For a trundle bed, what size mattress should I use?

Designers are increasingly fascinated with bunk rooms, which have long been a kid’s dream. Built-in beds, frequently found in attics or guest rooms, look stylish and can accommodate many people. We’ve rounded together 16 stylish bunk rooms to inspire you, whether you’re sticking with one set of bunks or investing in a full bunk room. You’ll find suggestions and bunk room ideas on creating a space that works for both kids and guests at the trundle bed.

A versatile piece of furniture:

Queen trundles are such versatile pieces of furniture that can use in a variety of settings. As an extra sleeping space and much more comfortable for guests, daybeds are also an attractive seating choice in general. Also, if you enjoy cuddling up with an excellent book and taking a nap in the afternoon, a daybed is perfect for you. Some of the most attractive daybeds on the market can be found right here, whether you prefer mid-century contemporary or boho glam.

Avalon Daybed with Channel Stitching:

Velvet channel-tufted daybeds are timeless, and this one is available in blush, grey, and a subtle minty blue. Consider investing in a trundle bed if your children enjoy sleepovers. There are two beds in this space-saving piece of furniture. Air mattresses are uncomfortable and difficult to unfold. However, these mattresses are far more pleasant and easy to unfold. Learn more about trundle beds and decide if one is right for you by continuing reading.

What is a trundle bed, and why do you need one?

An ottoman bed is a small bed that can pull out from below another bed. As well as being used with daybeds, trundles work well with conventional beds of various sizes, captain’s beds and bunk bed configurations. They can also use with chaise lounges. If you want to maximize the number of beds inside a particular space, you’ll often find them in children’s rooms.

Vice President of Product Development:

A trundle bed is still a terrific option for a small-space living if you don’t have children. According to Allison Spampinato, Pottery Barn Kids & Teen’s Senior Vice President of Product Development: “Trunkless perform well in a range of environments and for surprise varied roles.” There is a common misconception that daybeds with trundles are only used in kids’ bedrooms for sleepovers, but they are also an excellent solution for saving room in your library or lounge.

Sneaky Storage Built-in:

As a result of trendy contemporary bedding and sleek finishes, this bunk room appeals to both children and adults. Add bottom drawers to your bunk room if you’re short on closet space. Underneath these built-ins, designer Jenny Keenan incorporated drawers.

Design of trundle bed:

A railroad car inspired Alicia Lane Interiors to create this Provo, Utah bunk room for a trundle bed. Built-in beds are surrounded by Thibaut wallpaper, and curtains beckon weekend sleepovers. The built-in shoe storage cubbies under the bed are the most significant aspect of the room. Following is the design of the trundle bed:

Focus on a single theme:

There are six bunk beds in the bunk room in Marin County, California, a house built by Erin Martin and owner Kim Dempster. When Dempster was a child, her house had a brass porthole mirror.

Steps to Customize:

There are steps instead of a ladder on this Studio Lifestyle built-in bunk bed. The following are a few tips from Tyler Ferrell, a contractor at Killowen Construction, on constructing a bunk room. First, measure the area. Make sure there is at least forty inches between your head and top bunk’s mattress, as well as two inches on either side so your kids can make the bed.

Fast Color:

The coverlets and bunk beds in Matthew Leverone’s boys’ room in Menlo Park, California, are Pottery Barn Kids. Benjamin Moore Aura in Steel Blue for the bedroom walls. Some trundle beds have lower beds that may be raised flush with upper beds when extended, creating a much larger bed.


A king-size bed is made by pushing two twin beds together. A modest daybed in a guest room or an office could convert into a bed accommodating two adults. Being so low to the ground, trundle beds aren’t ideal for persons with mobility concerns. You might like a pop-up trundle instead. Next, attach bunks to the walls using wall studs, and if necessary, connect them to a corner post that extends upwards to the ceiling.

How comfortable are trundle beds?

Trundle beds can be pleasant, but it all depends on the mattress used in the trundle bed. There are trundle beds that require smaller mattresses (typically eight inches or fewer), which could be more uncomfortable than standard mattresses that are 10- to 14-inches in thickness. But there are thin memory foam mattresses on the market that offer a high comfort level, despite their thinness. There are 5,000 5-star reviews on Amazon for this one, and it costs $130.

The maximum amount of comfort:

In contrast, those who want to provide their guests with the maximum amount of comfort should look for an additional bed that can use with a full-size bed. It would also help keep in mind that trundle bed frames and mattresses are typically supplied separately. However, you may wish to replace the mattress that comes with your trundle with one that is comfier.

For a trundle bed, what size mattress should I use?

Trundle beds are not always the ideal option for everyday use. Even so, it’s perfect for spontaneous sleepovers. Twin mattresses are required for most trundle beds since they must fit underneath another bed. Only a few models employ full-size mattresses, and they must stow under a larger bed. A unique piece of furniture may be your only option. It is because trundles are more suitable for children and teens than adults.

Is there anything else you can do with a trundle?

Storage! Imagine it as a giant under-the-bed storage compartment. According to Spamanato, “a trundle may be so much more than an additional cozy bed for overnight guests.”


In addition to creating extra play space for beloved toys, such as a train set, you may utilize the trundle to store blankets and keepsakes.

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