How is the Overwatch League’s Meta stratification?

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Key Takeaways

  • Roadhog, a Robust Tank: With self-healing and offensive strength, Roadhog excels as a tank.
  • Versatile Damage Dealer: Roadhog’s damage comes from his unique abilities.
  • Strategies for Success: Monitor Hook Cooldown, keep heal active for optimal play.
  • OW2 Roadhog Unchanged: In Overwatch 2, Roadhog sees no significant modifications.
  • Ultimate Power – Whole Hog: Whole Hog disrupts foes, providing a powerful advantage in battles.

Due to his self-healing abilities and ability to catch low-hp offensive targets, Roadhog is a great tank hero. Roadhog’s damage-dealing prowess stems from these attributes. As a general rule, the best way to play Road hog is to keep an eye on your Hook Cooldown while keeping your heal active. For instance, roadhog overwatch has a few Roadhog counters. Reaper is a foregone conclusion because of his tank-killing prowess, which includes roadhog overwatch.

Overwatch League playoff:

The first time hero pools were announced at the start of the year; I had a ridiculous dream about them all. I wanted to see how each Overwatch League team handled the mandated meta-breaking of hero pools during 2020 by tracking hero usage week by week.

Roadhog in Overwatch 2 is a playable character:

Two Overwatch League (OWL) pros appeared as guests on the Overwatch and Valorant podcast, Plat Chat, to talk about the playtest and their impressions on Overwatch 2. The pros were quizzed on the state of roadhog overwatch amid all the Tank reworks and changes during the video. Roadhog appears to be the only character in OW2 that will see no significant modifications. The following is a list of available weapons and abilities.

Scrapper a weapon for scrapping:

The primary weapon is a shotgun, which is well-suited for close-range combat. Like the primary, the secondary fire fires a projectile that, once it’s traveled a short distance, bursts and launches a cone of pellets. No explosion will occur if the shot hits an adversary or a solid surface.

Efficiently battle at the medium range:

Roadhog’s secondary fire helps him to battle at medium range efficiently. The projectile itself delivers less damage than the pellets, so you want to be sure you’re at the bare minimum range required for the projectile to detonate correctly.

It is a chain hook:

The hook he fires at his crosshairs goes out to a considerable range before returning to him when Roadhog’s hook is triggered. When the hook connects with an enemy, it pulls the foe back to Roadhog while also stunning them for a short time. The hook cannot penetrate solid surfaces or impediments.

Scrap Gun’s primary fire:

Keep an eye on your ammo if you plan on using Chain Hook in a combo. If you run out of ammunition, all you’ve accomplished is to draw the opponent closer to you. Roadhog Overwatch can use the Chain Hook to bring adversaries up close to his Scrap Gun, which he uses to deal massive damage. It is possible for Roadhog to instantaneously kill softer enemies by using Chain Hook and your Scrap Gun’s primary fire in conjunction with a melee strike.

Scrap Gun’s narrow hitbox:

When it comes to pulling an enemy to you, Chain Hook is generous, but if a high wall stands in the way, enemies can block you from being dragged. Because of the Scrap Gun’s narrow hitbox, some heroes can withstand being pulled to a distance of 3.5 meters away. Once you’ve got a hook, try to get closer and finish the target with a combination.

Allow Yourself Some Time To Relax:

It restores 300 healths when inhaled via Roadhog’s hydrogen canister. As a channeled ability, Roadhog can move while channeling this power, but he cannot perform any other actions during that time. Roadhog Overwatch takes 50% less damage during the duration and stuns can simultaneously stop the healing and damage reduction effects. When Roadhog is incapacitated, and you are out of sight of your opponents, use Take a Breather since he cannot attack you while you are doing it.

Take less damage:

The damage reduction means your teammate will take less damage if you use it to body-block some shots. Even when you’re fighting against a single opponent, Take a Breather can utilize if you’re up against a target who doesn’t have a lot of burst damage, such as Winston, Symmetra, or Lucio.

It is the ultimate version of the whole hog meal:

This ability deals damage and knocks back foes by firing a broad cone of pellets in front of Roadhog for a short period when used. Even while Roadhog can still move and use his normal powers while in Whole Hog mode, he will not do so. Stuns can stop this Ultimate from being channeled. When used in close quarters, Whole Hog can be quite effective at disabling and disrupting the other squad.

Typical Approaches to Problems:

The Tank Roadhog is unique. While Take a Breather and his large base Health pool provide him a lot of personal durabilities, he lacks the barrier of Reinhardt or Winston, making him less effective at protecting his team from damage. When you use Roadhog as a “tank,” the other team will win faster because he doesn’t have a method to prevent damage from happening in the first place; every time he takes damage and heals it back up, the other team gains an advantage.

How is the Overwatch League’s Meta stratification?

Both seasons were characterized by a single big Meta change in 2018. It is similar to what happened in 2019 with the breakage of the GOATS meta at the end of Stage 3 and the stage title going to the Shanghai Dragons, who played Stage 4 and playoffs with mandatory 2-2-2 role limitations and with new hero Sigma added.

Determine whether one strategy:

Some of the most popular heroes in the last week were barred from hero pools, requiring immediate modifications and eradicating the concept of a “meta” — the most effective. There has always been a quick approach to win that has appeared to be perfect from week to week, but without room to breathe and adapt, especially at the beginning of the season when hero pools were at their worst.

Roadhog’s tank Meta:

For any discussion on Roadhog’s tank Meta shift, you must include Washington Justice, who came up with a classic Roadhog/Zarya tank combination from Choi “JJANU” Hyeon-woo and Decay Gui-un, respectively. The San Francisco Shock defeated the Paris Eternal with this song and came close to defeating another NA favorite in the process.


In addition to Roadhog Overwatch, Sombra was the second major hero in the first round of the playoffs. Sombra was second only to Reaper at 56.2% in hero usage during the weekend, making her an ideal Meta DPS choice. When going all in with a Winston, the winning teams from the prior weekend knew how to employ their Sombras and, more crucially, coordinate their play around EMP with the rest of the team.

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