Everything you need to know about the Ragley hall game fair!

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Key Takeaways

  • Europe’s Largest Festival: Ragley Hall Game Fair, July 23-25, Europe’s premier countryside event.
  • Diverse Entertainment: Terrier racing, pony nationals, dog agility, gun demos, falconry await.
  • Interactive Activities: Archery, shooting, fishing, crafts, dog competitions, and demonstrations galore.
  • Diverse Exhibitions: GunsOnPegs, Falconry Village, Fishing Competitions, LAPADA Pavilion, Main Arena.
  • Gourmet Experience: Investec Enclosure offers a James Martin-curated, game-focused menu.

Ragley hall game fair: The largest outdoor countryside festival in Europe will return to Ragley Hall in Warwickshire from the 23rd to the 25th of July 2021. There will be much to do during the event that people of all ages may enjoy. The Clarence Court Main Arena features terrier racing, the Shetland Pony Grand National, dog agility and gun dog demonstrations, scurry driving, and falconry. Try archery, shooting, fishing, and other handicrafts, or watch the contests and demonstrations. Even dogs may join in on the fun with agility equipment that enables them to compete in events such as the scurry, pick-up, and scramble. Here we will discuss more Ragley hall game fair.

What is the Ragley hall game fair?

There’s so much going on at the Game Fair that it might be overwhelming to decide what to do with your day or weekend there. Exhibitions, demonstrations, contests, and hands-on experiences are scheduled with shopping, eating, and drinking. There is something here for everyone, from those who prefer game shooting and stalking to those who are enthusiastic about fishing and food, and much more. For your convenience, we have produced a list of the top attractions and events at the Ragley hall game fair.

On the front lines, ready to fire:

Every year, we look forward to returning to the shooting line at the Game Fair, the largest outdoor exhibition for game and clay shooting in the United Kingdom. This year’s event, organized by E.J. Churchill once again, will include competitions where attendees may try their hand at shooting and other activities and exhibitions. BASC’s private lessons typically run for thirty minutes, but they’ll also provide a ten-minute “Shooting Experience” for first-timers. In addition, those present may test out sustainable, lead-free shotgun cartridges.

Imagination will be sparked at the BASC Wild Food Theatre:

The weekend-long BASC Wild Food Theatre event will include live cooking demonstrations by some of Britain’s most acclaimed game chefs. These culinary masters will reveal their trade secrets and advocate for the use of game and eco-friendly goods. The BASC Wild Food Theatre is a great place to learn about sustainable practices like shooting, fishing, hunting, and foraging to get inspired for your next dinner party or to whet your appetite before exploring the incredible selection of food and drink available in the Food Hall.

Stop by our booth and learn more about GunsOnPegs:

As is their tradition, GunsOnPegs will make a significant showing at the Game Fair. Our snack stand is conveniently located between the main arena and the enclosure, with a full bar and plenty of comfortable seats. Please drop by this weekend for a visit, as we welcome new members and like talking shop about all things firearms-related. We’ll be recording our first podcast live at the GunsOnPegs show on Saturday afternoon, so stop by if you’re there.

What happens just after the recording?

The celebration for the GunsOnPegs Podcast is about to get underway in a bit of time. Suppose the events of the previous year are any indication. In that case, the possibility that will take place this year, including live music and beverages from Borders Distillery and Yorkshire Tonic, will be a spectacular knees-up. Find out how to acquire tickets by looking at the most recent information.

Pass by the Falconry Village to see some amazing bird shows:

The Game Fair celebrates outdoor sports as well as socializing. The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition help The Game Fair build a beautiful Falconry Village. There are many different types of birds of prey on display at the Falconry Village. Visitors can also expect to find merchants, artists, and falconry groups from the United Kingdom to provide advice and share their enthusiasm for the birds of prey.

Hunting dogs, always in style:

Seeing a well-trained gundog do its job is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that reveals the unique bond between a handler and their dog. For over 60 years, the Game Fair has been the site of important gundog test competitions; this year sees the return of the Euro Challenge and the Home International. The Game Fair will serve as the venue for each of these contests. Show attendees may learn about more than just the ins and outs of dog care from the breeders, trainers, and exhibitors present.

Home to the Fishermen:

The Game Fair’s crowning event is the fishing competition. Guests may learn to fish with the help of the Canal & River Trust or the Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors at the lake’s center. In addition, with the help of these groups, visitors may learn how to throw a fly rod. Experienced fishermen may compete against their colleagues in several casting contests hosted by the British Fly Casting Club.

The Main Arena will feature amazing acts:

The schedule is so jam-packed that spectators may be sure that something exciting will always happen in the Main Arena. Entertainment for 2022 includes hound parades, scurry driving, mounted Pony Club sports, and gundog demonstrations, among other events, informative demonstrations, and entertaining displays. Everything will go down in Great Britain. Keep a watch out for GunsOnPegs Podcast-sponsored entrant ‘What’s That You’re Drinking’ in the Shetland Pony Grand National.

LAPADA Pavillion’s art and antiquities:

After a well-received first season in 2021, LAPADA will return for a second season in 2022. LAPADA will showcase a remarkable collection of great art, furniture, jewelry, and antiquities within a special pavilion next to the Main Arena. Some of the confirmed exhibitors include Greenstein Antiques, Sarah Colegrave Fine Art, Shapiro & Co., Art of the Imagination, The Hunt Gallery, Ellis Fine Art, Plaza Jewellery, Howell, Carlton Clocks, Thomas Spencer Fine Art, Timewise Vintage Watches, Blackbrook Gallery, Haynes Fine Art, and Pushkin Antiques.

Enjoy a meal fit for a king:

If you want to be treated to the pinnacle of British hospitality, go no further than the Investec Enclosure. The TV chef James Martin created an unusual menu centered on games, making it the ideal place to go if you want to get away from the crowds. VIP ticket holders also get access to a cash bar, lounge area, VIP restrooms, and a shop-and-drop facility, in addition to the Investec Enclosure and Garden.


The Ragley hall game fair is a bonus to the event’s other highlights. Over the three days, the Game Fair becomes one of the largest retail areas in the UK, with nearly 1,000 stands; all the major country brands will be present, with exciting new product launches and unbeatable show-only deals; in addition, there will be several small independent retailers and artisans. You’ll have a great weekend at the show whether you’re going to see old friends, buy a great rifle, or enjoy the atmosphere.


Do All Members of Ragley hall game fair Have the Same Opportunities?

Ragley is thrilled to share the news that it will host The Game Fair indefinitely. Since its inception in 1958, The Ragley hall game fair has been hosted annually at Ragley Hall, and this year will be no different.

What is the typical yearly turnout for the Game Fair?

For the first time in the event’s 62-year history, more than 100,000 people attended the opening day of the Game Fair, with an estimated total attendance of 119,378 for the whole three-day event.


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