Reviews about speks magnetic balls.

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Key Takeaways

  • Speks Magnetic Evolution: New magnet types enhance Speks designs.
  • Safety Assurance: Speks magnets meet CPSC rule’s strength limits.
  • Speks Uses and Benefits: Stress-relief, creativity, and concentration enhancement tools.
  • Speks Magnet Reviews: Praised for focus aid, creativity, and entertainment.
  • Safety Concerns: Instances of children swallowing magnets necessitate caution and supervision.

Speks Magnetic balls have also evolved, with new types of magnets become available. Zen Magnets informed Consumer Reports he sold his investment in Speks early on and sent queries about the company to Craig Zucker, developer of Buckyballs and Speks co-founder According to Zucker, Speks magnets meet the original CPSC rule’s magnet strength limits, and because the interests are half the size of Buckyballs and Neoballs Speks magnet strength is “up to the price difference between this magnet set and others on the market is 90%.

Design of speks magnetic balls:

The Speks Magnetic balls, which come in many Speks magnets designs, are one of the most prevalent magnetic balls. With these magnetic Speks balls, you’ll feel like a badass who can slam your worries to the ground. It includes directions for using Speks Magnets, which allow you to unwind wherever you happen to be.

Speks magnetic balls in 2019:

The search of the CPSC’s public database reveals at least three hospitalizations associated with Speks magnet ingestion. After assuming they were braces, like his older brother’s, a 5-year-old Pennsylvania child swallowed two Speks magnetic balls in 2019. According to the article, doctors performed a colonoscopy but were unable to remove the magnets. Surgeons had to perform an appendectomy when the attractions became caught in the boy’s appendix and had to be removed along with the interests.

Do you have any plans for them?

Stress-Relieving Mash Speks:

Speks are magnetic putty substitutes that don’t leave a mess. These small magnets slam around and feel curiously pleasurable to touch due to their 2.5mm size and low flux rating.

Create a System That Allows You to Concentrate:

With Speks, you may create a plethora of eye-catching geometric shapes. Speks ed. has all you need to know about building with magnet balls, from the cube to the buckyball. Magnetic balls by Speks are a lifesaver for grownups on the go. If nothing else, they’ll help you forget about your worries when they’re bothering you.

Magnetic Speks balls:

The magnetic balls from Speks are both a desktop and a stress-relieving magnetic sculpture. Do you know the ones that are smooth and magnetic but also precisely sized to fit in your hands? Take a look at these clever Speks magnets ideas that will come in handy.

Speks, the first Original Nickel Magnetic Balls (2.5mm):

In terms of authenticity, this is the most excellent option, thanks to microscopic magnets. Especially after a long day at work, it’s supposed to be a lot of fun. Due to its limitless shapes and nourishing structures, it’s fun to play with, create with, or mold something with, then get rid of it and start over.

Deep End Duotone Set of Magnet Balls:

Speks Magnetic Balls – Duotone Deep End Set 512 is the original, smashable, and mashable for adults’ amusement, so treat you. It’s made of earth magnets encased in the durable polymer in two different stones that complement one another. It’s one of the best desk toys for relieving tension. You can create a unique design that will make coming to work more enjoyable.

Desk toys from Speks: super-magnetically balls:

You can take any pleasure you have and make it a lot bigger with these Speks Super Magnetic Balls Desk Toys. The 33mm or 1.3-inch diameter of these Speks super magnetic balls makes them large enough to nestle comfortably in the palm of your hand. You only need two of these to have it endlessly roll your palm. Green or grey are the hues offered for these gigantic balls.

512 Classic Pink Speks Magnetic Balls:

The Pomegranate Pink Speks Magnetic Balls are a fun and small way to create different shapes and chains by just pushing and pulling them around. These magnets would adhere to every surface and serve as a stress reliever. Toy lovers will delight in spending time with these magnets, which will provide hours of pleasure and enjoyment for them. Regardless of where their daily work takes them, they are ideal gifts to present to someone who would be distressed by them.

Components of speks magnetic balls:

Some are made of slime, which is a popular option, but the ones we have on our desks are called Speks, and they’re a set of 512 tiny, spherical magnets you can mold, mash, and construct with. According to the manufacturer, playing with Speks is like performing yoga for your fingertips, but we were intrigued enough to give it a shot. Since using them for the first time in 2017, there hasn’t been a day when we haven’t built something with the Speks while brainstorming pitches.

Reviews about speks magnetic balls:

What’s great about the Speks is that there are so many magnets on each one. I found myself reaching for my set quite a bit as I read through an article. Squeezing the Speks between my fingers helps me focus instead of scrolling across multiple internet windows or spending too much time on Spotify. Get creative and construct sculptures if you want a hands-on activity that will take you away from your screen for a few minutes.

Sally Kaplan:

With Speks, I can have a quiet fidget while I’m thinking and then pick them up and return to them at a later time. However, I must admit that it is difficult for me to put them down.

Vice president Breton Fischetti:

Speks can be entertaining or frustrating, depending on your personality type. Whenever I’m sitting at my desk, I like to smack the entire set about in my hand carelessly. On the other hand, given the group is made up of magnets, I could spend hours attempting to get them back into their original shape after they arrive. You can use it as a hands-on activity or as a game that requires your total concentration.


Magnetic balls from Speks have unquestionably helped many people cope with the stress they’ve been subjected to. The easiest method to relieve tension and anxiety is to engage in something entertaining and enjoyable. Despite this, it does have some drawbacks that should consider. There have been numerous reports of children choking to death after swallowing this toy. Thus it should always keep out of reach of children.

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