5 Popular Marketing Apps for Real Estate Agents.

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Key Takeaways

  • Wise Pelican: Streamline real estate postcard and flyer mailings with personalized messages.
  • Zillow: Up-to-date guide for finding homes, apartments, luxury rentals, and more.
  • Xome Auctions: List properties, enhance visibility, and facilitate negotiation between buyers.
  • Redfin: Valuable tool for creating listings, negotiating, and accessing property information.
  • Trulia: Comprehensive app for deals, listings, and additional real estate information

Real Estate Agents, There are so many different marketing apps out there. App development and
app marketing have become a booming industry in recent years. Many platforms
have been built to help real estate agents reach their clients, increase overall
productivity, and brand themselves with the latest features.

These tools come in very handy for the busy Realtor. This article discusses the
five popular marketing apps for real estate agents and elaborates on each and
their upsides and if there are any apparent shortcomings to include. This will be
more of a short roundup style piece.

1. Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a web application that makes it easy to mail real estate postcards
and flyers. According to their site, buyers will get a message via email when
they receive a postcard, and the message will be personalized based on the
properties being advertised.

This is an excellent option for real estate agents who wish to keep their clients
updated with new listings while they're closing or maybe offer additional services
that can be tied into the postcards.

There are also many other features on the Wise Pelican website, such as an
option to send your postcards from your smartphone and mobile access to the
site. In addition to posting the postcards, the Wise Pelican site has a list of new
homes and can be customized to your specific area.
The best part is that they do not come off as spam, so you are reaching out to
your clientele differently. To use Wise Pelican, you have to create an account
and pay with a credit card.

Furthermore, Wise Pelican offers a win-win where you can view your clients'
current properties and get the opportunity to provide additional services such as
professional photography, showing their homes, or even finding a home in your

This is perfect for agents who work with multiple clients. As you can probably tell
by now, the Wise Pelican site offers many helpful features for real estate agents,
but they also have some features that might be considered a downside of the

2. Zillow

Zillow is a fantastic app for real estate agents. It's a constantly up-to-date and
interactive guide to finding homes for sale and apartments, luxury rentals, and
properties for sale.
Getting up to speed with Zillow is complimented with a unique feature called the
Zestimate, which measures the current value of a home about its most recent
sale price.

According to their website, "Zestimates are not official real estate appraisals and
are intended to provide educated guesses as to how much homes are worth at
any given time." Zillow offers an abundance of information while using their app,
including nearby Zillow community alerts, videos, agent specials, articles, etc.
They are constantly adding new features to their app, so if there is one downside
to Zillow, you have never used the app, and you will miss out on many great
features. Zillow for Android and iPhone is free and available for download at the
Google Play store.

3. Xome Auctions

Xome Auctions allows agents to list their properties on the app and more. This
app helps find a home to buy within your budget while also giving an extra kick
up to your listing by having it featured on the App Store and allowing you to sell
your property potentially.
They could be an excellent tool for real estate agents because it helps them
increase their visibility to the public while giving buyers a more convenient way
of finding homes. The app is available for Android and iPhone users.

Some also offer a unique feature that allows sellers and buyers to negotiate
prices, pictures, and more through the Xome app. Xome allows real estate
agents to look at listings, but they can also get interactive with the listings.

They have tap access that helps real estate agents, sellers, or buyers to respond
in real-time through the app. Also, if the agent is an expert with the Xome app,
they can create a new listing and offer their unique real estate services to send
potential buyers to see that property.

For those agents looking for an alternative way to promote their properties on
the app store, Xome Auctions is one of the best choices, as Wise Pelican
mentioned earlier.

The seller's and buyer's market is constantly changing, so this app can also be
handy from a marketing perspective. The app is available for Android and iPhone
at the Google Play store.

4. Redfin

This app also offers a unique feature that allows sellers and buyers to negotiate
prices and pictures. Redfin is another valuable tool for busy real estate agents. If
the agent is an expert with Redfin's app, they can create a new listing and offer
unique real estate services to send potential buyers to see that property.
Redfin provides information on all kinds of properties: homes for sale,
apartments, condos, vacation properties, and rental properties. This app is great
if you're in the area you are looking at or have a specific place (e.g., the Bay
Area, New York City, Los Angeles, etc).

Another great feature is their property search which helps the buyers find that
perfect home and the seller find that ideal buyer. Redfin is a valuable tool for
real estate agents, and its endless selection of features makes them one of the
most popular apps out there.

Furthermore, Redfin provides a lot of information on each property, including
pictures, listing details, price, etc. All the high-tech gadgets that you would
expect to find in a modern real estate app are also present, including "sell" and
"buy" buttons and an interactive map where sellers can see the location of their
potential buyers.

All in all, Redfin is a very useful tool for real estate agents. The app is available
for Android and iPhone at the Google Play store.

5. Trulia

This app is another excellent tool for real estate agents constantly looking for
deals, listings, and information. Trulia offers a comprehensive list of homes for
sale and many other real estate options outside of just finding homes for sale.
The price information can be searched by area, and search results can be sorted
by price, neighborhood, or owner name, so the agent is sure to find the perfect
property quickly and accurately.

Trulia offers a Promotions section where agents can create their promotions (in
fact, this is the only way to make your promotions). This section includes move-
in specials, first-time homebuyer specials, and many more.

Also, a section includes listing information, such as the number of bathrooms in
a home, the number of bedrooms, and many other features that are useful to
real estate agents when searching for properties.

Lastly, this app is also beneficial when interacting with the owners of a home for
sale. Trulia allows the agent to follow along with the property via search results
and change the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, which can be helpful when
selling a home.

The most amazing thing about this app is that they have an App Store exclusive
feature where homeowners can create a listing on Trulia and ask their friends,
family, and even strangers to check out their house using Facebook.


Marketing Apps for real estate agents are a must in this industry. Having an app
that helps you promote your listings works like a charm, so use one of these 5
top marketing apps today and reap the benefits of your hard work.


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