Is this what life is like inside a Poke Ball?

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Pokemon terrariums in mass production are already available on eBay, including the official ones. Because the terrariums come in a blind box, purchasing them all at once may be more convenient. McDonald’s and The Pokemon Company teamed up last week to give 25th anniversary Pokemon Trading Cards to fans in holo and non-holo formats. Etsy’s variants are larger and more complex than Re-official Ment’s options and much more expensive and custom-made.

Is this what life is like inside a Poke Ball?

After all, these Pokemon terrariums are manufactured under license. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Snorlax, and Eevee appear to be in good health, so you can rest easy knowing they are not confined in some dreary cell. According to SN24, they’re currently available for 750 yen ($6.80 US) at convenience stores, grocery stores, toy shops, and bookstores across Japan made by Japanese toymaker Re-Ment. There’s even a piece of grape-flavored chewing gum in every terrarium! For me, that’s a big deal.

Terrariums shaped like Pokeball Ornaments – $25:

This terrarium, which is made from a plastic ornament ball, contains preserved moss and a Pokemon. They’re great as a present because the moss doesn’t have a chance to grow out of control or die. They’re a low-maintenance terrarium decoration that’ll liven up any drab interior.

$55 for Tea Cup Terrariums:

It is the newest terrarium we have to offer. You can find preserved moss, fake flowers, and characters from various television and film franchises among their contents. Creating these terrariums is something I can do in a variety of ways.

Collectible Pokédex for Pokemon:

It’s a little-known fact that the original inspiration for Pokemon came from its creator’s love of insects. The Pokemon Terrarium Collection uses small terrariums to house the creatures; These adorable toys make great gifts for Pokemon fans or a special surprise for yourself if you want to add a little extra Pocket Monsters charm to your space.

Pokemon Terrarium Pack:

Pokemon Terrarium Pack includes the following items:

  • Each of these characters comes with a full set of accessories to go along with them:
  • Terrarium and figure set in an acrylic PokeBall case
  • A piece of gum candy is included with each figurine
  • Measures 6.5 cm in diameter (2.6″)

All Your Favorite Poke-Favorites in One Place:

Pokemon Terrarium Collection by Re-Ment, a Japanese toy company, brings the world of Pokemon to life! In each 6.5 cm diameter Pokeball, a scene of popular Pocket Monsters in their natural habitats is captured. The Pokemon Terrariums from Re-Ment are sold largely in blind boxes, so the Pokemon you get is a total mystery. Every Pokemon Terrarium we’ve found so far may find in the article below.

Collectibles for the Pokemon Terrarium 07:

The seventh edition of the Pokemon Terrarium Collection features Pikachu and Growlithe under a leafy tree, Farfetch’d training in a bamboo grove, and Gardevoir summoning flowers. Other images include Raikou in the rain, Phanpy transporting Cleffa, and Mewtwo hiding in a crystal cave.

Set 6 of the Pokemon Terrarium Series:

The Pokemon Terrarium Collection 6 has Pikachu, Bellossom decked up in floral regalia, magnificent Entei standing steady amid flames, Mew looking at a water lily, Wobbuffet strolling through a town square, Treecko lazing about on a stump, and Magnemite flinging sparks at one other.

Collection 05 of the Pokemon Terrarium:

There’s a meeting between Chikorita and Wooper, Espeon amid classical ruins, and Ponyta sniffing a flower in a cold grove in the sixth installment of the Pokemon Terrarium Collection.

An installment in the Pokemon Terrarium Collection:

Totodile splashes in the water, and Moltres unleashes ablaze, while Slowpoke and Shellder relax by the lake, while Mareep and Pikachu snuggle in bed, and Umbreon looks dapper in a field of white lilies.

Installment of the Pokemon Terrarium Collection:

In the third installment of the Pokemon Terrarium Series, Charmander hides beneath a leaf from a shower while Zapdos soars above the clouds. At the same time, Cyndaquil watches a berry drift down the river, while Misdreavus floats through a haunted graveyard, while Celebi sits on the shrine in Ilex Forest.

Collection 2 of the Pokemon Terrarium:

A snowy forest with Pikachu and Togepi, ponds with Squirtle and Charizard, rain with Psyduck and Poliwag, and beaches with Sandshrew and Cubone are all featured in the second Pokemon Terrarium Collection. Articuno, on the other hand, uses an ice attack.

Terrarium of Pokemon v1.0:

There are images of Pikachu and Bulbasaur running through the grass, Lapras and Dragonair swimming in the sea, Eevee tripping over cobbled streets, and Snorlax lazing by the water in the first Pokemon Terrarium Collection from 2017.

Collection 0 of the Pokemon Terrarium:

Pokemon Terrarium Collection: Seasons is a seasonal-themed set! Among the stunning seasonal scenes is Sylveon atop a carpet of cherry blossom petals, Pikachu and Froakie hiding from the rain under a hydrangea bush, Wartortle and Sandygast having fun at the beach, and Lucario under a harvest moon, as well as Vulpix enjoying a pile of fallen leaves and Froslass floating gracefully over a snowy landscape.

The second version of the Pokemon Terrarium Collection Alola:

There’s even more of your favorite Pokemon from Sun and Moon in this second Alola-themed Pokemon Terrarium Collection! Pikachu and Cosmog in a beautiful dock setting, Rowlet is a colorful nest, Alolan Vulpix under a snow-covered tree, Tsareena relaxing elegantly on a tree stump, Lycanroc in its Dusk form, and an Alolan Raichu surfing are all part of the collection.

Alola Version 01 of the Pokemon Terrarium Collection:

The adorable creatures of Alola were included in the first Pokemon Terrarium Collection outside of the main series! Pikachu and Rowlet slumber on the beach, Litten lounges on a cardboard box, Popplio surfs the waves, Mimikkyu stands next to a solitary red flower, and an Alolan Vulpix watches over Lillie’s hat.

Sunshine Pikachu from the Pokemon Terrarium DX collection:

The 11-cm-diameter Pokemon Terrarium Collection DX is more than twice the size of a standard terrarium. With greater space to work with, this adorable forest scene comes to life. This peaceful scene features five beautiful Pikachu relaxing under a lush Pecha berry tree.


These adorable Poke-scenes may have won you over. Pre-orders for complete sets of forthcoming Pokemon Terrariums can be found on FROM JAPAN, as can listings for out-of-production Pokemon Terrariums. You can order from Japanese retailers and sellers, and we’ll ship it to your door, no matter where you are in the world! Pokemon terrariums, Pokemon terrariums.

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