‘Are you Rex Chapman, the Twitter guy?!’

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Key Takeaways

  • Basketball Career and Achievements: Rex Chapman, born November 5, 1967, excelled in basketball, winning numerous awards and scoring over 1 million points.
  • High School Stardom: Standout player for Apollo High School, becoming Mr. Basketball of Kentucky and ESPN Statewide Player of the Year.
  • NBA Journey and Influence: Drafted by Charlotte Hornets, became an NBA influencer, especially on Twitter.
  • Social Media Rise: Chapman’s Twitter fame skyrocketed with viral videos and witty posts.
  • Philanthropy and Community Support: Founded Rex Chapman COVID-19 Relief Fund, aiding those in need.

Rex chapman twitter, a former basketballer and existing social media influencer, was born November 5, 1967. Chapman was a Kentucky high theatre sensation who won multiple prizes for his efforts. He went on to win more honours and score over 1 million points.


He was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on October 5, 1967, and is known professionally as Rex Chapman. Retired Nba team and two different NCAA Division II title holder coach Rex Chapman is the son of Richard Chapman. Chapman and Jenny “used to pray that Wayne’s teams would win” to keep the atmosphere at home quiet, while his mother Laura worked hard to de-stress the situation.

Rex Chapman at high school:

Chapman was a standout basketballer for Apollo High School in Evansville, Kentucky, during his hs and college years. Chapman guided his squad to the finals of the state finals in his junior year. He was selected for Mr Basketball of Kentucky and Espn Statewide Player of the Year his senior year. He has also been named an Associated Press All-American and a McDonald’s Playoff.

Hornets of Charlotte:

The Carolina Hornets chose White with their first player. In his debut season, Johnson averaged 16.9 shots per opportunity. In 1990 and 1991, Johnny competed in the Clear Win Competitions and won for his flip-ball dunks. Chapman spent a large part of the social change and social season with the Charlotte Hornets before moving to the Virginia Bullets.

Following the game:

When Chapman stopped engaging in athletics, his drug abuse worsened. He also began betting on horse races daily. He used horse racing betting to pass the time from his childhood until he retired from the NBA. Chapman eventually stopped betting and began attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings.

Chapman’s high school basketball career in Kentucky:

Chapman had a small but devoted fan base as a Kentucky high school basketball star, a Kentucky Wildcats legend, and a 12-year NBA veteran who rose to fame as the Charlotte Hornets’ first-ever draught pick, a player who electrified the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and who, in 1996, scored 39 points against Michael Jordan and the legendary Miami Heat of the Chicago Unbeatable in Miami.

Rex Chapman’s Twitter account:

A group of friends is hurriedly rushing down a street in the heavy rain to get to their car and the relative safety of the dryness. The men in the front spot a stop sign ahead and scatter to avoid it. The individual in the back, on the other hand, does not. As he struggles to hold on for dear life, he slams with the metal rod so hard that his feet skim the moist concrete.

Do you want to charge Rex Chapman?

As he hangs on the post for his life, his friends laugh hysterically. That is, without a doubt, the case. The foot of that stop sign was firmly placed on the ground.” The 52-year-old must fight through bursts of laughter to complete his research. Chapman’s feet are now in the air, much like the poor victim who is forced to view the same video on his smartphone over and over again. He’s plopped down again on the couch, giggling.

Who knows why it makes me laugh:

Over 3 million people had viewed the video a week after Chapman posted it on Twitter. Over 700,000 of those views came from Rex Chapman’s original post and another 2 million through the seemingly endless rewets. It’s insanely humorous in their thoughts. Chapman shares these sentiments. Everything about this circumstance is ridiculously amusing to him. Rex Chapman twitter avatar fills our feeds with pratfalls and practical jokes.

An influencer on social media:

As a result of the social media boom, the term “influencer” has emerged. Chapman, a Lexington, Kentucky resident, claims he has no idea what that means. “Are you serious?” says the narrator. “Do you think I’m an influencer? It was once thought impossible for Chapman to have so many Twitter followers, and he now has over 580,000. That’s a tenfold rise from a year ago, and it all began with a tweet on January 10, 2019.

‘Are you Rex Chapman, the Twitter guy?!’

Ice-T and Chuck D, as well as Steph Curry, who has known Chapman since he was a child through his father Dell, a Hornets colleague and still one of Chapman’s closest friends, we’re all fans of his illustrious basketball career. Mr Basketball, a 6-foot-4 former Mr Basketball who hid in his dorm room and gym to avoid obsessive audiences at the age of 18, is well-remembered in Lexington, formerly known as “Rexington.”

Swimming and hoop exercises:

They may have seen his old mug shot from back in 2014 when he was arrested. “I went there last year,” he says of the SEC tournament. Eight to ten interns were working there at the time; all of them were college students. When I gave them my identification, they stated,

The Rex Chapman COVID-19 Relief Fund:

On March 22, he announced the establishment of the Rex Chapman COVID-19 Relief Fund, thanking rex Chapman Twitter followers for their support during the “fun and awesome and cool” rex Chapman Twitter experience and explaining that his already-established charitable foundation was partnering with the Bluegrass Community Foundation to raise funds to assist people across the country who are facing financial hardship due to the coronavirus outbreak. In just three days, more than $150,000 had been raised.


The Rex Chapman Foundation, which he formed to assist persons addicted to opiates, is now well-known. That’s a conflict he’s had a lot of experience with. Despite an injury-plagued NBA career that included ten operations, including seven in his final three seasons, he only permitted doctors to inject medicines in extremely specific instances. He claims that he wanted to know how the damage felt to predict when it would heal. His professional career was cut short due to a last-minute emergency appendectomy. Rex chapman twitter, Rex chapman twitter.

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