Nurtur salon offers & Appointments and gift cards

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Key Takeaways

  • Nurtur Salon Origins: Began in 2006, now thriving with 3 salons and 100 employees.
  • Aveda Lifestyle Salon: Utilizes Aveda products, rituals, and spa services for guests.
  • Appointments and Gift Cards: Online services require a 20% deposit; cancellation policies in place.
  • Ultra-Skin Travel: Personalized 90-day skin journey plans for optimal results.
  • Talent Program and Training: Comprehensive training program for team success and continuous growth.

Nurtur Salon 2006 started at its present location on Lane Avenue with less than 15 employees and a dream. In an enjoyable, unjustified atmosphere, Patrick Thompson, owner of Salon, and several Aveda Institutes (most notably the Aveda Institute of Columbus). In this cultural mission,  Salon is still striving (and excelling) today, with three salons and 100 employees.

Aveda lifestyle salon:

Aveda Color and spa products are used in Salon, with 80 percent of Aveda products on its retail shelves. Aveda color is non-toxic, naturally derived by 96 percent, and customized for each guest. Find out more about Aveda. Aveda rituals are a bonus that guests are often surprised by for the first time. We promise to look after you with this additional touch during your service in a relaxing environment.

Aveda rituals and shampoo:

The Salon contains Aveda rituals and allows our guests to lie in shampoo beds for the ultimate relaxing experience (with alternate opportunities for guests with disabilities). Each hair service includes a scalp and shoulder massage and, in addition to hair treatment, mini facial or hand and arm massage. Our Aveda rituals include a sensory trip for spa services and a personalized Aveda ritual to help you relax and feel comfortable.

Appointments and gift cards:

Online services are subject to a 20% deposit from the total service booked. This amount is used for the whole bill at check-out. In the event of an appointment with no call/no show, a deposit will be forfeited to add to the income of the professionals with whom the appointment was made. The deposit is also subject to default if the appointment is canceled less than 24 hours in advance.

The ultra-skin travel:

Your skin is unique, and your skin should be careful as well. Your aesthetic specialist will consult you to prepare your own 90-day Skin Journey plan with personalized face and home care treatments. Your time is precious – Ultra facial treatment can be adjusted to provide excellent results in additional targeted areas and can be paired with Booster Plus+ treatments to maximize your time.

Ultrasound facial treatments:

Initially, all ultra-performance facial treatments in a series of 3 are advised with a minimum of 2 weeks in between. The advantages of face therapy are indicated to enhance pre-and after care. It is recommended that all retinol products are stopped 48 hours before facial treatment performance. Protection from SPF should warn every day. We recommend that you wait 72 hours after injection before undergoing facial treatment.


  • Before an ultra-performance treatment, a home care regimen suitable for your skin type is recommended.
  • Protection Ultra Daily SPF should be utilized.
  • For optimal results, a series of facial treatments are needed (minimum of 2 weeks in between).
  • Stop using all products of Retinol 48 hours before peeling.
  • We recommend waiting 72 hours after injecting before therapy.


The newest trend in expansions is the hand-tied extension (also called beaded wefts or beaded rows). We utilize the JZStyles hair extensions brand. These extensions don’t require heat, glue, or adhesives to give your hair a natural, flawless look. Your hair is matched to produce a gorgeous dimension by the use of many wefts. With meticulous care and upkeep, the hair can last up to 9 months.

Nurtur offers:

We are proud to continually deliver advantages that enable our team members to have flexible options and independence. To qualify for the following perks, team members must work at least 38 hours a week. Excellent opportunity to partner with ABC 6/FOX 28. Great publishing and fashion shows, including the CCAD Senior Fashion Show and the Columbus Fashion Week. Continuing training, Competitive salary, Access by Aveda Network to industry experts, Professional growth, Wonderful work, Fun, and pleasant staff.

Talent program:

Nurtur we think that our thorough training program for new employees is the foundation of our team’s success. Our new team members have been a novice or experienced in taking advanced training in hair cutting, hair color, aesthetics, and guest care. Our curriculum comprises class technical practices, live models, and one-on-one training in our Nurtur Mentor lounges. Our Aveda trained in-salon coaches teach education classes.

Time in the talent program of Nurtur:

The duration of the Nurtur talent program varies with the skill, the knowledge of Aveda, and the ability to grow. A mentoring with a Nurtur mentor is a crucial aspect of our talent program. Mentors are trusted and highly qualified specialists of Nurtur, coupled with new talent experts. The mentoring relationship focuses on building a foundation of best practices for emerging professionals throughout their careers.

Advanced training:

Learning is a continual and constantly growing experience, as different and distinct as our team members and their requirements. To foster the continuing growth of our professionals, we offer salon classes conducted by a diverse range of reputable salon and Spa instructors from across the country.

Dermaplane therapies:

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective process of exfoliation. A sterile surgical knife is utilized to rinse the skin surface to remove excess skin dead and peach fluff/vellus hair on and directly beneath the jawline. The benefits include a deeper penetration of the cream, removes soft facial hair, which pits oil and dirt, promotes smoother skin, decreases the appearance of acne scars, and minimizes the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Facial Dermaplane w/ treatment:

Dermaplaning is an effective and safe process of exfoliation. Works on all types of skin. This service offers the same advantages as treatment with extractions, massage, and an additional treatment mask. Works without downtime on all skin types.

Dermaplaning contraindications include:

  • Accutane, eczema, dermatitis, malignant skin tumors, open lesions, lupus, herpes infections, sunburns and keratosis, present or recent use.
  • Nickel allergy
  • Any cancer treatment.
  • Thinner blood
  • Avoid being placed two weeks before treatment in the tanning bed. Due to the increased risk of skin cancer and symptoms of age, this practice should stop.
  • Wax/thread or apply depilatory treatments for seven days before use.
  • 2 weeks before and after treatments with cosmetic injections.

What is a microscope?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo method designed to improve the look of your eyebrows. An instrument with tiny, sterile needles is used to implant pigment under the skin’s surface, producing hair strokes. It is ideal if you want to improve your brow form or add density to the look.

What is the mixture of a Tattoo REGULAR?

Microblading is aimed to improve the natural qualities of a customer. The effects are smoother and more sophisticated than standard body tattoos. During Microblading, pigments are utilized against ordinary tattoo ink, resulting in a natural look that fads with time. This gradual fad allows your service provider to make form and color adjustments as the face of the customer changes over time. You should anticipate getting your micro-bladed brows refreshed every 1–2 years.

And spa service at salon:

Our objective is to provide our customers with the most complete, personalized experience. We want your eyebrows to feel comfortable and thrilled. We will advise you before each micro blading visit to discuss your brow shape goals. Your artist will work with you to find the appropriate shape for your natural features during this appointment. So, you will discuss what to expect and any possible contraindications during the Microblading operation.

I am interested but uncertain if Microblading is right for you?

Book a free consultation and see how Microblading may increase the curve of your brow. Ask any questions regarding the treatment and have a short brow map to see what Microblading can do to make your appearance.

Following your initial appointment:

You should follow the guidelines given by your service provider to keep your gorgeous brow results! After the Microblading surgery, it is common to see initial redness.


You might find your brows somewhat darker than you thought it would be typical for the first few days, and they will heal to their natural appearance. Between 2–3 weeks, your brows will most probably lighten and smooth.

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