Best Northeast Philadelphia’s Pizza.

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Key Takeaways

  • Montesini Pizza: Discover hidden gem with diverse Italian fare and daily deals.
  • Gino’s Pizza Café: Established since 1987, offers affordable, mouthwatering pizza varieties.
  • Charlie’s Pizza: Family-run joint famed for customized pizzas and Sicilian tomato pie.
  • Ernie’s Pizza & Restaurant: Neighborhood favorite, known for thin-crust pizzas and varied options.
  • Tony’s Famous Tomato Pie: Iconic pizzeria with flaky crust, offering a variety of thin-crust pizzas.

Northeast pizza: Philadelphia is the place to go if you enjoy pizza. This town has everything, from trendy New York to authentic Italian. With a wide variety of crusts and toppings to choose from in the Northeast Philadelphia area, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes. There are so many pizza joints in the city that it’s challenging to pick one worth going to. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best pizza joints in Northeast Philadelphia.

Best Northeast Philadelphia’s Pizza:

These pizzerias are perfect for any occasion because you can stop by for a quick slice or spend time with family or friends at any one of them. The restaurants on our list vary in terms of creativity, so you’ll never be stuck eating the same thing twice. Continue reading to find out more about each of the destinations! Following are the best Northeast Philadelphia Pizza.

The Montesino Pizza:

While Montesini Pizza may be tucked away in a small strip mall, it is one of those places you won’t want to miss. Individual slices and whole pies are available, making it a convenient pit break for anyone in a hurry or who is just feeling peckish. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, don’t worry; Montesini Pizza also serves traditional Italian fare like pasta and gnocchi. Margherita, classic filled, or buffalo chicken pizza are our top picks. Check out their daily online deals to see what they’ve got going on!

Gino’s Pizza Café:

Visit Gino’s Pizza Cafe for some mouthwatering slices of Italian cuisine. You can get everything you need from a pizzeria, restaurant, and bar all in one location. Having been in business since 1987, you know they’ve perfected the art of making northeast pizza. Gino’s offers an extensive range of low-cost pizzas in a variety of sizes. The chicken buffalo pizza, the Philly cheesesteak pizza, and the primavera pizza are all highly recommended.

Charlie’s pizza:

The locals love this pizza place because a family runs it. Charlie’s Pizzeria focuses on customizing each pizza order to ensure customer satisfaction. For the past 60 years, this restaurant has been serving great food to its patrons. A no-frills pizza menu is what Charlie offers on his menu. Try a Sicilian tomato pie, a white garlic pizza with your favorite toppings for something new. This location only accepts cash, so be sure to have plenty on hand.

Ernie’s Pizza:

Next time you’re in town, go to Ernie’s Pizza & Restaurant for thin-crust pizza. Pizza and other Italian fare are available at this neighborhood joint. It’s easy to see why this restaurant is so well-liked—it has received over 400 positive ratings. At Ernie’s Pizza & Restaurant, you can get pizza by the slice or by the whole pie, and there are many different selections to choose from. If you’re looking for an excellent white pizza, try the Capri, Pisano, or work’s pizza.

Tomato Pie is Famous at Tony’s:

For those who want a pie with a flaky crust, try Tony’s Famous Tomato Pie. For many years, this pizzeria in town has been a mainstay. You should try this pizza if you haven’t already heard great things about it from others. Aside from their iconic tomato pie, Tony’s Famous Tomato Pie offers a selection of thin-crust pizzas. Also, don’t miss out on trying the white or country tomato thin-crust pizzas!

Philomena Santucci’s Square Pizza:

Try Philomena Santucci’s Square Pizza if you like your sauce on top of your cheese. Family-run and operated for more than 60 years, this pizzeria serves only the best northeast pizza in town. It’s no surprise that this pizza is so good because it’s made using high-quality ingredients and genuine family traditions. Philomena Santucci’s Square Pizza, as the name implies, offers square pizzas topped with sauce. If you’re not a fan of the classic Margherita, try the chicken parm or ranch.

Best in Town Pizza:

Look no further! Best in Town Pizza is the only northeast pizza you’ll ever need. This small eatery is run by a family and offers a variety of daily specials. It has become a well-liked hangout for residents since it opened in 2006. A wide range of tasty alternatives is available at Best in Town Pizza, including a large selection of pizzas. The chicken cordon bleu, eggplant pram, cheesesteak filled, and baked ziti pizzas are some of our favorites.

Gaeta’s Tomato Pies:

Gaeta’s Tomato Pies is another well-known pizzeria worth visiting. This family-run restaurant has been in business for more than three generations. You can’t go wrong with any of the excellent pizzas or other items on the menu. Gaeta’s Tomato Pies offers a wide variety of pies, including square pies, round pies, and white pies, so they have it no matter what your preference. Toasted tomato pie, a white pie, or a circular pie with your choice of fillings is all excellent choices.

Vince’s Pizzeria:

Vince’s Pizzeria has over 600 Google reviews, so it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Locals adore the warm, welcoming atmosphere and agree that the pizza is some of the city’s best. There isn’t much on the menu at Vince’s Pizzeria, but what it does have is just as good as other places. Try the spinach pizza or your favorite toppings on an average northeast pizza. It is a cash-only establishment, so plan accordingly.

Mario Brothers Pizza:

Mario Brothers Pizza is the last on our list of recommended pizza places. Nearly 500 people have written reviews on this local eatery, many complimentary about the cuisine and prices. The attentiveness of the staff is also highly praised by the reviewers. It is the ideal destination for any event or time crunch, serving individual slices, whole pies, and more. Slices of pizza cost just $1.50. This northeast pizza is best enjoyed with a large slice of cheddar cheese on top.

The mission of northeast pizza:

Whenever feasible, we source our ingredients from local merchants and suppliers to provide you with the authentic taste of Italy. We hope to see you again soon!


Philadelphia is well-known for northeast pizza, and Northeast Philly more than lives up to that reputation. You may have to visit all of the locations you want to try because many choose from.

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