Plant deck & Monster’s strength full guide

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Key Takeaways

  • Yugioh Plant deck thrives with support from Konami’s archetype cards.
  • Notable Plant cards: Cactus Bouncer, Dandylion, Splendid Rose, Tytannial, and more.
  • Powerful Synchro monsters like Dragon of the Black Rose available.
  • Unique effects, such as Cactus Bouncer preventing special summoning powers.
  • Combos like Black Garden with specific cards enhance deck strategies.

Good Plant cards may find in the Yugioh Plant deck. In the past, decks were unsupported and uncompetitive. With the advent of the 5D Yugioh anime, this all changed. There are a lot of Yugioh players who use decks these days. Konami created support cards for this archetype. The 10 Best Yugioh Deck Monsters may find here.

Cactus Bouncer:

One of the strongest cards in the game is Cactus Bouncer. In addition to having a high ATK of 1800, it also has a very potent influence on the battlefield. It functions by preventing both players on the field from using special summoning powers. This effect is only active if there is a Plant card on the field. ‘Black Garden’ and this card are the perfect matches for each other.

Cruel Angel-Queen of the Rose:

Special Summon this card with one tribute if you have a plant-type monster on the field. As a bonus, this card has a highly unusual effect that targets all monsters in the area that are weak. If you combine this card with other powerful spell cards, such as the ‘Book of Moon,’ you can assemble a powerful deck.


This card has several essential features. Up to two cards will be given to you for free if it’s in the Graveyard. Whenever it dies during your opponent’s turn, it’ll provide you with a free tribute summon for as long as its tokens are still available to you. Even if it dies, this is one card that isn’t worthless.

Splendiferous Flower:

In the plant’s deck, the most recent Synchro Monster is Splendid Rose. This card’s strong effect destroys any plant-type monster on the field. In turn, this reduces the opponent’s ATK by up to 50%. As long as that turn continues, the Splendid Rose effect will remain in effect. It can also attack the field and devote half of its ATK, making it a powerful card.

The Princess of Camellias, Tytannial:

As far as plant-type monsters go, this is by far the most powerful in the Yugioh deck. As a result, Lonefire Blossom is the only way to summon it. This card’s stats are excellent, and it deserves to rank at level 8. It also has a negating impact on it. Your opponent’s effect or card can be deactivated by this effect and then destroyed.

Dragon of the Black Rose:

Yugioh’s  deck has one of the most powerful Synchro monsters in the game. Astonishingly effective against defensive opponents. As soon as this card is triggered, all monsters’ ATK is reduced to 0. However, it is deactivating if your opponent switches his monster defensive to an attacking position during this time. As soon as the Black Rose effect ends, a new sequence of impact begins.

Black Garden:

Black Garden offers a variety of tokens that can use for a variety of purposes. Use Pollinosis to activate this card’s effect. In addition, it negates any monsters that you or your opponent has summoned. With 3 Rose Tokens on the field, it’ll also bring back 2400 ATK monsters from the Graveyard. Using these card install decks is the most effective way to make it work.

Lastly, there is Lonefire Blossom:

It is one of the few cards you can use to pay homage to your Lonefire Blossom card. Particularly in duels, it’s a handy card. Using this card, you can summon any monster, regardless of rank, from any level. Similar to that, it can extraordinarily summon any plant from its deck if this card pays tribute to itself and no.

Queen of the Thorns:

If your opponent’s pendulum deck does not include Plants, this is the card you want to play. Using this card’s Light Intervention effect, you can force your opponent to summon non-Plant-type cards from their hand. For each card a player summons, they’ll be forced to spend a thousand life points, which will steadily deplete their life points. Most effective when used in conjunction with cards such as “Six Samurai” and “TECH GENESIS.

The Rose Mark:

In the Yugioh deck, this card’s general nature makes it a very potent card. Using this card, you’ll be able to access two control cards at once. You can play three of these cards at the same time. With this card, you may control Synchro Monsters like ‘Goyo Guardian’ and Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Not to mention that you can use your opponent’s monster to your advantage. The duel was wining as a result of this.

Plant monsters in your decks:

For Decks, a general approach is to use cards like “Gigaplant,” “Lonefire Blossom,” and “Lord Poison” to saturate the field with strong monsters. They can use in conjunction with Insect-Type cards, such as “Prickle Fairy.” A plant monster with 2800 ATK is Tytannial, Princess of the Camellias.

Stapler cards with a plant version:

In addition to “Solemn Judgment” and “Mirror Force,” plants also have “Pollinosis” and “Wall of Thorns.” For example, plants have a version of “Marauding Captain” in the form of “Twilight Rose Knight” and a version of “Witch of the Black Forest” as “Violet Witch.” For example, “Dark Verger” and “Quillbolt Hedgehog” are both Plant cards. As well as “Wonder Clover” and “Break! Draw!”

Common attributes:

Earth and water are the two most common attributes linked with plants. Most plant cards are built on the idea of swarming and regeneration, as opposed to Zombies. Several of their cards allow them to be Special Summoned from the Deck and Hand but retrieve from the Graveyard. Several cards can help you bring back a swarm of Plant monsters to overwhelm your opponent.

Insect tuner monsters:

‘Copy Plant‘ and ‘Spore’ are only two of the many good Plant Tuner monsters. Izinski uses plant monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. Plant-based decks rely on her hallmark card, “Black Rose Dragon.” Tombo Tillbitty and Lotus Hanazoe employ plant monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. A “Tomato” deck is used by Tombo and a deck for Lotus, which focuses on Special Summoning Plants to Xyz Summon “Battlecruiser Dianthus,” which is subsequently Rank Up to Summon “CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom.”

Black Rose Dragon:

” Combining it with “Black Rose Dragon” creates the ultimate combination. As a team, they can beat any monster in your opponent’s hand. Anomalies are found on the field, and their effect changes. Due to this, any monster card with a Wind Tribute can be especially summoning. It’s also worth noting that if a card is Synchro Summoned, its effects are destroyed. It’s also not difficult to receive this card on the field.


You are removing an additional enemy unit during combat. Together with cards such as “Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind,” this card creates a powerful combination. Because of this, Splendid Rose will be summoned by the ‘Blackwing.’ With Black Garden, a negation card, and Cactus Bouncer, your opponent’s options are severely limited. It is possible to special summon a monster from the Graveyard if your Cactus Bouncer effect is switched off.

Monster’s strength:

A monster’s strength is reduced, and you have a much more robust defense. Tyrannical, Princess of Camellias can’t negate the Bottomless Trap Hole, the only card that isn’t impacted by this card’s effect. This card will help you win if you’re playing against a team with lesser opponents. As a drawback, this card self-destructs during the Standby Phase if it’s the only monster card on the field.


Also, Dandylion can speed up the effects of other cards, such as the Princess of Camellia and Tytannial, respectively.

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