Everything you need to know about Mini hippo dog!

Mini hippo dog is being able to take it for walks whenever you choose and having whole strangers look in your dog’s way. Because so few people are aware of it, there is no cause for panic. One of the most recent additions to the designer dog breed family, the Mini Hippo, is seeing a meteoric rise in popularity. As a result of the dog’s hybrid lineage, which includes the Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel, the dog will likely exhibit features shared by both of its parent breeds.

In this piece, we will go over everything that would-be owners of miniature hippos need to know before purchasing a little hippopotamus since there is a lot of information to learn about mini hippo dogs.

Everything you need to know about Mini hippo dog!

What are Miniature Hippopotamus dogs?

Miniature Hippopotamus dogs are often known to be quite dominant and aggressive. We also won’t recommend leaving this type of dog alone for long periods because of the jealousy it may inspire in its owners due to the breed’s caring nature. The Mini Hippopotamus is a fun pet. This breed is friendly and reserved, yet it still has some individuality. While teaching this type of dog is not too difficult, you won’t need to use as much force as you would with a Shar-pei.

The Miniature Hippopotamus Is a Breed of Dog?

The Miniature Hippopotamus, or Mini Hippo for short, is descended from the Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel. The origin of this breed, however, remains a mystery. Its father, a Shar-Pei, is responsible for the dog’s wrinkly face and shoulders. The other father was a Cocker Spaniel, which may explain why this breed is so well-liked for its pleasant appearance. The Mini Hippo is sometimes called a Cocker-pie because of its cute disposition and approachable appearance.

Are Miniature Hippopotamuses or Cocker-Pies Big Dogs?

The growth rate will determine the dog’s final height but expect anywhere between 18 and 21 inches. This breed may be any size from 40 to 65 pounds. It’s also a breed of dog known for its guarding instincts, loyalty, playfulness, and sometimes aggression. One of the many appealing features of Mini Hippo is that it gets along well with other youngsters and even with tamed animals.

Miniature Hippopotamus Dogs’ temperaments:

The Miniature Hippo crosses the Chinese Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel. Therefore it’s hard to say what kind of personality the resulting dog would have. We have the good fortune of knowing both of the dogs’ parents, which allows us to learn about all of the desirable qualities inherited by the dog. A dog breed called the Miniature Hippopotamus has the extroverted and social nature of the Lycan Shepherd.

How Does a Small Hippo Look?

This particular species is known colloquially as “Mini Hippos” because their skulls seem much smaller than those of common hippos. It is the fundamental rationale for the designation of this name. Nevertheless, despite their small stature, these critters are known for their kind nature and good looks. The dog’s smooth, straight coat resembles silk. This round-robin jacket-type evaluation will begin with the following three categories:

Brush on your coat:

Brush-coated Miniature Hippos have a velvety, almost silky feel to their canines. The coat will measure less than an inch from its shoulders to its hem.

Coat with a Beat:

One of the most distinguishing features of the Miniature Hippopotamus is its beat coat, which has a distinctively wavy and silky feel. The length of the skin will be extended by more than an inch.

In a Horse’s Wardrobe:

The rugged texture of a horse coat is widely known among owners of Mini Hippo dogs. This coat will be approximately a quarter of an inch long.

How do little hippos act?

As was said before in the article, Mini Hippos are so popular because they have a friendly and outgoing disposition and like playing with children and other animals, including other pets. Everyone in the household will enjoy spending time with this kind of dog. Leaving this dog alone for too long is a bad idea since they want to be a part of the family. The Mini Hippos have learned their manic-depressive tendencies from both of their parents.

Mini Hippopotamus needs what type of schooling:

The Miniature Hippopotamus needs far less time and energy to train than larger dog breeds. You may expect them to be eager to please their owner by learning new things and experiencing new places, thanks to the Cocker Spaniel, one of their parents. You may quiz all the experts you want and still come to the same conclusion: this dog has a strong sense of independence, yet on rare occasions, it can display stubbornness for no apparent reason.

Quality of aloofness and calmness:

This quality of aloofness and calmness, typical of the Mini Hippo breed, was passed down through the Mini Hippo’s Shar-Pei father. You should start their training with shorter sessions before moving on to the reward system. The results will be better than if you taught them for a longer time. Providing this dog breed with leg-stretching activities is an intelligent method to ensure it stays active and healthy.

How little do miniature hippopotamuses stay?

Mature Mini Hippos stand between 13 and 20 inches tall. They might weigh as little as 20 pounds or as much as 60 pounds, but seldom are they less than 20 pounds. You probably know that American Cocker Spaniels are smaller in stature, so it stands to reason that this breed would be as well. This dog should be fed twice a day and not overfed. High-quality food, not quantity, will promote healthy development in your dog.

What health concerns do small hippos have?

Mini Hippos are susceptible to seasonal allergies, so if you’re considering bringing one into your home, you must be sure you can provide the best care possible. They should avoid eating anything with maize or wheat in it. Since this breed’s ears are prone to infections, keeping them clean is crucial to his health. An eye disease called cherry eye is expected in this dog’s breed. Surgery is the sole option for fixing this issue, which causes the third eyelid to stick out of the eye socket. Mini Hippos need regular eye cleanings to avoid inflammation and disease.

Do Baby Hippopotamuses Go Through a Fur Molt?

Just like other dog breeds, mini hippos will lose their coat at different times of the year. The shedding they do is seasonal and far less than that of other dog breeds. You might expect them to shed for a few days at a time in certain seasons like spring and fall.

Problems with Miniature Hippos’ Health:


Mild seasonal allergies afflict these dogs. They have dietary sensitivities, particularly to grain, so you should avoid feeding it to them.

Ear infections:

If you want to keep the wax buildup out of your Mini Hippo Dog’s ears, you’ll need to clean them often. It’s essential to keep your dog’s ears clean to prevent severe ear infections. The wide, floppy ears of a Miniature Hippopotamus Dog might make it difficult to detect illness until it has progressed too far for treatment.

Putting the icing on the cake:

The drooping eyelids may quickly gather debris, which can then cause a host of ocular problems. For example, “cherry eye” is a condition for which surgical intervention is the sole treatment option. When a dog has cherry eye, the third eyelid swells and protrudes from the orbit.

Cavities in teeth:

Miniature hippopotamus teeth are challenging to clean because of their size and proximity. Unfortunately, the repercussions of their long lives are also shown in their teeth. If your Mini Hippo Dog has an infection in its gums or teeth, it may lose some or all of its precious teeth. It may create problems with their diet and general health.


If you want a dog that is loyal and easy to get along with, go no further than the Miniature Hippopotamus. The dog breed in question may help you in various ways to enhance your quality of life. If you can’t give this dog the time and attention it deserves, you shouldn’t bring it home. Leaving it alone is not an option. We hope you enjoyed this article and found the comprehensive information helpful in learning everything to know before deciding to make a Mini Hippo your home pet.


Do Baby Hippopotamuses Go Through a Fur Molt?

The hair of little hippo dogs does shed. In contrast to other breeds, however, they only shed at specific year periods. It often happens in the spring or fall and lasts a maximum of a few days.

What exactly does it mean to be a mini hippo dog?

Mini hippo dogs are a hybrid breed that originated by breeding the Chinese Shar-Pei with the Cocker Spaniel. The large, square face of the Miniature Hippopotamus inspired the name.