How old do you have to be to work at Sprint salary?

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Key Takeaways

  • Salary Range: Sprint Nextel Corporation employees earn $40,341 to $119,829 annually.
  • Role-Specific Salaries: Radio Frequency Engineers earn an average of $83,294.
  • Departmental Variances: Engineering averages $85,436, marketing $82,133, retail $35,361.
  • Location-Based Pay: Washington, D.C. has the highest average salary.
  • Sales Rep Compensation: Ranges from $33,699 to $81,000 with bonuses.

Sprint salary: Annual salaries range from an average of $40,341 to $119,829 at Sprint Nextel Corporation. Employees earn an average yearly salary of $83,294 with a Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer at Sprint Nextel Corporation. In contrast, an annual Sprint salary of $36,360 is earned by employees with the title Assistant Store Manager at Sprint Next.

Sprint salaries by department:

As a result, Sprint’s salaries can vary depending on the department, or Employees in Sprint’s engineering department, according to our research, earn an average of $85,436 per year. On the other hand, marketing is the second-highest-paying department, with an average salary of $82,133. Retail and customer service employees earn an average of $35,361 and $40,553, respectively.

Different sprint salary options:

The cost of living varies greatly depending on where you live in the United States. Depending on where you work at Sprint, you’ll be paid and It’s Washington, D.C. has the highest average salary, at $57,103. Sprint employees in Irvine, California, do not make as much money as their counterparts in California’s Irvine, has a median salary of $55,386.

Sprint Sales Jobs in the U.S. that pay well:

A total of five jobs in the Sprint Sales category pay more than the average Sprint Sales salary per year. sprint-rf-engineer-sprint-connectivity-source-s It’s important to note that all of these jobs pay between $12,151 (29% of the average Sprint Sales salary of $41,713).

Competitor rates for sprint Compet:

Clearwire, Edge Wireless, and Next Communications are companies that are similar to Sprint. Clearwire employees earn an annual salary of $59.552 on average. While the average wage at Edge Wireless and Next Communications is $55,969 a year, the average wage at Next Communications is $55,851.

The Customer Center by Sprint:

Average As a Retail Sales Associate, your hourly pay at Sprint’s Customer Center is approximately $9.00 per hour. As an inside sales representative, your hour Salary ranges from roughly $31,261 per year for Sales Representative to $46,919 for Assistant Store Manager at The Customer Center by Sprint Employers, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the last 36 months contributed 17 data points to the Sprint salary information.

Different job titles and they are related:

Although the company’s average employee’s salary is $49,694, a wide range of Lead technicians, team leaders, supervisors, and applications developers are just a few of the positions at Sprint that pay well. The average annual salary for a Sprint lead technician is $102,475. Cashier and customer service agent are two other positions at Sprint. So, Sprint’s cashier earns an average of $27,707 per year.

Sprint Sales Rep:

It includes a $38,425 base salary and a $36,000 bonus. According to, this total compensation is $35,692 less than the national average for When it comes to Sprint’s sales rep salaries, they can range from $33,699 to $81,000, with equity ranging from. As a result, the Sales Department at Sprint earns an average of $10,376 more than A total of six salary records from Sprint Sales Reps have been collected.

Compensation for Sales Reps by Ethnicity:

Native American sales reps reported making $99,500 on average, while Asian or Pacific Islander sales reps reported making $139,365. Sprint’s main competitors are Clearwire and Edge Wireless, whose employees earn an average of $59,552 and $55,969, respectively; Sprint is a telecommunications company with annual revenue of more than $1 billion.

Sprint’s sales reps rate their compensation:

There is a consensus among Sprint’s sales reps that they are pretty compensated. Most Sprint salespeople (69%) are satisfied with their benefits, and 53 per cent say they receive annual bonuses.

Sprint payout in compensation:

A Sprint employee in the U.S. earns an average annual salary of $46,694 ($23.89 per hour). Those in the bottom 10 per cent earn less than $28,000 a year compared to those in the top 10 per cent.


A person’s position within a company’s hierarchy can impact. For example, employees in the engineering department earn an average annual salary of $85,436, while those in the marketing department earn an annual Sprint salary of $82,133, on average.  How much does Sprint pay hourly, sprint jobs, t mobile store manager salary, how much does t mobile pay, does Sprint pay weekly, indeed, how old do you have to be to work at Sprint, wages.

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