What Is The Quality Of The Products?

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Key Takeaways

  • Nike Daybreak, a pioneer in 1979, featured cup innersole, EVA midsole.
  • Nike x Undercover Daybreak: Speckled midsole, enlarged heel clip, unique design.
  • Nike’s Daybreak Type, deconstructed with transparent mesh, geometric shapes.
  • Wearable art in Nike x Undercover Daybreak, Jun Takahashi’s unique design.
  • Nike “Recycled Jerseys” Pack introduces sustainable elements, including crater foam

The Nike Daybreak was very advanced for its time. It had a cup innersole and a thick flared EVA midsole. Added elements for the collaboration include a speckled midsole and an enlarged heel clip, designed by under cover’s Jun Takahashi. Embossed Undercover graphics can find on the tongue, rear tab, and midsole.

Nike’s Daybreak’s Origins and History:

Nike’s Daybreak running shoe, which first debuted in 1979, is a pioneer in the company’s history. Since then, there hasn’t been another iteration of the Nike Daybreak. Even though it’s a little shabby by today’s standards, the lightweight suede and nylon construction, flared EVA midsole, and cup innersole made these a unique pair of shoes. The runners’ foot is made even more comfortable by the inclusion of a padded collar.

Nike x Undercover Daybreak:

Joan Benoit Samuelson used the Nike Daybreak to win the 1984 Olympic marathon while wearing Nike’s first straight-last shoe, the Daybreak, customized for her. Nike x Undercover “Daybreak” features an eye-catching cage as well as subtle undercover branding on the tongue, insole, outsole, and heel.

Runner’s DNA, Nike created the Daybreak:

The retro shoe collection of Nike has several vintage Nike runners that have found a home in the brand’s archives. The new styles are based on classic silhouettes, but they use new materials to get a fresh look. The nylon treatment on the vamp, suede accents on the heel and toe, and the use of the brand’s characteristic waffle sole make the running-inspired Daybreak shoe popular.

Daybreak by Nike, Inc:

The lightweight benefit of the upper comes from the use of suede and nylon. Just last year, Nike collaborated with Jun Takahashi and his brand Undercover to bring the silhouette back. For one of the year’s more underappreciated launches, it was given a strange, exaggerated heel clip and a speckled midsole by his hands. Even after a year, Nike isn’t done experimenting with the retro style, as evidenced by the Daybreak Type, which will be available on Thursday.

What’s the Relationship Between These Two?

These Undercover x Nike Daybreak sneakers are true to size and look great to boot. These are 9.5s for comparison’s sake; most other Nikes and Jordans require a ten or even a 10.5 depending on the style. I was able to get away with ordering a 9.5 in this instance because it was a safe bet. Considering they have minimal padding and a waffle outsole, these shoes are surprisingly comfy.

Nike’s decision to deconstruct the Daybreak:

After working with Virgil Abloh for the past year and a half, Nike has decided to deconstruct the Daybreak Type to make it look even bleaker than its original design from four decades ago. The thin mesh upper is transparent, and contrast stitching draws attention to the shoe’s geometric shapes. The Daybreak Type seems like it was ripped from a development phase when it prints “N. 354,” with the numerals appearing as though they were handwritten.

Stitched outline with imperfections:

A stitched outline with imperfections even surrounds the Nike Swoosh. More than any other, this small aspect contributes to the Type’s attractiveness on a basic level. Whatever you do, don’t let the Nike Swoosh ruin your fun. And the more I gaze upon these undeveloped puppies, the more enamored I am. Anything that can keep your attention for that long is exciting.

All sold out, but there is still time to order:

The Daybreak Type’s affordable price and breathable mesh make it your go-to sneaker this summer. One of the three basic colors, black, white, and grey, has already sold out through Sense, but three additional hues will be available to the public on Thursday, April 30. For $90, you can get the three pairs from Nike’s website or select retailers. That’s a wonderful deal for such an exciting set of footwear.

Wearable art in the Nike x Undercover Daybreak:

In 1993, designer Jun Takahashi launched the high-end brand “Undercover,” In 1995, he and Nigo opened the boutique “Nowhere.”. The originator of “Comme des Garçons,” Rei Kawakubo, took care of him and eventually became his mentor. One thing led to another, and the French retailer “Colette” requested to exhibit its 1998 “Exchange” collection following her invitation to Paris.

Art that Can Warn:

Additionally, ladies’ black colorway was introduced to the daybreaks in “Black” and “Blue Jay.” Conversely, the black WMNS Colorway is dressed in black suede and nylon, and the men’s daybreak includes white accents on the swoosh, tongue, and laces. The black “spoiler” Jun Takahashi gave the model at the heel is undoubtedly the eye-catcher and the reason why the shoe is polarising and unexpectedly still available.

Nike “Recycled Jerseys” Pack:

By reimagining their various footwear silhouettes with elements such as crater foam outsoles, recycled uppers, and more, Nike’s efforts towards a more sustainable world were prominent in 2020. Nike’s Move to Zero programs is being tapped into through the “Recycled Jerseys” Pack capsule, which joins the popular Space Hippie line. The modern-day Daybreak Type model joins the lineup once the forthcoming Blazer Mid is showing.

Nike Daybreak in retro sneaker style:

Running shoes like the Nike Daybreak are making a comeback thanks to innovative collaborations and resurgence in retro sneaker style. However, we have a soft spot for Nike’s originals, which are being brought back in their original form, complete with suede and nylon upper and the trademark waffle tread pattern. White/University Red, Canyon Gold, or Cool Grey is your color options.

What Is The Quality Of The Products?

These are making of good quality materials. The Daybreak from the late ’70s/early ’80s is re-created with nylon and suede. The swoosh on these is made of supple if thin, leather. The suede appears to be of a high standard. If you rub it, you can see a color change, and it has a rich aspect despite not being buttery suede. While some models continue to use mesh as their front foundation material, others have switched to fabrics.


Even though this was a consolation/rage cop pickup, I’m delighted I got them! Particularly because they appear to be slept on, as limited retail kicks are always a good thing! The value of this collaboration is likely to increase over time as more individuals discover how much they’ve been missing out on because of it.

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