What are the best 5 parking lot lights?

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Parking lot lights: Lightning has created a great impact on our lives as in the present era the areas have become congested due to overpopulation but architects have made amazing buildings even in the small areas. The fact about this thing is that the buildings are beautiful but it is the duty of the people that how they can decorate and illuminate their places.

Enough lighting is necessary to manage parking lot lights to avoid accidents and the risk of ruining the business. It is important to mention that the light source that is installed in place of the parking lot light must be capable of withstanding the moisture, dust, debris, and extreme weather conditions.

5 Best Parking lot light

Due to the advancement in the commercial areas, it has become very important to the business community to learn about the best parking lot light so that the customers won’t get any problems. The top 5 parking lot light in the market are enlisted below:

1. Shoebox Light, Lepro 150W LED Parking Lot Light, Dusk to Dawn

Lepro is well known for providing LED lights that are maximum in their efficiency. Along with the energy-efficient devices the LED lights also save energy and are budget-friendly for the user. Parking lot light contain a photocell sensitivity that automatically senses dusk and dawn hence working automatically.

The automated light director turns off and on parking lot light hence better efficiency is available at a low cost. It is UL and DLC certified and highly approved by the experts of business and marketing. If you want any assistance regarding parking lot light then you can directly contact lepro for assistance.

2. LED Parking Lot Lights Ledmo 200W

These parking lot light are needed to install with the round pole and provide light with the waterproof feature. It helps to create a better atmosphere even at night while the weight of the device is light and works on heat dissipation. It has a photocell for detection along with the DLC certification. It has a Warranty period of 5 years but users can’t reduce its light if required.

3.LED Parking Lot Light LEONLITE 300W

It provides fabulous ultra-bright lighting and the best displacement of traditional lamps. It is best for day to night usage as it has dimmable features along with a change of cap. It has a detector for dark to dawn so that you can control it manually. It is not DLC certified hence the popularity is reduced due to it.

4. RuggedGard NextGen II 150-Watt LED Parking Lot Light

It provides a different module with low consumption of energy. It provides such components that are good for the housing and specifically for parking lot light. It has UL and DLC premium certification with an increased lumen per watt. The photocells are not dusk to dawn sensitive as the photocells are not sensory.

5. Light Poles Plus 120W , 12″ shoebox light 

These fixtures are so well manufactured that users will get all the necessary components for domestic and commercial use. It is certified and controls the light up to a sufficient level. The light quality is good with the customization which is open for the customers. It is quite expensive than the other LED lights without photocells in its system.


The parking area is considered as an important place specifically for the business areas. It becomes very important for the young entrepreneurs to make parking areas well decorated so that the customers won’t have any problem there. Important lightning requirements are installed in the parking lots so that the uniformity of a light source would be present along with the temperature requirement. If you want to learn more about the best option related to parking lot light. Parking lot lights, Parking lot lights Parking lot lights.

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