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Queens Hotel Cheltenham, which was an early example of the kind that attracted Europe’s nobility and royal families to the then-emerging practice of vacationing in spa towns, was an early example of the type that was built on the site of the historic Sherborne Spa, which helped launch the tourism industry in the region. The Sherborne Spa helped launch the tourism industry in the area. While writing this review, I was thinking about whether or not I would suggest the Queens Hotel Cheltenham to families with small children. If you keep reading, you’ll find out whether or not I would make that recommendation. Here we will discuss more queens hotel Cheltenham.

Overview of queens hotel Cheltenham:

In 1838, the hotel opened under its present name, the Queens Hotel Cheltenham: M Gallery, celebrating Queen Victoria’s coronation that year. The neoclassical structure, based on Rome’s Temple of Jupiter and later converted into a military hospital, is a fascinating historical artefact since it was previously used to accommodate women seeking sanctuary from the devastation of the First World War. The composer Edward Elgar and the pianist stayed here at different times during their separate careers.

Imperial Gardens and the Promenade:

. A total of 84 guest rooms, including suites, executive bedrooms, classic bedrooms, superior bedrooms, deluxe rooms, and superior executive bedrooms, are available at this four-star boutique hotel. There is a restaurant and bar in the hotel, both called Victoria’s, and both provide afternoon tea in the form of sandwiches and pastries. The hotel’s attached parking garage has an electric vehicle charging hub.

Destinations in the Cotswolds:

Paid parking is also available on-site, and hotel guests get a daily discount of £15 off the standard charge parking. Because the hotel is just a five-minute drive from the railway station, it is an excellent choice for travelling families in Cheltenham en route to other destinations in the Cotswolds. Our bedroom, which has a view of the Promenade, has artwork depicting scenes from the city’s history, gorgeous, strange wallpaper in the bathroom, and china jars on the window seat.

Here at the Queens Hotel in Cheltenham, England:

If your hotel experience is anything like ours in Cheltenham before Christmas, when you walk in and see a tree that has been tastefully decorated, you’ll know you’re not in a typical and dull chain hotel. This building has an impressive history down to the wallpaper on the stairwell, designed by the same guy who decorated the Houses of Parliament. A spiral staircase leads up to the bedrooms on a historical monument.

Internet service:

Its strength necessitates a thorough mopping. The rooms are decorated in muted tones of grey, brown, and plum; nonetheless, they have been warmly brought to life by the use of touchable components such as cushions and woven rugs.

How do I reach Cheltenham’s Queen’s Hotel?

The Queen’s Hotel Cheltenham is easily accessible from the airport. To further ensure your safety, you may reserve transportation to or from the airport in advance. The hotel will then contact you via Agoda’s messaging system with more details, including the cost, availability, and how to book your stay. The Queen’s Hotel in Cheltenham features a convenient parking lot right on the premises for the comfort and ease of its guests.

Cost of the net:

The usage of the parking lot will cost you 14 GBP per day. If you are looking for a convenient way to get to Cheltenham while staying at the hotel, they can help you arrange to rent a car.

Arrivals and departures at Queen’s Hotel Cheltenham:

Guests may begin checking in at 2:00 PM and have until noon to check out. If you want to arrive or stay late, just let us know when you’re making your reservation, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you, but it’s important to note that these options are not guaranteed. Guests arriving or departing outside the allotted time slots may be charged a fee. The hotel offers guests a safe place to store their belongings before and after their stay. The front desk is available 24/7.

Former Sherborne Spa:

After 30–40 years of growth, the town’s downtown became one of the most gorgeous in the country, and the Queens Hotel is a beautiful example of that heritage. Surprisingly, the hotel’s survival depends on luck even more than the rest of the town. The hotel stands on the site of the former Sherborne Spa, which had to close in 1837 when an unfortunate accident caused the spa’s waters to dry. One’s imagination runs wild at the potential consequences for the business.

American Services Club for American troops:

The spa was torn down the following year to make way for the construction of the Queens Hotel. Since then, it has maintained its reputation as one of the city’s classiest hotels. This hotel was where the great British mystery writer Arthur Conan Doyle stayed during his visit. While the hotel was used as an American Services Club for American troops in the region during World War II, celebrities like Glenn Miller and Bob Hope were frequent bar patrons.

It seemed like a fair trade-off in exchange for the chance to stay in the Queens’ magnificent rooms, which were large enough to make us feel like royalty but cozy enough (with 87 rooms) to make us feel like we were staying with friends. The hotel’s staff was also consistently great with our two young children. Suppose you’re searching for an excellent location to stay in this attractive town. In that case, the Queens comes highly recommended, and it’s likely that the hotel and the city of Cheltenham itself only exist due to whims and accidents stretching back a few centuries.


The fact that queens hotel Cheltenham is a terrific place for children may be hidden by its regency attractiveness, but a stay at the Queens Hotel will make the trip seem more like a romantic retreat than anything else. It isn’t easy to think of a more pleasant place to stay due to the intriguing mix of the area’s natural beauty, historical significance, and modern conveniences. It is a true treat for older children and teens.


Why queens hotel Cheltenham is famous?

Guests of the Queens Hotel Cheltenham may use a wide range of amenities. Guests may use the various comforts offered, including free wireless internet access, an on-site restaurant, and a lounge.

As of what year did the Queens hotel open in Cheltenham?

On July 21, 1838, the Queens Hotel Cheltenham opened for business under its present name in honour of Queen Victoria, who was crowned that same year.

How many bedrooms does the Bonham have in total?

There are 49 rooms in the hotel, and they’re all decorated differently. There are various rooms, from ordinary to townhouses to superior to suite.

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