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Profile Aclu Murphy Facebooknixbloomberg is an organization dedicated to defending and preserving individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the law.  The donation totalled $50 million to the ACLU to fund its “Smart Justice” program. The program aims to reduce the number of people incarcerated in the USA by 50%. While this might seem like a noble cause, many people have raised concerns about the source of the donation, given Bloomberg’s record on issues such as stop-and-frisk and surveillance of Muslim communities.

Profile aclu murphy facebooknixbloomberg: Activist’s Reviews:

These concerns were brought to the forefront by a famous writer and civil rights activist who posted a series of tweets about the donation. He was critical of the ACLU for accepting money from Bloomberg and called for the organization to return the gift. He argued that Bloomberg’s policies were at odds with the values of the ACLU and that accepting the money would compromise the organization’s integrity.

Acceptance of Donation:

Profile Aclu Murphy Facebooknixbloomberg, for its part, defended its decision to accept the donation. Romero issued a statement in which he acknowledged that Bloomberg’s policies were not in line with the ACLU’s values but argued that the grant would allow the organization to make a real impact on reducing mass incarceration. Romero also pointed out that the donation was not unconditional and that the ACLU would not hesitate to criticise Bloomberg or his policies when necessary.

The nonprofit, which is well-known but has a reputation for being ideologically agnostic on issues like gun rights and political spending, is taking a novel and potentially dangerous stance. In the past, it has represented some of the most reviled members of society, including suspected terrorists and neo-Nazis.

They believe the ACLU favours atheists and other religions over Christians. The group has abandoned its founding values of free speech and religious liberties in favour of more popular leftist topics like abortion and homosexual rights.

As an illustration, Christian rights campaigner and head attorney at the American Centre for Law and Justice Jay Sekulow used the travel restriction. Because of concerns for national security, the administration had to make changes to the original executive order after a federal judge stopped it. Yet, the American Civil Liberties Union and others continue to object to it because it discriminates against Muslims.


In conclusion, the decision to accept a large donation from Michael Bloomberg has sparked a heated debate about the role of philanthropy in advancing social causes. While some have criticized the organization for taking money from a controversial source, others have argued that the donation will allow it to make a real impact on reducing mass incarceration. Ultimately, the controversy highlights the difficult choices organisations must make to advance their causes while maintaining their integrity and values.