What is Scream mask & mask shape?

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn to draw the iconic Scream mask with various shapes and strokes.
  • Utilize light grey shapes and gradients to create mask dimensions.
  • Add shading to the mask, emphasizing cheekbones and forehead.
  • Create detailed eyes, mouth, nose, and subtle facial features.
  • Design the cape, adding shading and details for a realistic effect.

Scream mask is a legendary slasher movie series that teaches you how to draw the famous scream mask of the enigmatic Ghostface murderer. Practice your drawing talents and learn how to explore with various shapes and strokes to give the mask dimension and only make shadows when necessary. If you are looking for more Halloween inspiration or need more spooky vectors, check out Envato Market, and you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

Create the Mask Shape:

Download thousands of add-ons, fonts, actions, presets, illustrations, and more from Photoshop & Illustrator to Envato Elements. Get unrestricted access to millions of creative and design materials in a growing library. Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and draw the dimensions displayed on two rectangles. When both forms are selected, tap Unite to obtain a single shape in the Pathfinder panel.

Mask shape with light grey:

Complete the scream mask shape with light grey. Next, use the Pen Tool (P) to draw a somewhat larger form with a 90-degree linear gradient and send it to the mask. Draw a more extensive form and fill it with the other linear gradient indicated. Draw a new shape and give it a 2 pt grey stroke about between the two black states.

Create the shading of the outside edge:

Follow the outside edge of the cheekbones and draw two figures, full of black, as illustrated in the accompanying picture. Then click to EffectEffect> Blur > Gaussian Blur and use a 15 px radius. Draw a moonlike form at the top of your forehead, filled with black, then apply another 15 px Gaussian Blur. Draw on the chin another moonlike form, black-filled, and apply a 10 px Gaussian Blur.

Build the Eyes:

Take the Pen Tool (P) and sketch the shape of the eye in the image below. When the eye form remains chosen, go to Object> Transform > Reflect, tick Vertical and click Copy. Consequently, you obtain the second eye, and you need to move it to the appropriate location. Draw a slightly larger eye shape and send it back. To get the second shape, use the Reflect effect again.

More extensive forms of the eyes:

Fill them with the -90 degree Angle linear gradient. Select only the two larger forms of the eyes and the Back Copy and Paste (Control-B) before generating duplicates later. Choose from the left side the two eye shapes to go to Object> Mix > Mix Options. Select 20 Specified steps, hit OK, and return to Object> Blend > Make (Alt-Control-B).

Tiny black eye shape:

Draw a curved route on top of the cap and provide a 10 px Width Profile 1 stroke. To darken the region, apply a 3 px Gaussian Blur. The scream mask is ready at this time and should look like the image below. Then design a tiny black eye shape and utilize the reflect EffectEffect to obtain the other eye in the second shape. With these two selected shapes, use the settings below to apply the drop shadow effect.

Create Eye Shading:

Follow the inner edge of your eyes and create two forms, as seen in the figure below. Fill them with light grey and apply a Gaussian Blur 3 px. Follow the outside of the cheekbones and draw the pen tool in two directions (P). Give a 5 pt black Stroke and use the profile width 1.

Build the Mouth:

Fill the mouth pink with the first gradient and the second gradient of the blue mouth, displayed at 90 degrees Angle.

Bigger mouth shape:

Pick just the larger mouth form before continuing, and then Copy and Paste in Back (Control-B) to make a copy of it later. When the two mouth forms remain selected, go to Object> Mix > Mix Options. Select 20 Specified steps, hit OK, and return to Object> Blend > Make (Alt-Control-B).

Mouth smaller:

Finally, make a slightly smaller mouth shape, or scale one of the former mouth forms and fill it with black. Now select the scream mask of the larger mouth form in the previous step and apply the 90-degree angle gradient to fill.

Create the nose:

Draw a triangular shape and fill it with the gradient of -90 degrees angle. At the base of the first triangle, continue with a more diminutive form and use the slope to fill it. Before continuing, make a copy for later use of the larger nose shape. Now select the two nose forms and mix them with the 35 Steps specified. Then draw two small black shapes like the nostrils at the base of the nose.

Larger nose shape:

Choose to duplicate your bigger nose shape in the previous stage and fill it with -90 degrees of linear angle gradient. Apply a 3 px Gaussian Blur and the nose is shading discreetly. Long forms on the cheeks: you’re almost done with your face. Draw two long shapes on the picture below and select light grey as the color of the fill. Go to EffectEffect> Blur > Blur and apply 3 px radius.

Build the Cape:

To draw two forms like the ones in the image below, and move them to a new layer below the scream mask, use the Pen Tool (P). Let’s create some shading on the cape. Draw a large black moon Object and apply a 5 px Gaussian Blur. So, if necessary, reduce the opacity to 60 percent. Draw some more random forms on the black cap and use a 5 pp Gaussian Blur.

Shading forms:

Draw a few more tiny forms between shading forms and fill them with the colors below. Again, use a 5 px Gaussian Blur.

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