What Does The Minecraft Spoon Icon Mean?

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The Mining Fatigue state effect reduces your block-breaking speed. It also reduces the rate at which you can attack. Miners can become fatigued at different levels, such as Miners can become weary to varying degrees of mining. As your Mining Fatigue level rises, so will your mining and attacking speed. The effect reduces a player’s attack speed by 30% and their mining pace even further for five minutes.

Failing to Recover From Mining Fatigue:

In Java Edition, the older guardian looks for any players within 50 blocks to inflict Mining Fatigue III soon after spawning and once per minute after that. The older guardian in Bedrock Edition deals immediate damage to anyone who isn’t already under its influence. Having been afflicted, the player will see and hear apparitions of the elder guardian. Invisibility is useless against this attack because it can target players even if they are hidden underground.

Fatigue in the Mining Industry:

Numerous ways exist in the mining sector in which fatigue and sleep disturbance can affect personnel and processes. In open-pit mines, truck driving accidents are blamed on weariness in as many as 65 percent of cases. Because of the effect sleep has on motor skills and cognitive capacities, such as solving problems and short-term memory, this is most likely the result of poor sleep hygiene.

Causes of Mining fatigue:

The only way to get Mining Fatigue naturally is to be afflicted by an elder guardian, and the only effect it has is level III. Commands are needed to advance to the next level. Older guardians in the area look for players within 50 blocks to inflict mining weariness III on in Java Edition once every minute. The player can’t counter this assault. No protection exists if you hide behind blocks, go underground, or use an invisibility potion.

Search for a monument

Because monuments can only find in ocean biomes, you’ll have to locate one and dive in. It’s possible to miss the memorial because it’s submerged, but the sea lights are easily spotted if you know where to look, especially at night. Because the monument’s summit is so near to the ground, it’s easy to find during the day, but it’s also easy to miss. The sound of guardian lasers striking squid can also hear.

The correct kind of seed:

For Bedrock Edition, there is a seed picker for a planet called “Ocean Monuments Ahead,” which contains several monuments nearby. You can view one of the monuments from the tiny island where you spawn on the northern shore. It’s possible to generate near an ocean monument in 1.17 by using one of three seeds: 101 (the nearest), 400 (the middle one), or 555555.

Searching for a way to survive:

These worlds tend to have island survival seeds; although the nearest monument can be defeated, survival tips can find in Tutorials/Island survival. If you’re hunting for sea lanterns late at night, having a boat is your best bet. The monument may see from above the water using a Night Vision potion, and ender pearls can easily cross broad sections of water. A Riptide-enchanted Trident is another option.

What Does The Minecraft Spoon Icon Mean?

Many in-game icons will be familiar to those who have been playing Minecraft for some time. There’s a more profound message behind each one. Minecraft’s vast world can navigate better if you know what the icons imply. However, there are far too many symbols to remember them all, so even if you’ve been playing for a long time, you’ll still come across a handful you don’t recognize.

Affected by mining exhaustion:

Elder Guardians, puffer fish-like creatures, are to blame for Mining Fatigue. Species of one-eyed fish can be found only in oceans and around oceanic landmarks. Water is required for the spawning process, as you would have imagined. Both the spawning block and the block beneath it must be submerged in water for this to work. To spawn this massive aquatic mob, you’ll need a translucent block above the spawning block.

Colour of searching mining fatigue:

Regular Guardians cannot cause Mining Fatigue, only Elder Guardians. The guardians of the Elders are grey, much larger than their lesser-powerful counterparts, and scarce outside the monuments themselves. The developers claim that if a spawning block is located above sea level and has a clear view of the sky, all sorts of Guardians will fail to spawn. The default sea level is 63 feet.

Personality Trait of Elder Guardian:

When a player enters their line of sight, Elder Guardians swim out of their spawn places and charge at them. They can’t swim as well as regular Guardians, though. They retract their spikes and move their tails fast when in battle mode. They employ three distinct attack strategies:

Inflicting Mining Fatigue:

  • Firing a colour-changing laser

In What Locations Can You Expect to See the Spoon Icon?

As we already discussed, the Spoon icon will appear on your screen if an Elder Guardian has the Mining Fatigue effect on you. More recent editions of Minecraft have a Spoon icon in the upper-right corner. The Spoon icon will only appear in your inventory if you’re playing an older version of the game. You’ll know you’re suffering from Mining Fatigue if, in addition to seeing a Spoon icon, particles start swirling around you.

Mining fatigue-supporting platforms

The following operating systems only support the Mining Fatigue symptom:  Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and Wii U have special editions. In contrast, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition, and Pocket Edition all have their own.

How to Get Rid of Mining Fatigue?

There is a lot of frustration to be had if you’ve developed mining weariness. You may want to go on an underwater adventure in a temple, but you’ll be unable to protect yourself or acquire valuable resources if you do so. You should gather milk and an underwater breathing potion before entering the temple.

Best Way to Prevent Mining Fatigue:

When you’re under attack from a Guardian, there’s nothing you can do to avoid getting fatigued. A shield, things hidden behind you, or even blocks under you will not help. Instead of wasting time attempting to prevent exhaustion, the best strategy is to deal with it as soon as it occurs.


All there is to know about the Mine craft Spoon emblem now: you’ve been hit by Mining Fatigue if the Spoon icon appears on your character sheet. The Elder Guardian is the only creature that may inflict this penalty on your mining pace.

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