Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Supreme Kai of Time step by step guide

Supreme kai of time: Chronoa’s hair is light-medium orange in Dragon Ball HEROES. She’s wearing a different pair of Potara earrings this time. They are both white, but the Kaioshin dress is different from the one she wore in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 since it is light blue and the curves are blue. She is still wearing her white shoes from her first appearance. In addition to her pink hair, Chronoa wears red Potara earrings and black pupils. Chronoa’s eyes are similar to Goku’s but a little different.


Her appealing appearance makes her feel like she belongs among the other female characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Chronoa has a lot of energy and a kind side for Trunks, yet she is one of the most independent characters in her class. Although Chronoa is the group leader, she is generally kind and good-natured, even if she is a little snarky at times.

Unlocking Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Supreme Kai of Time:

A new event, the “Canton City Martial Arts Tournament,” will unlock Supreme Kai of Time. Your console must have an internet membership to perform this, as well as the main plot. Go to the World Tournament after logging in to the online multiplayer server. Over the Time Nest area, you should now see the Canton City Martial Arts tournament.

Rounds of the tournament:

Two rounds of the tournament are all that’s left for you to do at that point. Supreme Kai of Time’s playable character or skills is unlocked by completing each quest. Canton City Martial Arts Tournament prizes are stated below for each round:

Time’s Supreme Kai (Playable Character)

Skills of the Supreme Kai of Time –

Dates and times of the Canton City Martial Arts Tournament:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s martial arts competition requires participants to finish the three rounds listed above during the dates listed below. In 2020, you can accomplish the tournament event five times and unlock Supreme Kai of Time in five different periods. When Tokitoki perched on her head, Chronoa yelled angrily at him for ruining her debut to the Future Warrior. As a result of her understanding that Future Trunks’ goals were genuine and ultimately.

 South and Grand Supreme Kais:

Because she did nothing to stop Kid Buu from slaughtering her fellow Supreme Kais, West and North Supreme Kais, and absorbing the South and Grand Supreme Kais, Chronoa understands how important it is to preserve even the darkest aspects of history. As a result, she created Innocent Buu, which led to the creation of Bibidi sealing. It’s also worth noting that Chronoa has learned from her experience with Seals that she can now tutor Xeno Trunks, Xeno Goku, Vegeta, and the Dragon Ball Heroes squad, who all reject Sealas’ evil plot to change history and join her in the fight.

The saga of the Dark Demon Realm:

Seventy-five million years have passed since Chronoa’s birth. Chronoa started as a regular Kai. A Tokitoki egg had to be raised by Chronoa and Mechikabura to win Supreme Kai of Time 75,000,000 years before Age 800. Mechikabura’s evil intentions were revealed to Chronoa when he became the Supreme Kai of Time and imprisoned him in the Crack of Time.

The saga of the Dark Demons

Future Trunks is appointed to the Time Patrol by Chronoa, who then takes him to Towa and Mira’s hideout. Trunks struggle against Mira, who attacks them and terrorizes Kai. Towa captures Trunks and the Masked Saiyan before the battle is over. When her old foe, the Demon God Demigra, comes, she is shocked. When Chronoa notices Tokitoki, she questions him whether or not he’s working with Towa. Demigra tells her that he will take Tokitoki and the position of the Supreme Kai of Time.

DLC to promote Xenoverse 2:

For FighterZ, Chronoa’s lobby avatar was released as DLC to promote Xenoverse 2. For Xenoverse 2, Android 21 received a downloadable outfit. FighterZ’s Special Shop later included the Chronoa lobby avatar to all regions. Chronoa appears in World Mission in her Supreme Kai base form, Power of Time Unleashed form, and her previous Kai base form. Supreme Kai of Time refers to her base and Power of Time Unleashed forms, whereas Chronoa refers to her former Kai base form.

Play Xenoverse 2 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

She became the Supreme Kai for Time. Chronoa vanquished Demigra and locked him in the Crack of Time shortly after becoming the Supreme Kai of Time and transforming him into a Demon God. He then sought to seize Tokitoki and control the Time Nest to usurp Chronoa’s position as the god of time and space.

Sequel to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series:

After defeating Demigra two years earlier, Chronoa continues to command the Time Patrol in Age 852. He is aided by Future Trunks and the famous Toki Toki City Hero. On the other hand, Elder Kai is Chronoa’s choice to run the day-to-day training activities, as she has been occupied with her primary obligations in her role as Supreme Kai of Time.

Xeno Dabura and Super Mira:

When Chronoa leads the Time Patrol against the Dark Makai army in the Demon Realm, the game takes place in a fantasy universe. The time kai sends the avatars of the Supreme Kai to help in their battle with Mira. They confronted Towa after the battle for a brief conversation before she summoned Super Mira and attacked them. Xeno Dabura and Super Mira, together with Towa, escape into a black portal after defeating Towa.

Xeno Trunks as the Time Patrol’s field leader:

Due to Chronoa’s duty as a mentor and supreme commander, Xeno Trunks serves as the Time Patrol’s field leader. Due to Supreme Kai of Time’s duty as Tokitoki’s protector and caretaker, as well as her authority over Time and Space, this may be the case. During her penetration into the Time Nest to steal Tokitoki’s Egg, Chronoa is ambushed and briefly knocked down by Towa.

Dragon Ball Online, Chronoa to as Lord of Time:

Xenoverse introduces Chronoa as a non-playable character with the title Supreme Kai of Time. As part of Xenoverse 2’s free 11th DLC update in 2020, she became a fully playable character, unlocked after finishing the second Canton City Tournament, and her special attacks were distributed randomly. A week after the initial tournament, a Raid Battle featuring Chronoa as the boss was made available, with her costume as a Raid prize.

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