The Real Deal in Oregon Steaks.

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Key Takeaways

  • Oregon Steaks Excellence: South Philly’s gem for top-notch cheesesteaks since 2014.
  • Dalessandro’s Tradition: Renowned Philly institution serving exceptional cheesesteaks with finely chopped meat.
  • John’s Roast Pork: Hidden gem famous for cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches since 1930.
  • Geno’s Steaks Rivalry: Across from Pat’s, Geno’s boasts fresh ribeye and homemade bread.
  • Tony Luke’s Legacy: National cheesesteak brand with the original location on Oregon Ave.

The best Oregon cheesesteak has long been a topic of contention, with both traditional steakhouses and upstarts vying for the honor. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to Philadelphia’s best cheesesteaks, and new sandwich businesses are always coming up with new variations on the classic. Here are the best restaurants in Philadelphia to eat a cheesesteak so that you can try them all. An Oregon Cheesesteak is best enjoyed at one of these establishments.

Oregon steaks:

Oregon Steaks, a South Philadelphia institution for cheesesteaks, is tucked away on Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia. Since they launched in 2014, Oregon’s Steaks in South Philly has quickly become one of the greatest. Because of its convenient location near sports complexes, Oregon Steaks is a frequent post-game stop for fans. This restaurant’s specialties include rib-eye cheesesteaks, roast beef, roast pork, and chicken cutlet, as well as a variety of other sandwiches.

Dalessandro’s Steaks:

Dalessandro’s Steaks and Hoagies, a longtime Philadelphia institution, serves some of the city’s best Philly cheesesteaks. Many Philadelphians travel from all around the city to get a Dalessandro’s steak, and the sandwich shop frequently appears on “best of” lists. With cheese binding the thinly sliced beef atop an Amoroso bun, Dalessandro’s cheesesteaks are a mouthwatering treat. A variety of additional toppings are available to customize your order. Dalessandro’s is renowned for its finely chopped meat, which is uncommon in restaurants.

Pork Roast from John’s:

If it weren’t for the long lines that form outside of John’s Roast Pork, you might walk right by it without even seeing it. However, this luncheonette is famous for its cheesesteaks, which many regards as the greatest in South Philadelphia. Since 1930, John’s Roast Pork has been a local staple that has recently gotten national notice. Carangi’s seeded crusty roll is what sets this cheesesteak apart. Its roast pork sandwich is a close second, but don’t go without trying the cheesesteak.

Steakhouse Geno’s:

The other half of the renowned rivalry is Geno’s Steaks, located right across the street from Pat’s. Suppose you’re in the mood for a cheesesteak and don’t mind waiting, this quick stop cheesesteak joint. Fans of Geno’s argue that the restaurant’s fresh, finely cut ribeye and homemade bread are responsible for its victory over the competition.

Tony Luke:

One of the most well-known Philly cheesesteak brands, Tony Luke’s, has expanded into a nationwide network of cheesesteak restaurants with over 21 locations. Oregon Ave in South Philadelphia is where the original location is located, so you can go there and make up your mind about this popular sandwich business. In the original Tony Luke’s, you order from a window and pick up your food at a picnic table or take it home to enjoy.

Jim’s Steakhouse:

After starting in West Philly in 1939, Jim’s Steaks expanded to South Street in 1976 and has since become a Philadelphia institution. The art deco-style steakhouse serves delectable sandwiches so that lines can snake along South Street on busy days. Although Jim’s Steaks on South Street changed hands in 2011, the restaurant’s reputation has not waned.

Steve’s Steakhouse:

Steve’s has grown from one site on Bustleton Ave. in the Northeast to four across Philadelphia, a sign of its enduring appeal. There is a distinct difference in texture between Steve’s cheesesteak and his competitors because he is less cut. You can customize your cheesesteak at the original location’s pepper bar as well.

Shank’s Original:

Shank’s Original, a South Philly institution, is tucked away in a tiny enclave along the Delaware River shoreline, just off Columbus Avenue. Shank’s is regarded by many as the city’s best-kept secret because it’s so easy to drive right by and miss it. There are no frills, but Shank’s Original does a classic Philly cheesesteak right. The chicken cutlet sandwiches are also well-known here, so try to get both if you can.

Woodrow’s Submarines:

Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop is a relative newbie in the Philly cheesesteak scene, but they’ve already made a good impression. Woodrow’s on South Street specializes in sandwiches like the cheesesteak, which is becoming increasingly popular. The Woodrow’s Whiz Whit cheesesteak has shaved rib-eye steak, caramelized onions, cherry pepper mayo, and whiz flavored with truffle oil. While this variation on the original cheesesteak is interesting, it’s hard to argue with its deliciousness as one of the greatest in the city.

Steakhouse Philip’s:

Philip’s Steaks on West Passyunk Avenue is another old-school steakhouse with window service. However, locals prefer Philip’s above the well-known rivalry between the other two. With conventional and “old fashioned” cheesesteak alternatives like grilled tomatoes and onions, long hots with provolone in place of whiz, and more, Philip’s is a great place to get your fill of cheese.


The cheesesteak at Ishkabibble’s, located on South Street’s main drag, has made the restaurant famous. While many visitors from outside the area queue up at Jim’s across the street, locals know that Ishkabibble’s serves the best cheesesteak in town. Ishkabibble’s chicken cheesesteak is well-liked by customers, and the restaurant boasts that it created the chicken cheesesteak. Because everything is made to order, you have the freedom to customize your cheesesteak.

Joe’s Steakhouse:

Although Joe’s Steaks and Soda Shop has its roots in Northeast Philadelphia, the Fishtown location is the more well-known of the two locations. Joe’s initially debuted in 1949, and the cheesesteak recipe they’ve been using ever since hasn’t changed. This late-night steakhouse is located in the heart of the Fishtown nightlife district, making it a popular choice for hungry patrons. They have vegan and vegetarian alternatives, as well as milkshakes and ice cream sodas.

The Real Deal in Oregon Steaks:

After hearing about it from a South Philly guy, I got a steak with provolone, cherry peppers, and mayo. It was excellent. This sandwich has a kick, some grease, and those delightful fatty savories that the other grease bombs lacked. I’ve tried Genos and Tony Luke’s and always found them good, but held back by crazy Philly pride.


Because the Philly cheesesteak is from Philadelphia, you’ll be able to find it throughout town. Find your favorite Philadelphia cheesesteak by browsing our list. In addition, Oregon steaks have outrageously amazing pizza fries, which are a complete and total disaster. If their wiz wit is worth the hype, get your steak chopped; if not, order your sandwich like an adult and brace yourself for the real stuff. Oregon steaks, Oregon steaks, Oregon steaks.

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