Lunch and dinner are also served, however consumers must pay for these services.

If you wish to learn more about the area and the resort, go here. Look for Dandeli reviews on several websites.

Providing guests with a variety of activities

  • Customers can participate in a variety of activities to make their journey more enjoyable.
  • This is the only resort with a swimming pool in Dandeli. This pool is available to visitors during their spare time.
  • Kayaking, coracle rides, and ziplining are also offered.
  • You can also go target shooting or archery in the forest
  • It will be incredible to walk across the Burma Bridge
  • Take a natural walk while viewing birds.
  • River crossing will be a lot of fun for children and teenagers.
  • Swimming in the lake will be a new experience for you.
  • Another highlight of pink resort Dandeli is a bonfire.
  • The resort’s nearby attractions
  • The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top nearby attractions. It’s around 1.7 kilometres from the resort.
  • It is India’s second-largest wildlife sanctuary.
  • It has a diverse collection of animals.
  • Another river that puts tourists in a festive spirit is the Kali.
  • The traveller can fly into Dabolim Airport, which is located 89.3 kilometres away from the resort.
  • Tourists will face a struggle at Shiroli Peak. The resort is nearly 1.9 kilometres from the top.

Things to keep in mind

  • Always keep a copy of your identification with you.
  • Don’t forget to bring a sweater and a raincoat.
  • Because ATMs are not readily available, it is vital to carry cash on hand.
  • Personal medications and a toiletry pack should also be carried.
  • Tourists should do all of these activities at the resort or in the vicinity of the homestay
  • Children under the age of five do not have to pay at the Magenta Resort Dandeli.

Cancellation policy for resorts

  • A total of 25% of the entire cost will be returned. If cancellations are made thirty days prior to the trip’s commencement date.
  • If you cancel between fifteen and thirty days before the trip’s start date, you’ll be charged 50% of the trip’s cost.
  • The cancellation fee for zero to fifteen days will be 100% of the total tour cost.
  • If the journey is cancelled due to weather conditions or government limitations, the operator will give an alternative as soon as possible. However, there is no way to get a monetary refund.

My evaluations;

Kayaking, Burma Bridge, coracle ride, zipline, and archery are just a few of the activities available at Magenta Resort to keep guests engaged. Magenta Resort Dandeli all of this is included in the stay package at no extra charge. We spent three nights in the Maharaj tent. It was fairly large.

The resort features a large site with a swimming pool, a fire pit area, and plenty of room to walk around. The cuisine was decent, and there were plenty breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections. Magenta Resort Dandeli the menu consists entirely of Indian dishes.

Magenta Resort Dandeli

Guests of Magenta Resort at Dandeli will have access to all of the conveniences of modern life. All kinds of vacationers will find the resort at Dandeli to be welcoming and relaxing. As this is a heavily wooded area, you will be accompanied by a jeep and a resort employee at all times. Each cottage at Magenta Resort features a balcony with a view of the lake. You can kick back in comfort at one of the military tents and enjoy the peace and quiet of Dandeli. Magenta Resort serves both excellent continental fare and its own unique speciality cuisine. Dandeli is tucked away in a scenic area, making it a year-round destination for nature lovers and adventurers.

The staff is really tourist-friendly and will look after you. Five stars for the efficient and kind staff! Room service was prompt. The resort offers a morning nature walk, which is highly recommended. Mr Lakshman is very knowledgeable and showed us a wide range of birds, fruits, and even a crocodile along the river!

Rooms, restrooms, linens, and the dining area at the resort were not as clean as we would have liked. Magenta Resort Dandeli the swimming pool lacked a separate shower area and appeared to be dirty. Every evening, a campfire was lit with wonderful music to create a vibrant atmosphere. For around 2 kilometres, the approach road to the resort is highly rough (kaccha mud road).

Overall, a fantastic stay with wonderful service!

One of the best resorts. It is set in a forest with cool and tranquil nature, abundant greenery, and a pleasant climate. Our travel adviser, Nafeesa, communicated and instructed us very well about the resort and our trip. All water activities such as ziplining, boating, kayaking, swimming, bridge crossing, and carrom archery are safely conducted inside the resort. My wife, daughter, and son had a great time. Thank you so much, Megenta. I love you and miss you.

Property with a swimming pool

In Dandeli, this is a fantastic spot to stay. The resort is lovely and offers a variety of on-site activities. The staff at the resort assisted us in booking the river rafting excursion. We stayed in a Lake-view room, which was clean and comfy with a lovely outlook. The food and service are both great. The crew ensures that you get the most out of your activities.

  • This place was fantastic!!
  • Dandeli’s other resorts
  • The following are some of the other resorts in Dandeli, Karnataka:
  • Stay on the Riverbank
  • Dandelion Panther
  • Jungle Hideaway
  • Dandeli Shikra Jungle Resort is located in Dandeli, India.
  • Jungle Stay at Kingfisher
  • Kali Adventure Camp (Kali Adventure Camp)
  • Whistling Woods Resort is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a
  • Bison River Resort is a great place to stay.
  • Hornbill River Resort is a great place to stay if you’re looking

The rates at all of these Dandeli resorts are fairly inexpensive. Another benefit is that Dandeli’s climate is pleasant throughout the year. It reaches a maximum of 26 degrees in the summer and a minimum of 18 degrees in the winter. Anyone, at any moment, is welcome to visit this location.

To sum it up

Come enjoy the scenic beauty of Dandeli if you’re searching for a relaxed weekend. The pink resort Dandeli will make you feel at ease. You will have access to all of the resort’s latest amenities. Don’t overthink it; book a lodging as soon as possible and enjoy your trip in the midst of nature.

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