Is the killer destroying or manipulating the phone somehow?

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Key Takeaways

  • Unique Aspect: Reddit Delphi murders distinguishable by assailant’s recorded actions, rarely documented.
  • Lurking Suspect: Film’s purpose prompts speculation about Delphi girls’ murderer awareness.
  • Crime of Chance: Assumption that victims didn’t know murderer, crime not premeditated.
  • Phone Manipulation: Killer’s potential attempt to manipulate or destroy Delphi victims’ phone.
  • Law Enforcement Efforts: Delphi residents may contribute insights to ongoing FBI investigation.

Use these few comments as a peek at the new person, as Reddit Delphi murders heard about it before, even though I have launched a recent press conference for good. It makes the entire situation genuinely unique. And it’s not about the appearances, voice, and actions of the assassin, but rather about the fact that the recording itself remains after the attacks.

Filming the approaching man:

First of all, Libby has to choose a cause for filming the approaching man. I rushed to acquire essential information, but at some points, I could get mistaken, or I can’t know it. Therefore I’m hoping for your clarifications. For me, the most astonishing detail of Reddit Delphi murders’ murder is that the suspect is recorded and what he says about him. As I know, it’s very, very rare for victims to film their oppressors.

Is that enough to start filming such a person?

You already have a phone, and you are an intelligent girl. I don’t know if this is true, but I believe I heard that the females were interested in actual crime somewhere. They were conscious and careful of it. And maybe something didn’t feel right. To conclude, the notion that the girls were not there to meet someone and didn’t know their murderer seems to be more credible.

Didn’t Libby see him snapping photos?

I think, though, he knew girls had telephones and used them. Even if he didn’t think it was filmed, the females should understand that they are playing by phone and taking pictures of each other. But that’s the only thing I can think of, which explains that he doesn’t see the girls have a phone.

The killer came to girls:

Libby’s phone is most likely hidden inside her pocket at that point, still sounds recorded. Killer has authority over the females and what he has done. He spends a while with them. I understand that the situation and how the dead recovered are not officially described. Officially, there are speculations that the murderer acts to bring him closer to the girls after his death.

Planned – phone leaving:

Police said he feels he’s in charge recently, but I think he wasn’t at all like that during the Reddit Delphi murders. Failure to match the original sketch gave him the certainty that he would not understand, and his confidence rose. If he was professional or had everything arranged, leaving the phone appears too great a supervision. Secondly, and it may be opposed to or parallel to the last point.

Crime of chance because of Libby:

Girls probably didn’t know who their murderer was. It was a crime of chance because Libby and Abby were not targeted targets. It is more plausible that the offender was aware that the telephone existed either when he saw it on the bridge or after the battle before the deaths. The killer was not technologically skilled and did not learn to perform a crime (likely his first murder). Perhaps it’s short-sighted.

Certain strong assumptions:

Thank you for pointing up those recordings that have been restored from the cloud. Thank you. For me, this is new information. But please note that the behavior of the murderer is not significant.

Is the murderer aware of the telephone’s existence?

Because he has at least two ‘opportunities’ of admitting that: first at the bridge, when girls play on the phone unless they are short-sighted, second at the crime even when the telephone was covered, I think that, unless the pocket is loose, you will see something floating in the bag like blouse pocket contrary to jeans pocket.

Is the killer destroying or manipulating the phone somehow?

My argument is that the telephone is palpable, and that is secondary. So the essential point for this section of my logic is that the Reddit Delphi murders try to manipulate the phone somehow.

The murders of Delphi and Evansdale:

Two series of assassination states, each portion, contain commonalities but are also highly diverse. Both instances involve the murder of two young girls. Most significantly, however, they are still looking for solutions. In the days that followed, law enforcement disclosed suspect information. The majority of the material supplied by the police is from a Libby video that came on her phone during the assault.

Are any of you Delphi residents?

Sometimes when Reddit Delphi murders are mentioned in a widespread discussion on the main page, you may have locals commenting, “oh, someone I know was on the stage,” And somebody comment on Abby’s pic on the bridge. If I get time in the next several weeks, I’ll attempt digging things up and compiling them, or if someone else wants it to be excellent.

FBI on the murders of Delphi:

Two girls go on a walk. They take a picture of a man who seems to follow them. They were incredibly clever and taped his voice secretly as well. They were tragically murdered. In a wooded area near Delphi, the dead bodies of the German Liberty 14-year-old and 13-year-old Abigail Williams were recovered. The girls had disappeared while walking the day before. This proof came from German cell phones.

Sheriff sure that the murder of Delphi teens:

Two weeks have passed since the killing of two adolescents in Delphi, and the police are following thousands of tips. Authorities issued a hazy picture of the man and a male’s audio stating “down the hill.” You can listen to the audio in the video clip link. Sheriff Tobe Leazenby alleges the processing of physical evidence was misconnected between him and certain members of the media in Indy.

The final point:

Perhaps the females are in anguish, and it’d be too disturbing to listen to the public. While we know little of the murders, I also assume that they are either horrible or want the killer to slip in the way he did.

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