Lighting Fixture – LED Crystal Chandelier with Multiple Rings

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Ring chandelier: An ideal work environment begins with the proper lighting design of the Ring chandelier. Commercial offices, conference rooms, and lobbies can benefit from our LED ring chandelier centerpieces, which improve color rendering accuracy. According to the worker and the nature of the work, the optimal lighting for the workplace varies. Following are types of Ring chandeliers.

Lighting Fixture – LED Crystal Chandelier with Multiple Rings:

(Included, but not dimmable) LED light strips When the light is turned on and off, it switches between 3000K, 4500K, and 6000K. Would you please browse through our selection of square and rectangular designs for inspiration? The crystal ring chandelier is available in a variety of sizes. The living room, dining room, kitchen, etc., are all suitable for this product.

LED ring chandelier by SEFINN:

The modern LED crystal chandelier features an adjustable cable length that allows for various light shades and angles for the crystal rings. You can create any ceiling light fixture that you desire.


It is 12000-lumen output, 60-inch maximum cable length, four crystal rings, 12-inch inner to the outer diameter, 20-inch outer to the inner diameter, and a 12-inch metal canopy. The crystals are made of high-quality K9 clear crystals, and the cable is made of stainless steel. LED light chandelier with K9 crystals provides higher brightness at a lower energy cost and a longer rated bulb life than conventional light bulbs.


Dimmer-able, color-changing LED pendant lighting fixture. Chandelier with remote control in a modern design for the home. This lamp is dimmer-able and has three different color options (cold/neutral/warm white). It means that you can easily customize the luminous efficacy that you desire.

Remote Control:

You can use the remote control to turn the chandelier ON/OFF, dim it, and change its color. Please note that this chandelier is compatible with a standard on/off switch but not with a home dimmer switch. Nickel-finished aluminum lamp body ensures a long lifespan and resists corrosive effects. Your electric bill will reduce 90 percent, thanks to the LED light sources.

Better light transmission:

High-temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, and fade resistance are all advantages of our chandelier’s nickel-finished aluminum construction. It is equipped with an LED light source, which allows for better light transmission and a longer lifespan of up to 50 000 hours.

IKK Chandelier with LED Lights:

The modern minimalist design and unique geometrical instructions give your room a sense of style and space. Any environment such as a home, office, hotel, or studio can benefit from this simple vertical hanging design. The lights are bright and dimmable. The LED chip array can provide up to 6500 lumens of brightness. So, the long-range remote control can use to adjust the brightness and color temperature. However, the dimmable color temperature range is from 3000K to 6000K.

Durable and high-quality:

A durable and high-quality product, in addition, the light is more stable and reliable thanks to LED chips of high quality. Finely polished aluminum frame and acrylic material, easy to clean and maintain, anti-corrosion, fade-prevention, anti-scratch. Long life expectancy, with an average lifespan of 40,000 h.

Contemporary ring chandelier:

As you wish, you can DIY the shape of the light using the unique three rings design and adjustable wire length. Materials of a high standard Elegant and durable, this modern pendant light is made of high-quality aluminum that resists fading and scratches. It is easy to clean—chandelier with 100-watt power and 3000-kelvin warm light. LED light is more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs (using 50 percent less energy than CFLs) and has a longer service life.

LED Pendant Light Dimmable Rings Chandelier Royal Pearl:

Using US standard dimmers (not included), this modern silver chandelier can DIMM from 0.01 percent to 100%. The light output of up to 7800lm at 6000K CCT is ideal for indoor use; CRI values of 80 or higher result in high color rendering the string lengths can adjust from 1 to 47 inches, so they’ll perfectly fit your ceiling height; DIY and choose your favorite shape before installation;

Light Dimmable Rings Chandelier for indoor use:

Aluminum and silicon finished with powder coating and polishing provide high-temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-fading, and scratch resistance, making them superior to other products on the market that use PC and cheap silicon.

Chandelier in Royal Pearl Black with Led Lighting:

Three rings and adjustable strings make this canopy easy to install. “Kitchen Island is also a good choice for the living/dining/foyer/bedroom/etc. Possible shape changes by adjusting the three rings’ strings via cable locking pins, you’ll be able to create a variety of different shapes. A powder coating and polishing of high-quality aluminum and silicon result in high-temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-fading, and ease of cleaning, ensuring a long lifespan.

Rings Crystal LED Chandelier by Winretro:

Pendant lighting with LEDs in a modern luxury 3 round rings crystal chandelier lamp. DIY shape as you like; you can design your favorite chandelier shape. Height adjustable from 11.8″ to 43.3″; ceiling bracket diameter 7″ (18cm) Temperature: Cold White (6000K-6500K), not dimmable. The following materials are used:

Crystal and stainless steel:

A fully dimmable contemporary led chandelier that can mount on vaulted or sloping ceilings. In addition to upward and downward light, there is also a brightening effect.

Light Fixture with Modern Design:

One sleek ring with a beautiful black finish adorns this Contemporary Chandeliers light fixture. Kitchen Island, Living Room, etc.; Entryway; Dining Room; Foyer; Bedroom;

Adjustable height:

One-inch to 47.2-inch height adjustability Dimensions of the ring 31.5 “If you’re interested in finding out more, the power consumption is 51 watts Voltage: 85-265V (work with 110v 220v) (work with 110v 220v) Chandelier in cool white 6000k. Black is the dominant color.

Chandeliers made of Cainjiazh crystal:

It is the material of the highest caliber. Light Color: Cool White(6500K), High light efficiency, Rustles, Smooth, Easy to clean.

DIY Multiple Shapes:

There are three rings. (25cm, 35cm, 45cm) Diameter: 9.8″, 13.8″, and 17.7″. Cainjiazh’s hexagonal chandelier is the only one of its kind in the market. Intelligent Light Source (ILS) The Crystal Chandeliers are equipped with 47W LED Beads. The lifespan of up to 50000 hours, compared to the traditional bulb’s 25000 hours.

A luminaire, light fixture, or light fitting is an electrical appliance used for illumination. There is always a fixture body and a lamp(s) inside a light. There may be sockets for the lamps so they can be swapped out easily, or in the case of some LED fixtures, the lights may be permanently installed.


Commercial-grade lighting is defined as having a high level of durability and incorporating advanced lighting technology, such as Bluetooth Mesh and WIFI, into the design. 2-to-12-foot diameter LED Ring Light fixtures are available. Circle ring chandelier, 5 ring chandelier, multi-ring chandelier, ring chandelier with shades, ring chandelier with shades, ring chandelier Australia, circular ring chandelier, 3 ring chandelier led.

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