How to Resolve the Red Screen?

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When using your iPhone, you may run into a slew of various iOS system issues. One of the most feared scenarios is when your iPhone displays a red screen. Many iPhone owners are terrified by the red screen of death and cannot find a workable remedy. Given that, we’ve put together this list of the four best ways to repair the iPhone’s red screen of death.

How to Resolve the Red Screen?

iPhone forums should be a nightmare for anybody who has seen the dreaded Red Screen of Death (RSOD). To begin resolving the issue, you must first understand what caused it in the first place. Then look at the in-depth remedies to the red screen on the iPhone issue.

Part 1: When the iPhone’s screen is red, here’s why?

iPhone red screen is a common complaint among iOS users, and there are several solutions available to address this issue. Before I can teach you how to fix the problem, I need you to understand why your iPhone has a red screen of death.

Compelling arguments for your support:

Next, we’ll go through some of the most compelling arguments for your support.

  • Unsatisfactory upgrade.
  • A defective battery is the most likely cause.
  • There are some problems with the hardware.

There is a problem with the SIM tray being inserted incorrectly.

Part 2: Apple iPhone Red Screen Fix: Perform a System Restart:

The first option we’d like to share with you is also the most straightforward. Some iOS system issues may resolve by restarting your device. To renew your iPhone, hold down. Release the power button once you see the choice to “Slide to Power Off” on the screen.

Part 3: Turn off your iPhone:

You may then turn your iPhone off by swiping down the slider. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds to restart your iPhone. After seeing the Apple logo, let go of the Power button. You can now see whether the red tint on your iPhone screen hasn’t faded. If your iPhone is dull, frozen, or otherwise unresponsive, restarting it appears to be the universal cure.

Part 4: Perform a System Reset

The second method we’d like to discuss with you is complex reset your iPhone to fix a red screen of death. Instead of swiping or tapping an option to restart your smartphone, use this method. To do a factory reset on your iPhone, hold down the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously. Wait until you see the Apple logo on screen before releasing either of the two buttons. Steps for reset iPhone

Step 1: Once you’ve let go of the two buttons, your iPhone will restart on its own.

Step 2: On an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you must hold down the power button while pressing the volume down button.

Step 3: To get rid of the red screen of death on an iPhone XC Plus, follow these instructions.

Step 4: Quickly push and release the Volume Up/Down buttons, then press and hold the Power button.

Steps 5: Performing a “reset” If your iPhone becomes stuck in DFU mode

Part 5: DFU Mode may help you fix an iPhone that has a red screen:

Try putting your iPhone into DFU settings if the red screen still appears after a hard reset. You must first download and run the most recent version of iTunes on your computer to accomplish this. After that, use a USB cord to connect your device to your computer.

Part 6: DFU mode if the screen remains dark:

Hold power and home buttons for 10 seconds while turning off your iPhone. After then, let go of the power button while maintaining pressure on the home button. The iPhone will be in DFU mode if the screen remains dark. However, you should be aware that restoring your iPhone in DFU mode would wipe all of its data. As a result, be sure you’ve already backed up your iPhone data.

Red Screen on iPhone or iPad? Here’s How to Fix It!

If none of the methods we’ve provided will repair your iPhone’s red screen, you may want to give this method a go. iOS System Recovery is the most effective tool for resolving a wide range of iOS problems. It’s possible to restore your iPhone to normal when it gets stuck in recovery mode or shows a red screen.

iPhone or iPad using iOS System Recovery:

It implies that you may use this program if your iPad has a red screen and you want to repair it. Meanwhile, this program is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to improve a red screen on an iPhone or iPad using iOS System Recovery, follow the instructions below.

To fix your iPhone’s red screen of doom problem, you must first download iOS System Recovery. After that, follow the installation instructions to set it in place on your laptop or desktop computer.

Step 2: System Recover on your iPhone or iPad:

Once you’ve downloaded and installed iOS System Recovery, you’ll be able to use it right away. From the More Tools option, choose iOS System Recovery to go to the main screen.

Step 3: Enter the recovery mode on your iPhone or iPad:

A USB cable is required to connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may use this program to find out what’s wrong with it.

Step 4: Decide on the ideal make and model:

Select “Question” and then follow the on-screen instructions to enter recovery mode on your iPhone or iPad. When it’s done, choose your model and click the “Download” option to begin the process of downloading the firmware.

Step 5: Red screen of death on an iPhone or iPad?

It’s possible that downloading the firmware will take a few seconds. As soon as you have downloaded and installed this app, your iPhone or iPad will no longer display the Red Screen of Death. Waiting is all you have to do.


In this post, we’ll show you four different ways to repair your iPhone’s red screen of death. If you’re having trouble with the iPad’s red screen, try the last approach first. You’ll be able to fix the issue quickly the next time it arises.

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