What is About Noble Roman’s Craft Pizza and Pub?

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Noble Roman’s began as a pizzeria on the Indiana University campus in 1972. After 40 years of product research and development, we have spent thousands of hours refining every ingredient to reach our aims. As in the past of Romans, our fixation is the same today as it was then!

How it all began?

All of us were driven by the desire to offer excellent food at a lower price than our competitors after 40 years of product research and development. We believe that fast and efficient lunches are possible because of our baking speeds and production procedures, significant consumer benefit, and competitive advantage guests will be able to bundle complete meals at everyday accessible pricing with the new lunch specials, meticulously crafted.

About Noble Roman’s Craft Pizza and Pub:

We want to create a lively and friendly atmosphere where customers can enjoy fresh pizzas and other menu items prepared in front of them. Craft Pizza & Pub opened in Westfield, Indiana, in January 2017, a thriving and developing town on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Four Craft Pizza & Pubs have been opened since then; with a fourth location in Carmel, Indiana, “Pizza Pub” was the original name of Noble Roman’s Pizza Pub.

Craft Pizza:

According to Noble Roman’s Craft Pizza & Pub’s management, several improvements have been made to the present competitive landscape. Pizzas are baked from scratch and come in two different types, with 40 different toppings and cheese options to choose from. Sixteen beers on tap include national and regional craft offerings. Twenty-six varieties from a variety of regions are available for purchase by bottle or glass.

Deep-dish Sicilian crust:

Both the classic hand-crafted thinner crust and the deep-dish Sicilian crust are available at Noble Roman. Due to years of research and development, the system has been created to cook classic pies in 2.5 minutes and Sicilian pies in 5.5 minutes. “Swims with the Fishes,” “Pizza Margherita,” and other craft pizza staples are available on the menu.

Whitestown, Fishers, and Carmel:

In the meanwhile, we’ll keep it at that until the grand opening in late March! Mobley retorted. This chain has locations in Westfield, Whitestown, Fishers, and Carmel, with four Craft Pizzas & Pubs in each city. Lafayette and Evansville currently have franchised outlets. In Kokomo, a third franchise is in the works. Noble Roman’s Craft Pizza & Pub, as its name suggests, offers hand-crafted, made-from-scratch pizzas, as well as a selection of craft beers and wines.

Key aims of Romans:

Two key aims were identified by Noble Roman, and Firebelly was asked to assist.

1: Increasing awareness of their new restaurants, including their new concept, what they offer, and location.

2: To ensure that their social media channels provide the same “WOW!” experience that their restaurants are known for.

Noble Roman’s set marketing:

  • With this information in mind, we helped Noble Roman’s set several marketing objectives for the company’s social media marketing, including:
  • Raising the visibility of your brand
  • Engagement with fans and followers will increase.
  • Improve response times and rates for online guests.

Is there a reason why this entry should win?

Noble Roman’s Craft Pizza & Pub enlisted Firebelly to undertake a social media audit to create baselines for audience development, brand visibility, and interaction. We were also able to determine what they were already doing well and where there was room for improvement. We created the brand language and developed standards for dealing with guest complaints, which are bound to happen no matter how good the food or service is at a restaurant.

Services for Social Media Marketing:

The audit’s findings led to suggestions that once approved, were put into effect. Firebelly supplied a range of social media marketing services, and they continue to do so.

Management of social media ads (SMM):

Use Facebook to connect with friends and (Page Likes & Offers) Attention & website traffic on Instagram, Snapchat (Sponsored Filters)

Use of influencers:

Ideation of key influencers & outreach to them, relationship building, and campaign evaluation and analysis. Their audience was most responsive to (and posted more of that), ran a variety of cross-channel contests and promotions, responded to customer feedback, and used various cross-channel tools and techniques.

Improving the restaurant’s social media presence:

URLs and user names were placed on menus and other displays in the restaurants to urge them to follow the brand online and use social media for restaurant promotion. Restaurants had to be infused with the social media experiences of Romans.

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