Everything You Need to Know About Pest Control in Jackson.

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Key Takeaways

  • Common Pests in Jackson: Gnats, bats, and mosquitoes are prevalent in Jackson, Mississippi, causing various issues.
  • DIY Pest Control: DIY methods work to an extent, but significant infestations require professional intervention.
  • Preparation Steps: Clearing furniture, cleaning, and storing items in airtight containers prepare your home for pest treatment.
  • Professional Exterminators: Licensed professionals assess, offer treatment options, and use effective methods like insecticides and heat.
  • Choosing Exterminators: Ensure the exterminator is licensed, provides estimates, and offers comprehensive pest control packages

Pest Control in Jackson, If you live in Jackson in Mississippi, you would be pretty acquainted with the presence of bugs and creepy crawlies. They sneak through the tiniest opening, build comfortable nests, and cause unprecedented havoc. Bed bugs feed on your blood, ants crawl over your eatables, and termites eat everything they lay their eyes on.

Interestingly, homeowners in Jackson spend between 100 USD$ to 150 USD$ on pest control services. However, if you are also facing a major bug infestation, in such a case, the best option is to immediately contact professional pest control Jackson MS, who will identify the problem and take adequate measures to deal with the menace. So, how can they help you, how to prepare for an insect treatment service, and other details you must know? Read on to find out.

Pest Control in Jackson, Types of pests found in Jackson, Mississippi

Although the specific pests might vary from one area to another, some insects are common to Jackson.


Residents of Jackson would be familiar with the buffalo gnat, locally known as the black fly. They arrive every year in March and stay till June. Despite their name, you can find them in gray, tan, or green colors. Jackson and Mississippi have witnessed numerous gnat outbreaks in the past. They often bite on the hands and neck areas of the body, and if you have poultry in your backyard, it can harm them by choking their respiratory systems. Besides gnats, other flies common in the city are fruit, house, and drain flies.


Mississippi has around 15 varieties of bats, with big-brown, Brazilian big-tailed, Indiana, Seminole, evening, and red bats being the most common among them. If you come across one hanging between window frames, large boards, or gable ends, you must never touch them yourself. It is better to contact a professional bat specialist immediately. Bats tend to bite humans under stress, putting you at risk of contracting diseases like rabies, ebola, and external parasites.


Mosquitoes thrive in the southern parts of the United States. Mississippi has over fifty species, with Asian Tiger and Yellow Fever present in large numbers in Jackson. They are highly active from May to September. Mosquitoes invade your backyard and leave you with nasty bite marks, causing diseases like Eastern Equine, West Nile virus, and St. Louis encephalitis. If you’ve got mosquitoes, you must cover open water areas and water tanks and declutter your house. But to effectively control their population, you must not lose time in calling professional mosquito control services.

Are DIY measures effective for controlling pests?

Do-it-yourself is effective, but only till a certain point. You could also use store-bought sprays or insecticides, spray vinegar, and mothballs to keep insects away. But even these measures would prove ineffective once you have a significant bug infestation. Even if you have the required equipment, you might not know how to approach the problem, making it worse than it already was. Nevertheless, you must follow the usual tips to keep pests away. For example, store garbage in sealed containers, keep the basement dry, trim the shrubs, remove external food and water sources, and prevent water accumulation.

How to prepare for a pest treatment?

These steps ensure the pest treatment process is smooth and convenient for everybody.

Keep your furniture away

You should keep the furniture away from your walls, ensuring a distance between three to four feet from the walls. That will enable the professionals to examine the area closely and search for any entry points.

Mop and clean the house

Mop the house a day before the scheduled treatment session. Consider vacuuming the carpets while cleaning the floor thoroughly. Once you have finished vacuuming, wipe the device properly.

Cover essential items in airtight containers

Since the professionals will be using chemicals and pesticides during the control session, it might lead to residues on the food items if you leave them uncovered. Storing them in airtight containers will keep them safe. You must also cover toothbrushes, soap, and other items in the bathroom. It would also be helpful to store away your clothes in drawers and clothes.

How do professional exterminators work?

Most professional exterminators in Jackson, Mississippi, start the process with an initial consultation. They will inspect your home’s interiors and exterior areas during the consultation, identifying the entry and exit points. They might even look for areas with pest nesting sites. After assessing the situation, they might offer you the various treatment options, total costs, and the duration of the treatment. Professionals use industrial strength chemicals, boric acid, and heavy-duty concentrations. Depending on the problem, they might use several elements like liquid insecticide, insecticide dust, and extreme heat to eliminate the pests.

Things to check before hiring an exterminator

You must only hire licensed exterminating companies in Jackson since Mississippi makes it compulsory for exterminators to have a commercial applicator license. It would be helpful if they could provide you with an estimate and the packages they offer. Some companies offer add-on services with the regular service, which you must inquire about beforehand.

Hiring a professional pest control in Jackson, MS, will help you eliminate the pests that threaten your well-being and property. From termites to gnats, they will use the most effective measures to eliminate the insects and keep them away for a long time. Pest Control in Jackson, Pest Control in Jackson.


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