Can we Use StreamElements to import your commands?

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Key Takeaways

  • Stream Bots for Management: Streamelements, Nightbot aid in chat moderation, engagement, and commands.
  • Crucial Commands: Streamelements commands include shoutouts, game/category updates, and lurk.
  • Interactive Roulette: Utilize roulette and giveaway commands for viewer interaction and engagement.
  • Custom Twitch Commands: Streamelements allows creating, importing, and managing Twitch commands.
  • Modules for Interaction: Explore modules like alerts, games for enhanced chat participation.

Searching for a simple way to manage your stream, the bots available through Streamelements, Nightbot, and other popular services can help. They have built-in moderator features that allow you to monitor your conversation, eliminate any language you don’t like, and present instructions that send a message to everyone watching. These instructions will help you communicate with your community as well. It’s simple to set up streamelements commands.

 Orders to utilize:

You may set up the bots in your channel and give them orders to utilize in your stream by going into the bot’s dashboard settings. While standard Twitch instructions utilize the forward-slash key, the bots use the exclamation mark key, which brings up the command’s contents when pressed. For example, typing “commands” in a chat window will usually bring up a link with a list of possible commands in the channel.

Most crucial techniques:

It is short for “shoutout,” and it’s one of the most crucial techniques you may utilize to gain goodwill from anyone who streams or raids your channel. It gives your audience the option of checking out whomever you wish to offer a shoutout to using a simple link. You can build an instant link to a user’s channel by using “!so @TwitchUser.” It is beneficial for tiny streamers who want to introduce more people to creators who share their interests.

Title & game:

As your channel expands and more viewers demand your attention, these two instructions will become quite beneficial. Viewers can use the! The game command tells the bot what game you’re playing on life, and your moderators can use it to alert Twitch of a game-changer for your stream category. For example, if you start with Call of Duty: Warzone and switch to Fortnite in the middle of your stream, a moderator can validate the category as Fortnite to Twitch. Similarly, the! Title command makes streamelements commands.


The act of lurking on Twitch entails a viewer entering a stream and keeping it active while they engage in other activities. It is a simple technique to express support for a streamer by increasing their viewer count when the “lurker” isn’t participating in the chat. The algorithm for discoverability on Twitch will be more advantageous for you if your channel has many active viewers.


The giveaway streamelements commands will allow you to display any competitions that you are running to your viewers if you want to give something back by presenting a giveaway. It’s a terrific way to communicate with them, and the bot’s features typically allow you to double-check that everything is done correctly. The trouble of collecting all of the names for your giveaway is removed with a simple drawing mechanism.


The StreamElements bot includes the option to put up what it refers to as a roulette module. It enables viewers to accumulate “points,” which may subsequently be utilized in a roulette-style game. There is no money involved in this game, and the points can’t operate for anything other than being at the top of a scoreboard. It ensures a fair and balanced contest, as well as a smooth giveaway. To make it operate, you must enable it in your StreamElements Modules.

Create and add Twitch commands:

You may generate Twitch streamelements commands on a variety of platforms. Today, we’ll learn how to achieve that with the help of StreamElements, a well-known streaming page. The first step is to create an account with StreamElements. Connecting it to your Twitch account and approving the app is all it takes. You are now ready to go after finishing this step. Start writing your commands now.

Select ‘chat commands’ from the drop-down menu:

Select ‘Chat Commands’ from the left sidebar menu. A control panel will appear where you can handle all of your orders. Select ‘Custom Commands’ from the drop-down menu. It’s a method for your audience to participate in the streaming by learning about everything that happens. If you have a new follower, for example, the rest of the chat will notify you so they can greet them.

Editor, 6 set streamelements:

Finally, when you’ve established your Twitch streamelements commands and worked in your chat, you’ll need to give the StreamElements platform moderator or editor capabilities. It’s possible to do so through the creator control panel. To manage the roles, go to the left side column and click. Add a new item by tapping on it. Type StreamElements into the search engine and ensure the boxes for “Editor” and “Moderator” are checked.

Additional chat commands include:

StreamElements isn’t just for making commands. Modules and timers are two other ways to keep your bots communicating with your viewers. Now that you have all of the necessary information, you can begin crafting your Twitch instructions. It’s time to get to work if you want to improve the communication and interaction in your chat. Even if they aren’t actively using the feature, the module can aid with conversation participation while also providing a solid indication of who is a regular in your channel.


The modules are tools and games that help you improve interaction with your chat’s viewers. Roulette tables, bingo halls, and other similar games are available. Chat alerts are one of the most popular modules. It’s comparable to the onscreen notifications that Streamlabs allows you to create. Activate it, make any necessary changes, then watch your live broadcast to see how it looks. In this scenario, you can specify that follower, raid, and host alerts appear in the chat.

Use StreamElements to import your commands:

All of your streamelements commands could store on other streamer pages like MooBot or NightBot. If this is the case, and you’d like them to be aggregated in StreamElements, it’s simple to do. Click on ‘Import’ at the top of the page in your control panel and select your platform: MooBot, Streamlabs, etc.

Command similar to “lurk:

People can notify the broadcaster that they are lurking using a command similar to “lurk,” and the bot will answer with a short message thanking them for stopping by the stream. It isn’t always essential, and not everyone uses it, but it may be beneficial to discover who is on your side. Use it in conjunction with the new title you wish to give your stream, and it will update it for everyone right away.

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