What Should You Do With Stardew Valley’s Note?

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Stardew valley artifacts: Items that can contribute to the Museum are known as Stardew valley artifacts. Gunther will reward you for certain relics, and you’ll reach milestones based on the total quantity of stuff you provide. Artifacts can find by using a hoe to plough worm tiles or by hoeing in the mines. Monsters and treasure chests occasionally drop artifacts, and worn tiles can contain lost books.


It’s possible to find and donate or sell artifacts in Stardew Valley. Each Artifact has multiples, but you can only present one of each at a time. Donating specific artifacts earns you benefits while reaching milestones earns you incentives as well.

Donating Stardew valley artifacts:

Museums accept donations of artefacts, and they can also sell for a modest profit. When donation milestones are reached or individual objects are donated, donating to the Museum pays off. Artifacts can find in large numbers, but each one can only contribute once. Donating Stardew valley artifacts to a museum is about the only use for them.

Dwarf as like-minded presents:

The Ancient Seed can make into a plantable Ancient Seeds pack. The Dinosaur Egg can use to hatch a Dinosaur or made it into Mayonnaise. The “skeletal” relics can process in Bone Mill to make Fertilizers for Penny and the Dwarf as like-minded presents. The Sewing Machine accepts all of the artefacts as well.

Artifact Spot:

On an Artifact Spot, using the Hoe is necessary. The objects you find on the map will vary depending on where you are on the map. Winter is when Artifact Spots are most abundant. Obtaining Artifacts is made possible by the methods listed below:

  • The Hoe may use on soil in The Mines and Skull Cavern, but only in those locations.
  • Fighting and Defeating Monsters
  • Artifact Troves are being cracked open.
  • Going on a treasure hunt in search of hidden treasure boxes
  • This process breaks bone Nodes.

Where to Find Everything in Stardew Valley?

There is a complete list right here of all the artefacts in Stardew Valley and where to get them if you want to find them all. Please find Gunther’s museum items spread over the planet to complete his collection in Stardew Valley. New Stardew valley artifacts locations will appear every day, and you may receive duplicates on occasion. Even if it takes a long time, if you explore the world sufficiently, you’ll ultimately find them all.

What Should You Do With Stardew Valley’s Note?

Aside from being a collectible, Secret Note 11 has no significance to the story of Stardew Valley. As you’ve already deduced, the note is just a picture of an older woman and a little child holding hands. However, it’s unclear who the two main characters are, and there’s significant disagreement about that among the fandom itself. According to popular belief, this is a picture of Marnie and Jas as children.

Explained: The Stardew Valley Secret Note:

After a while in Stardew Valley, chances are you’ve come across a few stray notes. If you don’t, don’t worry; Secret Notes can obtain by completing the A Winter Mystery questline. Hidden messages can be simple or complex, depending on the author. Secret Note 11 is an example of a document with no text to expand.

Stardew Valley Artifact Hunting Tips:

Stardew valley artifacts newcomers may see odd wiggly worms emerging from the ground in numerous spots. Artifact spots are the technical term for what I’m describing. Artifacts and materials like clay and stone can find by excavating them with a hoe. Never go mining without a hoe since you can use it to dig up dirt found in the mines and Skull Cavern. Enemies frequently drop artifacts in both locations.

Stardew Valley is strewn with artefacts:

A lot older than Pelican Town would have you believe, Stardew Valley is strewn with artefacts and relics from eras far past. Determined diggers can unearth these hidden gems with a bit of luck and perseverance, and they’ll reward handsomely for their efforts. However, finding them all may require you to travel to some dangerous locations. Because Artifacts are more valuable than Minerals, it’s worth keeping track of the ones you haven’t donated yet.

Stardew Valley Museum & Library:

Artifacts in Stardew Valley, in contrast to Minerals, are primarily used as contribution material for the Stardew Valley Museum & Library. Bring an Artifact to Gunther behind the desk, and there’s a chance to get a little reward for the find, culminating in the Rusty Key that lets you inside the Sewer.

Where can I find the Stardew Valley magnifying glass?

An eerie shadow monster is seen fleeing into the heart of town during a cutscene. Upon entering the city, you’ll find footsteps in the snow leading to a bush in the schoolyard if you continue following the shadow monster. The creature will emerge if you shake the bush.

What’s the best place to look for Stardew Valley’s mysterious notes?

When you do specific things, you’ll get secret notes as a reward. For example, you can find them by pulling weeds, fighting miners, felling trees, digging up artifact places in the ground, fishing, breaking stones, and cultivating huge crops. When you pick up a note, it will add to your stockpile. Put the message in your bag and use your mouse to click on it to see what it says.

Gameplay: The Adventures of Gunther

Gunther also participates in a few quests in addition to earning all of these benefits. Completing all of the Museum entries is the first step in the process. When you first meet Gunther, he informs you that the Museum’s previous curator stole all the treasures and fled, and he requests your assistance in restoring them all. You’ll receive a Stardrop if you complete the task, which boosts your health and energy for the rest of the time.


The Stardew valley artifacts are the subject of the second mission. With 60 goods for Gunther, he’ll offer you the key to the sewers, where you’ll meet more interesting characters and be able to do several fun adventures! While gathering all of this may seem like a chore, the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. Furthermore, selling the benefits will yield you nothing. Keep in mind, though, those geodes, mines.

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