Here is everything to know about Nicky Hilton net worth!

Nicky Hilton net worth is $50 million. Nicky Hilton is a wealthy businesswoman, model, socialite, heiress, and fashion designer who lives in the United States. Nicky Hilton is also a member of the Hilton family. Estimates place Nicky Hilton’s wealth in the neighborhood of fifty million dollars. Nicky Hilton, who first became famous as Paris Hilton’s quiet sister, has now pulled away from the public spotlight to spend more time with her family. This decision was made for Nicky Hilton to be able to focus on her career. Let’s discuss a little more about Nicky Hilton net worth.

History of Nicky Hilton:

On October 5, 1983, in New York City, Olivia Rothschild Hilton (Nicholai) entered the world. A native of California rose in the Golden State. The original name was created in honour of Hilton’s grandpa, Conrad “Nicky” Hilton Jr., Her older brothers, are Paris, Barron, and Conrad III (1991). They are devout Catholics. Hilton’s heritage includes the United States, Norway, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. Convent of the Sacred Heart is where Hilton earned her diploma. She never finished her courses at either Parsons, The New School for Design, or F.I.TF.I.T.

Mansions Owned by Nicky Hilton:

James Rothschild tied the knot with Nicky Hilton in 2015 and afterwards moved into her NoHo pad. The couple worked together for three years to accumulate enough money to buy a beautiful Neo-Georgian estate on Long Island. In September 2018, the Rothschild-Hiltons spent $2.7 million for a 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom house in Brookhaven. The four-acre corner lot that features the neo-Georgian home was built in the 1920s, and it has an oval swimming pool shaded by maple and oak trees. Let’s discuss a little more about Nicky Hilton net worth.

Kathy Hilton Avanzino:

In April, Nicky uploaded an Instagram snapshot of her boyfriend, who was seen piling boxes in one of the six bedrooms of the holiday house they had acquired in September 2018. A stunning double bed, painted to seem like wood panels, is upholstered in Bennison fabric for the bed, canopy, and seat. Bennison’s Cochin fabric formerly adorned Hilton’s Instagram recliner blue-red on oysters. The niece of Kim and Kyle Richards, her parents, are hotel magnate Richard Hilton and real estate mogul Kathy Hilton Avanzino.

Organizations by Nicky Hilton:

Performers and musicians, your vote may make a difference. Center for International Child Support; Margaret Gabrielle’s Angels; Center for Diabetes in Children; Children like Cathy’s Give Top Priority to Ovarian Cancer Study The Wish Granting Organization Quotes by Nicky Hilton, When I can’t go to sleep, I’ll play online blackjack until I’m either broke or weary. Additionally, she has posed for Antz Pantz. They did a background check on her by Lucire. Nicky’s business partners filed a countersuit for contract violation in 2007. Let’s discuss a little more about Nicky Hilton net worth.

Success in Nicky Hilton’s Profession:

Nicky Hilton debuted her clothing line in 2004. Following her time as a bag designer at Samantha Thavasa, she launched her label, Nicholai. In 2010, she introduced a line of jewellery to the market. She released a 10-piece compilation in 2014, and Deluxe backed it. In the same 365 days, she wrote and released a fashion book. In 2015, she was employed by Smashbox Cosmetics and Linea Pelle Handbags. From 2017 to 2019, she contributed to many Tolani collections. Her first footwear collection, French Sole, was released in 2018.

Connecting Nicky Hilton:

Nicky Hilton wed her childhood sweetheart and fellow Las Vegan, Todd Meisner, in 2004. They claimed to have been married “on a whim” and split up three months later. The Royal Wedding at Kensington Palace in 2015 was a spectacular event. Nicky Hilton wore a Valentino Haute Couture suit that cost $77,000 and drove a Bentley. Nicky partnered with investors to launch a hotel franchise, but when she learned that her name was being used without her consent, she filed a federal lawsuit against one of the investors.

Slight reverse:

Nicky’s departure from the hotel and Bentley drive to Kensington Palace were delayed because of her heavy veil. The wedding of Paris’s younger sister was a “fairytale,” according to the maid of honour. James Rothschild, the first of the family, was born in 2016.  In 2011, during Petra Ecclestone’s wedding, she met James Rothschild. After a short time together, they were engaged in 2014. In 2004, Hilton debuted her first clothing brand. In 2014, Hilton and deluxe presented a capsule collection of 10 separates.

Sense of style:

To accommodate her preferences, we gave each item the name of a relative who best exhibited that quality. The first pieces of jewellery designed by Hilton appeared in the same year. Pieces of jewellery with an Art Deco aesthetic may be purchased for $200. She debuted her line of Linea Pelle-designed purses in 2015. The second Tolani collection by Hilton, again influenced by travel, debuted this year. The Samantha Thavasa handbags she created bear her name. Nicholai introduced a second, more luxurious line that same year. Let’s discuss Nicky Hilton net worth.

A French shoemaker:

Designer of shoes from France “sole” translates literally to “bottom” in French. Hilton claims that the luxury leather goods brand Linea Pelle contacted her about designing a classic capsule collection. I refrained from creating an “it” bag since I knew the trend would pass quickly. In August 2017, Hilton and Tolani debuted a mother-daughter capsule collection. The first pieces from the group were released in the early 2018 spring season. In September 2019, French Sole, a French shoemaker, teamed up with Nicky Hilton.

The table for Nicky Hilton:

In 2006, the Nicky O Hotels were opened in Miami and Chicago by Nicky Rothschild Hilton and the Hilton Group. Hilton took him to federal court in Los Angeles that year for trademark infringement because his use of her name damaged her business. Business associates filed a breach of contract suit against Hilton on February 12, 2007. In 2013, Nicky Hilton parted ways with the $2.625 million she received for selling her Hollywood Hills mansion.

How did she meet her husband?

According to the New York Times, Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt’s 2011 Rome wedding was the first time James Amschel, Victor Rothschild and Nicholai Olivia Hilton met. We met up during the cocktail hour of the reception. While waiting, I overheard a guy talking to my sister Paris. Then he formally introduced himself. He, too, is adorable. Not until supper did we meet each other again. While he was in London, I was in Los Angeles. The long-distance between Los Angeles and London, Nicky said W.

How wealthy is James Rothschild, if at all?

Forbes cannot determine Rothschild’s net worth since the family’s assets are held through the Swiss holding firm Rothschilds Continuation. At best, Amschel Victor Rothschild’s share of the Rothschild family’s 19th-century wealth is murky. In February 2019, Hilton and French Sole released a range of shoes. Let’s discuss a little more about Nicky Hilton net worth.


Perhaps $60,000,000,000 is how much James Rothschild is worth now. In 2015, he made $37 million from selling a farm. Nicky, a successful businessman, is well off. The results of our research and those of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicate that Nicky Hilton net worth is about $50 million. When the property market crashed in 2008, she lost most of the $2.8 million to $3 million she had put in the home in 2007. Additionally, she is a Hilton family member in her own right.


What is the fortune of Nicky Hilton?

The second daughter of Richard Hilton is a billionaire in her own right.

What about Nicky Hilton? Did she tie the knot with a Rothschild?

She wore a Valentino wedding gown at her civil ceremony with Amschel Mayor James Rothschild’s eldest son James.