A Guide to Creating Impactful Videos to Promote Your Online Course.

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Online course promo video: The popularity of online courses skyrocketed during the pandemic and the trend is here to stay. But given that the market is saturated with endless platforms where creators are already hosting their courses, it can be challenging to make your course stand out.  Of all the promotional methods available, promo videos are a great way to get the word out as they can create an instant psychological connection with the students. They are a prospective student’s first brush with your course and can help set expectations.

online course promo video:

But not all promo videos are created equal. A drab video can instantly decrease the desire to enroll in your course. To help you get the most of your video marketing efforts, here’s a list of useful tips and tactics you can follow:  Here’s a breakdown of what all successful online course promo videos have in common:

1- They are short

Think of the promo video as a teaser to a movie.  Given that the audience has a short attention span, a video longer than a few seconds or minutes will fail to hold the viewer’s attention. The idea is to not do a deep dive on the course content but simply provide a sneak peek into what students can expect.

2- They are straightforward

A well-designed promo video should be to the point and clearly demonstrate how the students’ lives can improve once they complete the course. So, talk about the key concepts that the course will teach. Using testimonials of previous students who have completed the course is also a good way to highlight the results your course promises to deliver.

3- They grab attention without fail

Every course promo video needs the wow factor that makes prospective students feel the pain of not enrolling for your course and the amazing opportunities they are missing. Add all the vital details such as enrolment dates, price, early bird offers, number of hours required to complete the course, etc. Use text supers or GIFs to make sure your audience gets hold of the key information. Tips to creating compelling promo videos

1- Prepare a script

Shooting a promo video without a script is like attempting to build a skyscraper without a solid foundation — even if you manage to complete it, it will fail to deliver the results you are looking for.

Writing a script helps you to bring together all the ideas you want to communicate while ensuring that the video stays concise. As the blueprint of the video, a script helps to visualize exactly how the video is going to be and provides enough wiggle room to make any adjustments before you spend a single penny on shooting or video editing.

2- Add a background music

A promo video is designed to appeal to the emotions of the audience and adding the right music to your video can heighten the experience. But you should be careful about the type of music you choose because a monotonous track can completely kill the vibe. Tracks with strong beats or a catchy tune will make it easier for you to get your prospects excited — take a cue from the kind of music Apple uses to advertise its products in the market.  Lastly, make sure to change the tempo if your promo video is more than a minute long to keep the viewers engaged.

3- Use powerful images or footage

Marketers agree that stimulating visuals pave the way for marketing success. So the more variety you add to the video, the easier it becomes to get engagement.

Look for interesting images, infographics, and other visual assets that can improve the messaging of your promo video. For instance, you can add footage of students interacting with the course instructor during a live Q&A session. Once you have shot the promo video, insert appropriate images or footage using an online video editor.

4- Present an outline or summary

While discussing the course content in-depth is not the goal of your promo video, you’d still need to summarize the key learning objectives of the course and how it is different from other courses available.

Moreover, it is also possible that someone doesn’t watch the entire promo video. To make sure that such a viewer still gets the message that your promo video is trying to send, extract the most critical points that summarize the video and add them as a standalone visual in the video. It is best to add the outline right at the beginning so that even if someone exits the video midway, they still walk away learning what you want them to know about the course. Alternatively, you can add a more personal touch by using a facecam and screen recorder.

5- Add a clear call-to-action

After putting in all the hard work, it is a shame to end the video without a clear call to action.

Make sure that the CTA remains aligned to the goal of your video and doesn’t end up confusing the viewers about what you expect them to do. The copy of your CTA should be specific because vague statements such as “learn more here!

Ready to create astonishing promo videos to let the world know about your online course?

Promo videos are an impactful way to reach out to prospective students and skyrocket your conversion rates. Carefully shot and edited promo videos can also help you enhance the overall brand identity and voice.

So, make sure to incorporate these tips and use them at the opportunity you get to engage your target audience.

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