SA930Plus Stereo Gaming Headset from ADES.

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Key Takeaways

  • SADES specializes in eye-catching, affordable gaming headsets for all platforms.
  • SA810: Over-ear stereo headset compatible with Xbox One, PS4, PC.
  • SA930Plus: An improved version of SA810, offering enhanced performance.
  • SA902: Low-cost USB gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound feature.
  • SA926T: Durable, versatile headset compatible with various audio-output devices.

Gaming headsets are SADES’ specialty. The explanation is simple: Their headsets are eye-catching and fashionable while still reasonably priced (some say inexpensive). If you ask us, that’s the perfect recipe for game industry success.

SADE SA810 headset:

Over-ear stereo gaming headset SA810 is a good value. It costs less than $30 and provides a good deal for the money. With this headset, you may use it with Xbox One, PS4, or a PC/Mac at the same time. The SADES SA810 headset comes packaged in a stylish black cardboard box with a 1.5m audio cable, a Y-splitter connection for PC, and a warranty card.

SA930Plus Stereo Gaming Headset from ADES:

There’s nothing new about the SA930Plus; it’s an improved version of the SA810. It’s a tad smaller, the cable is thinner, and the cups are somewhat tweaked, but overall, it performs very similarly to the SA810. The SA930Plus is backward compatible with the SA810’s 3.5mm audio outputs so that you may use it with any PC, Mac, or gaming console.

SADES SA902 Gaming Headset:

The SADES SA902 is a low-cost gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound. Instead of being a standalone device, this one connects to a PC via USB and provides surround sound only when connected to a PC. It costs less than $20 and is an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable surround sound gaming headset. SA902 will make you feel extremely relaxed. As for comfort, the headband cushioning is a little thinner than usual, but that doesn’t make it any less pleasant.

Spirit Wolf Gaming Headset:

The Spirit Wolf is yet another PC gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound. If you compare Spirit Wolf to the SADES Spirit, you’ll see that Spirit Wolf has a more attractive design, better surround sound modeling, and overall higher audio quality. Even though it costs a little more, it’s a lot more appealing than the SADES Spirit. In our opinion, the SADES 7.1 gaming headset Spirit Wolf is one of the most attractive and functional.

Gamer’s Headset for the SADES SA819:

The SADES SA819 gaming headset is comparable to the Spirit Wolf, except SA819 is a stereo headset with a wider range of compatibility than Spirit Wolf. The headset costs less than twenty-five dollars and provides good value for money. Even though the headset is large and hefty, it isn’t burdensome. The earpad cushions, in particular, have substantial and plush padding.

Gaming Headset SADES A60 / OMG:

Regarding design, SADES A60 is very similar to SA819, except for SA819’s reduced versatility. Designed for PC/Mac use, this dual USB gaming headset offers excellent sound quality. Gaming consoles lacking a USB audio output will not work with this device. The pricing of SADES A60 is the same as that of SA819. The 2.2m audio cord on the headset has simple in-line controls for the headset.

SADES SA920 gaming headset:

The Spirit Wolf 7.1 gaming headset is available in a stereo form with the SADES SA920. It’s a bit less expensive than the Spirit Wolf, but it also has a wider range of applications (compatible not only with PCs but also with all kinds of gaming consoles with a standard 3.5mm output). SA920 is available for less than $20. SA920 resembles Spirit Wolf in appearance but lacks illumination.

SADES R7 Gaming Headset:

The SADES R7 gaming headset is part of the brand new R series, both stylish and budget-friendly. Gaming headset featuring USB 7.1 surround sound and in-line controls. The SADES R7 gaming headset, like the rest of the line, delivers excellent value for money. The familiar “wolf head” earcups are absent from headsets in the R series. An oval cup with silver plates and ornamental blue embellishments and emblems was selected instead by the maker.

Gamer’s Headset for the SADES SA926T:

The SA926T gaming headset and the SADES R3 are the most long-lasting model in the lineup. However, even though it’s a little more expensive than some of the competition, it’s still quite reasonable in pricing (around $30). The headset can use with any 3.5mm audio-output device, including PCs, Macs, and gaming consoles. If you want a more robust headset, this one may not sound as good as others with 50mm speakers, but it’s still an excellent option.

R3 Gaming Headset by SADES:

SADES R3 is one of the most up-to-date, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting headsets available. A stereo headset with a retractable microphone and an AUX cord that you can’t remove. The R3 headset, like the rest of the SADES line, costs under $30. The circular cups, metal yokes, and softly padded headband on the SADES R3 make it a visually appealing bra. A nice touch on the collars is that they are finished in brushed aluminum.

SADES Headset Buying Guide:

You should always examine compatibility, functionality, and sound/mic quality before purchasing a headset, regardless of how cheap or costly it is. A $30 headset and a $300 headset will not have the same build quality, feature set, or sound quality. As a result, you must have a realistic outlook and be willing to accept concessions.

Connecting to a computer:

The compatibility is the first thing to double-check before anything else. There are no wireless options with any of these SADES gaming headphones, so you’ll have to spend more money if you want one. Another consideration is whether or not a gaming headset includes an audio cord for connecting to a computer. Standard AUX cables are available on other headsets, making them compatible with a wider range of gaming consoles and PCs.


You won’t receive an extraordinarily feature-rich headset for $20 (which is the average price of a SADES gaming headset). Still, you can anticipate at least some basic mic and volume controls. RGB illumination is also available on some headsets.


The most significant feature of a gaming headset is compatibility, followed by sound/mic quality. For a player, it’s critical to see and hear everything around them, including footsteps and other sounds. The key to a successful mission when playing with others is effective communication. As a result, the quality of the microphone is also critical.


If you’re looking for gaming headphones under $30 or $40, SADES gaming headsets can be your best bet. Even yet, it’s difficult to say for sure as there are numerous low-cost options available, not all of them are subpar. Budget-friendly options like Logitech and Mpow are also excellent options. Furthermore, while several well-known gaming equipment manufacturers sell headsets for less than SADES, they are still more expensive.

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