What about furniture that can be tucked away in tight spaces?

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Key Takeaways

  • Utilize a floating shelf for wall space without table clutter.
  • Maximize space with custom-built furniture and foldaway desks.
  • Mount a wall task light to save desk space and stay productive.
  • Opt for a wall-mounted ladder desk or a fold-out secretary.
  • Choose versatile, compact desks like C-tables or standing desks.

When working from home, it might be not accessible without a decent desk to get things done. I’m having back pains! The lure of a couch snooze. A home office may not seem feasible if your place is small. False! Any place may transform into a perfect workspace with the appropriate desk. Is a narrow writing desk that doesn’t extend too far from the wall what you’re after? Alternatively, you can use a wall-mounted ladder desk, a floating table, or a corner-shaped desk.

Decide on a floating shelf:

While a floating shelf does not take up important table space, it makes suitable wall space use. If you want to add photo frames, miniature plants, or ornaments, a floating shelf is a terrific method. A floating shelf is an elegant way to exhibit design elements or other accessories without causing clutter. It may even become an art piece in its own right, explains desk Eva Leone, Studio Director at Lawson Robb.

Need a solution for long-term storage?

What about furniture that can be tucked away in tight spaces? Your home office can transform with custom built-in furniture like a foldaway desk Nathan James or built-in bookshelves. Built-in furniture is a popular choice for creating home offices since it maximizes the amount of accessible space, according to Ivana Allain, Studio Director at Helen Green Design. In addition to being functional.

Mounting a task light on the wall:

Instead of a sizeable standalone lamp in a small home office, use a task light. Task lights indeed shine a brilliant light on specific jobs, but they do not require much room. Custom-made desks can also add style to a room with elements like specialty finishes, inlays, and marquetry. They are pretty personal, and people tend to get attached to them.

Georgina wordpool:

While having a desk light is a fantastic concept, dragging cords across your desk or taking up extra space could clog your table and mind,’ she writes. Georgina Wordpool, the Lighting Designer at Alexander Joseph, explains that by mounting your lamp on the wall, you will get an additional workspace and eliminate distractions and unwanted objects. To be productive, keep your desk neat.

Use it as a desk or a dining table:

Use it as a desk or a dining table for two in a tiny kitchen! It folds down when not in use for ultra-small areas. As a bonus, a ladder desk that mounts to your wall includes numerous shelves for good storage as well as a work surface. A fold-out secretary desk from the mid-century is also a good choice because it may conserve room while it’s closed and be used to store work supplies.

Rift Hideaway desk:

Rift Hideaway desk features various storage cubbies, and a laptop workstation, and folds up into a chalkboard, so you can use it for schoolwork at home as well as tackle your to-do list. When not in use, the Rift Hideaway desk seems like a display shelf, but it transforms into a wall-mounted desk when the wooden section is removed.

Store your modern workplace tools:

Store your modern workplace tools and accessories under the glass top of this mid-century art display mini desk, and you’ll have a gorgeous workspace that’s not too big for your tiny office nook. It’s a modern writing desk with boho overtones, and it’s only 42 inches broad, so it’ll fit in almost any small room. As a bonus, it has two drawers for storing supplies.

Allen 2 leaf C-desk:

If all you need is an occasional work-from-home desk, try this C-table. You may extend the table with two leaves if you need a little extra area to work from. You’ll find that you can use this desk to fill up a vacant spot in your home in the corner of the room. Shelves on the bottom can use to display books and other office supplies. It features a single drawer for storage.

Standing desk:

As long as you have a 21-inch screen, you don’t have to worry about being restricted to one area. Is it possible to make it even better? The wheels on the bottom allow you to move it about the room as you choose.

White-and-gold Billie Desk with Hutch:

With three shelves and two drawers in addition to the desk (which also has two drawers), you’ll have plenty of space to organize.

Wall Mount Folding Laptop Desk:

The Wall Mount Folding Laptop Desk looks like a floating cabinet when it is not in use. Pull the top section down to reveal a desk and shelves when you’re ready to get to work. Five interior designers reveal inventive storage ideas for a functioning home office to maximize space and productivity, including floating shelves, filing systems, and file cabinets.

Raveena Hairpin Leg Desk:

With a width of fewer than 40 inches, the Raveena Hairpin Leg Desk has an airy design that won’t overwhelm your tiny room. The pen and laptop can store in the dual-storage compartment, which is small and convenient.

Alexzander Reversible Desk:

For those who prefer the contemporary design, the Alexzander Reversible desk is a great option. There’s no storage, but it gives the appearance that there is none, so your small area will appear larger! If you want a rustic, industrial appearance, this desk is a perfect alternative. You can easily store a stool below it when it’s not in use.

Morrisville Desk:

Open shelves or locked drawers? On not one, but two levels! There’s a beautiful open room for a desktop computer on the top shelf between two small drawers.

Window-mounted standing desk:

As a result, a window-mounted vertical desk can be handy for people with little space who don’t mind standing. Stylish and only 24 inches wide, this one is made of clear acrylic. When it’s not in use, you may even keep it in a closet.


There are a lot of tiny desks available to help you with your WFH concerns. Plus, more than half of the items on this list cost less than $200, so you can furnish your home office on a budget and still have money left over for your furnishings. With the correct home office storage solutions, you can make your workspace look neat.

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