Strike the last word meaning and What is it?

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Key Takeaways

  • “The last word strike is a procedural move in Congress.”
  • “Origin and meaning of ‘strike the last word’ phrase.”
  • “‘I’m moving to strike the last word’ explained in Congress.”
  • “How representatives use ‘strike the last word’ to extend debate.”
  • “Discussion on the House Judiciary Committee’s use of ‘strike.'”

Strike the last word meaning: The strike is one of the many phrases that Congress can hear. Congressional meetings have their vernaculars that are hard to decrypt. The last word is used in a pro forma amendment, according to the Congressional Institute. A motion for a pro forma amendment gives a member five minutes’ speaking time on an amendment under discussion. By choosing the ultimate word, the Member will be recognized by the Chair.

What does “last word strike” mean?

It was phrased that was spoken dozens of times during the hearings on the article of the prosecution against President Donald Trump on Thursday’s House Judicial Committee, but what is it really about “I move to hit the last word?” It sounds like a legislator wants something from the record, but that is not true in reality. When a member of Congress says, “I’m moving to strike the last word meaning it means they want to speak.

Our top lawmakers have prompted some major investigations by the House Judiciary Committee in recent years. I am addressing you, Mr President Trump.

Most people probably don’t tune in to these sessions on a regular basis. However, hearings to determine whether or not a president has been impeached always attract viewers. The proceedings are already confusing enough without the addition of House Judiciary Committee members saying things like “I motion to strike the last word!”

Where did the last word come from the phrase?

The word ‘strike’ comes from the Old French word ‘Austrian,’ according to Etymonline. It meant passing through, moving, or continuing. That comes from the “strike” proto-German. The word “streak” and the words “stroke,” which were influenced by the old Northern “strike,” are used in this context. An amendment pro forma does not require a vote and changes the amendment under discussion and is considered withdrawn after five minutes have elapsed.

I’m moving to strike the last word:

The term strike means “I’m moving to strike the last word; I’m moving to be the last word.” Merriam-Webster gives the strike the last word meaning a multitude of meanings. So, the phrase is not used in Congress. Nobody comes to the Senate with a hammer. Congressional members move the last word in the debate figuratively to “lay it down.”

What does Heck mean by “striking the last word?”

When you watch the debate or listen to it, you probably have one sentence, “I move to make the final word.” It has been said today by a lot of representatives. “When ‘stroke the last word’ is a drinking game of the prosecution, no one would survive,” said NBC Washington’s Noreen O’Donnell. It could be a new phrase, although you probably expect to never hear it again at this point unless you are an old fan of watching Congressive hearings.

Major substantive issues:

The reps have only 10 minutes of debate allocated for each amendment–five for and five against. By saying that they want to hit a single word out of the text, a legislator can maintain the debate. They should technically talk about this word, but it is understood that they will talk about major substantive issues. It is essentially a way for legislators to continue the discussion.

Congressional Research Committee:

According to the Congressional Research Committee, the Chairman allows the Member to speak for five minutes. Many representatives were accused of using the sentence to extend the speaking time. In general, representatives only have 10 minutes of debate time allocated to each amendment – five in support and five against. However, the legislature can continue for five more minutes if they ask to strike even a single word from their discourse.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat:

WASHINGTON —During the hearing of the court markup, the sentence ‘I move to strike the last word meaning was using tens of times, so many spectators asked themselves exactly what the statement means. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, compared the sentence to a magical spell by Harry Potter, with which legislators can use it on the floor to gain exceptions. Twitter has lit up “striking the final word” posts. Even famous people like Rosie O’Donnell tweeted the phrase.

Discussion of House Judiciary Committee:

Some people expressed mistakenness, wondering if the official record hit something, but in a nutshell, the phrase means “I’d like to speak for five minutes immediately.”

Strike the last word meaning is here. It’s there. It gives another Member five minutes of speaking time. Only ten minutes may spend discussing an amendment, but members can spend additional time using “pro forma” amendments. So, it is only a technical way to do things. Gaetz requested that the Ukrainian investigation remove former Vice President Joe Biden.

Modification of the strike removal fails:

The House Committee on Judiciary rejected Rep. Jim Jordan, R-amendment, Ohio’s proposing that the final eight lines of every article on a lawsuit should remove. Those are the sections that conclude with the removal from office the alleged wrongdoing of President Donald Trump. In a party-line vote between 23 and 17, the amendment had been rejected. I haven’t heard a new point or an original thought from either side: the legislature is frustrated. What does move to strike mean in court, what does strike the record mean, or for what purpose does the gentleman seek recognition?

Amendment to the removal of the bureau from impeachment:

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, suggested an amendment to delete the last eight lines of both articles. These are the sections concluding that the misconduct of President Donald Trump described in each article should sanction for removal. They fear that they will not beat him in the ballot box, so that they will do that rigged, rushed and wrong process. Strike meaning or I move a strike meaning in law, or I move a strike meaning in court, what does the strike mean.

Tom McClintock R-Calif:

President of the Judiciary Jerry Nadler, D-NY, said that the facts justify abuse of power and congressional obstruction. Nadler said the amendment would make the articles without penalty a catalog of misconduct.


After hours of discussion, Congress members seemed to be tired of the proceedings. “The obvious thing, I’ll say strike the last word meaning has I heard from either side in the last three hours,” said Rep. Tom McClintock R-Calif.

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