How can a player find potions in Pokémon Go?

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Key Takeaways

  • Game Launch: Pokémon Go, launched in 2017, is popular for Android and iOS.
  • Game Updates: Versions like Pokémon Go Potions Shortage 2020 and 2021.
  • Exciting Features: GPS-based, high graphics, diverse Pokémon characters, tasks.
  • Role of Potions: Heal Pokémon, essential for gameplay progression.
  • Types of Potions: Regular, Super, Hyper, Max – with varying effects

pokemon go potion is a famous game that was launched in 2017 for android and IOS users. Due to its wide popularity, this game was updated to the latest versions like Pokémon go potions shortage 2020, Pokémon go potion farming, and Pokémon go potions shortage 2021.

This free game is fun and exciting for users due to its excellent graphics and unique play format. It utilizes the GPS of the device to give a simple form to the users. This game has high pictures, in-game products, a wide range of Pokémon characters, winning gifts, search tasks, and many more exciting features. The potions are one of the best features in Pokémon Go that a user uses to cure the hurt Pokémon. So, through winning different stages and exploring new features, you can get potions.

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Role of Potions in Pokémon Go:

In Pokémon Go, we use potions to get back the healing medicine known as HP. These Potions help you get a distinctive position in the game by renewing the life of Pokémon. By exploring new levels, accomplishing tasks, winning the game, and getting gifts, you can cure the injured Pokémon and Pokémon go potion problem.

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Types and Usage of the potions:

There are the following kinds of potions that you can get;

Regular Potion:

This potion is an essential medicine to cure the wounds that return one Pokémon’s HP by rewarding 20 points. Moreover, the regular brews are easily accessible at the 5th level to get the image discs. It also returns 20 points. This potion also helps a player jumping to levels 5 to 9.

Super Potion:

This potion is also for dealing with wounds. It returns one Pokémon after rewarding 50 points. A photo disc can achieve this super potion at the 10th level. Moreover, the supertonic helps players achieving 10 to 14 levels.

Hyper Potion:

This healing spray for wounds gives 200 points by returning one Pokémon. It is the improved potion that you can get from PhotoDisc At the 15th level. This potion will make you reach 15 to 24 levels.

Max Potion:

This healing spray is one of the best options to give you a complete restoration of Pokémon’s HP. A player can get this max potion after reaching level 25th. The full restoration of max HP is the reward of this potion.

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You can get these potions by completing few tasks and required levels. Moreover, using these potions is straightforward. A player can use the potion any time from the product bag page. A player can get a brew by clicking the Potion option on that page. Many Pokémon without HP will appear there, so clicking the relevant Pokémon will give you the desired potion.

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Another Quick method to get potions in Pokémon Go:

You guys usually ask why you can’t heal my Pokémon in Pokémon Go or are anxious about getting Pokémon potion quickly, then don’t worry as here we have a solution for you. To get exciting products in gameplay, a player needs to activate Pokestops. This feature has all types of potions, lives, eggs, and balls. Users may win all these items by tapping the Pokestops feature, and Pokémon go potions hack.

How can a player find potions in Pokémon Go and from where to find these options?

Every Pokémon Go fan wants to know the answer to this question that how to get potions in Pokémon go 2021. So, here is the answer. They are finding brew and utilizing it so simple and easy. When a player shows interest in advanced fighting like Gym fighting, his Pokémon gets injured.  So, he will need a potion to heal and recover its Pokémon. Here is a proper procedure for obtaining and finding the brew.

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1. Acquiring Potions by leveling up:

It is the very first step to get the healing medicine for your injured Pokémon. After the 5th level, a player will achieve ten points. As the level rises, the player receives the powerful potion with the leveling up. Moreover, a player will get regular potions from 5th to 9th level, giving 20 points to the injured Pokémon. Similarly, a player will get 50 health points from Super potion at 10 to 14 levels. Likewise, 200 health points at level 15 to 24 in hyper potion and complete restoration of HP of Pokémon is possible at 25th level on the max potion. So, by reaching high levels, a player can achieve all types of brews.

2. Acquiring Potions from Pokestops:

From reaching higher levels, here is the other method to get potions for your injured Pokémon. Whenever a player goes to the Pokestop, he gets an opportunity to win some potions by tapping any level of the gameplay. For this purpose, you have to fight in gyms to get your Pokémon hurt, so this will give you a stock of many potions. You will not need to purchase these potions from the app store; the Pokémon go potions code is free and straightforward.

3. Using the Potions after getting them:

When the Pokémon is hurt, a player will need a healing medicine, HP. On clicking the potion bag page, you can get the potion but remember, here are few rules. When your Pokémon is totally out of senses and cannot fight the opponent, you cannot utilize the potion on them. If your Pokémon is not knocked out and has feelings, you can get the potion by clicking the page of the item menu and choosing the option of potions.


Q1. What are the potions used in Pokémon Go?

A player can use the potions to restore the HP of injured Pokémon that got hurt in a gym fight. Here are four potions that start from level 5th and go till the 25th level by restoring the Pokémon’s HP.

Q2. How do you use potions in Pokémon Go?

If you are interested in healing your Pokémon, go to the main menu on your screen, where you will scroll down to the items option. After clicking that option, you will select the Potion button. Here you will get the desired potion to cure your injured Pokémon.

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