6 Must-Have Supplies in Case of a Power Outage.

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Key Takeaways

  • Stock up on batteries and battery-powered chargers for essential devices.
  • Keep flashlights, candles, lighters, and matches accessible for power outages.
  • Store nonperishable foods like breakfast bars, crackers, and canned goods.
  • Ensure an ample supply of water for drinking and hygiene needs.
  • Include board games, books, and a first aid kit for emergencies.

Supplies in Case of a Power Outage: Interruption of your electricity supply can happen once in a while. It can be a storm or cut-out power lines. Whatever the case, it is best to prepare for the worst when you face a power outage. The lights go out, Wi-Fi turns off, and the water stops running, and you have no idea how long the situation will last. Therefore, ensure you are ready for any possible outcome. Also, having a professional Naples electrician contact will come in handy in such situations. But more importantly, below is a list of essential items every homeowner needs in case of a power outage.

1. Batteries and battery-powered chargers 

Batteries and battery-powered chargers come in handy when you experience a power outage. Having this among your power outage supplies will ensure that you can rely on your battery-operated devices as you manage the situation. Having enough battery supply is a good idea for any homeowner. And more so, having an emergency charge, fire alarm, watch, and hearing aids, among other things. Keep them somewhere safe and where you are sure not to forget, and you can find them easily when an emergency happens.

2.Supplies in Case of a Power Outage: Flashlights and candles 

When you have a power outage, especially at night, it creates a possible injury scenery in the dark, for you cannot find anything easily. In such a case, a flashlight comes in handy. For this reason, ensure that where you store your batteries and flashlights is within reach and a safe spot that you can get with ease in the dark. Do not forget to have some candles, as they are a good light source too. But keep them together with lighters and matches and ensure you do not leave them burning overnight.

3. Nonperishable foods

Since you are not sure how long the power outage will go on. It is vital to have nonperishable foods in the house for emergencies. Add this to your kit of power outage supplies, for they will come in handy. Remember, the power outage affects your fridge, oven, and microwave as they run on electricity. Thus, you need to have nonperishable items at hand. Some nonperishable foods are breakfast bars, crackers, trail mix, protein, dried fruit, canned soup, and canned salmon. Having this will help sort out your family as you figure out the situation.

4. Water 

A lot more water is required in an emergency than most people think. Water runs out faster, and you need to have plenty in case of a power outage, for you may not know how long it will take to have it back on. Also, the lack of water when power is out will need you to consider your hygiene. Thus, among your supplies, add deodorant, hand sanitizer, and baby wipes. They will come in handy when you are in the house for days at a time.

5. Board games and books 

Power outages create boring atmosphere for everyone in the house. It may not be the worst thing that can happen, for you can add some books and board games to your power outage supply to keep your entertainment in check. Not only does it create a bonding experience than being on your phone throughout, but it is fun and helps time to pass by quickly. When you have this while you are unplugged, you will not regret it, and your family will appreciate the distraction.

6. First aid kit 

A first aid kit is essential for most emergencies, and a power outage is not an exception. Some of the things to have in your first aid kit are antiseptic wipes, adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, non-latex gloves, roller bandages, scissors, a first aid instruction booklet, among many other things. You can check red cross suggestions for what to have on your first aid kit, especially if you have a big family.

To sum up, the above are some of the essentials to have in your power outage kit. Additionally, you can have medication in case you cannot go out due to extreme weather. Depending on the power outage you are experiencing. Having a power outage supply kit is essential and a must-have for every homeowner. Supplies in Case of a Power Outage , Supplies in Case of a Power Outage  Supplies in Case of a Power Outage.

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